“You don’t seem like the type to hang out in places like this a lot,” Isaiah said, trying to prompt a little conversation. “New in town?”

“Yes,” the woman said, turning her head in his direction. “I was told that this was considered ‘fine dining.’” 

She shot a pointed glare in the bartender’s direction, who had yet failed to prepare a simple glass of water. “It appears they were mistaken.”

Isaiah chuckled, glancing down at his own drink. “So where are you from? You seem like a city gal, San Myshuno maybe?”

“Nowhere you’d know of,” she replied.

“A mystery girl, then,” he joked. “Could I get a name, at least? I’m Isaiah.”

She hesitated, then laughed and said. “Charvi. Charvi Varma.”

“Charvi,” he repeated. “That’s beautiful.”