• Abandoned
  • Gilbert Alexander
  • Bioshock 2 (unused)

I don’t know why Sofia stopped coming here, left me alive like this. And I know that I don’t have long before I become psychotic from ADAM exposure. But sadly, I am unable to harm myself meaningfully inside the tank… the robotic devices which allow me to speak and observe the facility are my only tools. That, my friend, is why I need you to help me die.


Ladies, don’t let a few wrinkles or crow’s feet get between you and the man in your dreams. Whatever the flaw, Dr. Steinman has a solution. Come see him at Aesthetic Ideals in the Medical Pavilion…

Tumblr is a lot like Rapture in a way. You come here for art, like-minded people and escape from outside world, but end up hopelessly addicted and knee-deep in political/moral Discourse turned violent. The locals are disturbingly aggressive. Every place is a very aesthetically appealing burning wreck. Escape is impossible. Creepy plaster statues are here