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can we get more goat appreciation. Your goat character is just so cool. Whats his name?

more goat appreciation!!!! his name is adam–he was deans brief boyfriend in college. their relationship was a lot more superficial and more “”aesthetic” than anything, but he influenced dean a lot 

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are we just going to ignore the “im so fucking buzzed” in the background at 2:53??????

she’s saying “im so fu-ri-ous” where do yall even….like…..did we all download different files or something???

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That is so awesome they chose your fan fic to read! Did you have any say in which fic they chose?

Nope! They had already filmed it by the time HB reached out to me! They apparently had a whole bunch of reunion-themed fics printed out for Sam and Caitriona to choose from .

(Fun fact:  I have @iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight to thank, as she personally recc’ed AHLF to HB when they asked for recs on twitter a few months ago!!) 

 Mine was one of the ones Sam and Cait just happened to pick!

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I came home from work today and every single bit of soap had been stolen from my apartment: shampoo, body wash, dish soap, laundry detergent, EVERYTHING. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I somehow feel partially responsible for the Gotham River turning completely to bubbles. #OnlyInGotham #BetIt'sJoker #BetIt'sPoisonous

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I just accidentally saw a video of the muppets singing songs at Jim Hensons funeral can you help me recover from this with a palette cleanser

this is the most powerful video on youtube it can cure every disease

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its.. kind of rare to find such a chill and overall nice dude like you in the fandom for a show like rwby. i'm glad you're so cool.

Thank you :)  just here to enjoy my favorite show.