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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Hogwarts Sortings

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Cordelia Chase
Cordelia Chase is a queen, and a Gyrffindor queen at that. Any examination of her character would be direly lacking without taking into account her development on Angel (and of course ignoring season 4 of Angel). Throughout Angel, Cordelia consistently shines as the character who is bravest and most committed to doing the right thing. There are a great many things that Cordelia wants for her personal and professional life, but she always has the courage to sacrifice what she wants for what she knows she needs to do.
But even disregarding Angel, I would also sort Cordelia into Gryffindor just based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is both fearless in the face of danger, and fearlessly herself. She is most Cordelia when she combines these two things, say, biting a vampire who tries to bite her in the season one finale. Even her more shallow acts support her as a Gryffindor. It was a really big deal for her to choose to date Xander despite the consequences it had for her social standing. Considering how important her social status was to her, that was a very rave act.
When I think of Cordelia’s bravery and dedication to fighting the good fight, I think of the episode on Angel where she is being overwhelmed both physically and emotionally by the pain of the world, and (in stark contrast to Willow’s “I have to stop this”) her response is that she wants to save them.
Long story short, Cordelia stares down a vampire and he literally runs for his life.

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Willow Rosenberg
Excuse me while I plomp down an entire essay on why Willow is a Slytherin.
People tend to srt Willow into Ravenclaw or Slytherin, often depending on what season they’re talking about, but I firmly believe that Willow was always a Slytherin.
The shortest answer to Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin for her is that Willow’s mantra is not “Wit beyond knowledge is man’s greatest treasure,” but “Knowledge is power.” She has a passion for learning, but not for the sake of knowledge itself. For her everything is a means to an end.
We see her priorities of power and authority in season 2, when she is asked to teach the computer class. When Jenny first asks her to fill if she’s running behind, Willow’s first concern is “What if they don’t respect my authority?” Jenny reassures her, and Willow’s next question is if she will have the power to assign detention or make the students run laps.
Another way to see how Willow’s interests is that she tends to discard them as she finds something more powerful. While there was a time that she actively loved academics and computers, which were both things that helped her feel more in control, they become less relevant to her as she becomes a more powerful witch. She did not love them for their own sakes, but for what they could do for her.
Willow also has a streak for vengeance, that’s established since the beginning of the show, which she often implements in a cunning way. When Cordelia is annoying her in 1x02 and asks how to save her computer assignment, Willow says “DELiver.” See also “Have some punch, Cordelia” in 2x03, when Cordelia is again grating on Willow, who knows there is no sugar in the punch. There are many more incidents, but those are some of the ones that stick out in my mind.
Willow also sometimes feels held back by her good girl reputation, as in 3x16, when she becomes visibly frustrated that people think of her as boring and reliable. While this comes across as a joke at first “I’m eating this banana, lunchtime be damned,” it becomes much more real as she disguises herself as her vampire self and sums herself up the way she sees herself: “She’s so weak and accommodating. She’s always letting people walk all over her.” What I see in this is that while she may have some Hufflepuff traits, she sees them as weaknesses.
While Willow has a great deal of love and loyalty to those closest to her, I think that that can also be seen as a Slytherin trait. Slytherins tend to have tight knit groups, and will extend their trait of self preservation to protect these. I definitely see this in Willow, a lot more than the Hufflepuff trait of open hearted friendliness among a larger group of people and putting others before herself. Willow’s loyalty to those closest to her actually often hinders her from letting others in, such as her protectiveness for Xander driving wedges between her and Anya (also Cordelia, but there was more jealousy at play there). She is also quick to adopt her friends ‘views on people. Willow hates Faith for the reasons that Buffy hates faith, while a Hufflepuff would be more of a combination of having their own reasons and making more of an effort to empathize.
While Willow has a strong work ethic, she actually shies away from doing thing the hard way. This is seen a lot through her magic. As she gains more powers, the old way of doing things seems no longer relevant to her, whether it is something that would involve computers, science, doing an ordinary task, or just dealing with her own feelings. We see this a lot - when she tried a spell in 3x08 for her and Xander to get over their feelings (even he knew that was cheating), and again in 4x08 to get over her feelings from Oz leaving, and repeatedly in season 6 when she tries to control Tara and Buffy’s memory through magic to make things easier on herself. These incidents both speak to looking for the easiest way through something, as well as her ethical disregard for interfering with other peoples’ minds and emotions.
Long story short, Willow once wore a green and silver shirt with an S on it.

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I'm trying to respond to the Spike bashing post but I can't, I guess the original poster had blocked me a long time ago. I think it's a very simple way of looking at the Spuffy relationship in S6. The OP neglects to note that Buffy does initiate the sex a lot of times. Buffy also admits that she was using Spike. I don't like it when Buffy is seen as the victim. Buffy is a grown woman who makes her own decisions and for her to be a feminist icon she needs to be held responsible for her actions.

 I hate the whole idea that because you are in a depressed state the choices you make should not have consequences. You might as well ask for pretty cartoon birdies to wake her from the windowsill. The rough part of spinning out of control in any situation is the fact that your choices suck and you have to live with them. She is adult enough to realize this - and so is he.

I agree that robbing Buffy of agency, and declaring her only role in season 6 to be a victim is more destructive to her as a character than any other interpretation. There has not been any passive female victim in this show - and we are gonna start with Buffy? And then add on to that the unsouled demon is supposed to be a gentle therapist who can reach her, and walk her into the sunlight…Spike is vilified for trying to reach her, for giving her what she asked for and not realizing what she really needed. That’s a higher bar than the one set for every one of the other characters.

It’s a hit piece - a classic. Take the worst possible interpretation of a character’s actions and add it all together. Throw in the ugliest motivations you can imagine - make the other character as frail as a tiny orphan with cancer - then spit it out with all the bile you have.

I’m seeing a lot more of this aimed at Xander. I know you are, too. But no on gets hate like Spike in this fandom.


female awesome meme // (1/10) lead characters - buffy summers

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