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this is probably a stupid question, but isn't harry technically out? i mean, he's said he thinks men are handsome, gender is not that important, he has male celebrity crushes, he changes the pronouns in songs to male instead of female, he uses gender neutral terms and has hinted that he bottoms and has tried gay sex. i literally don't see what else he can do other than outright say that he's gay? it's not like he's ever said he's straight though.

That’s the glass closet for you.

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Momma, I really need your help. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused for many long years and still feel as if I'm weak for crying over the pain no one believed I went through. I really need encouragement :'(

Darling, we believe in you, and we love you. There’s no shame in going to get help when you need it, there’s no shame in crying. We love you. We love you so much, and you deserve to be able to look into the future with a smile on your face.

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idk if you're watching the logies (probably not bc it's trash) BUT CARRIE BICKMORE IS A LITERAL ANGEL OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH

i was watching it before but i got bored so now im just pwned in my bed on my computer but yES I AGREE ENTIRELY she is like my second mum i love her so much she is my tv mum i love her i LOVE HER

who won the gold logie?

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I feel like you think that white people should not express their views about anything because it is not their place? How are we meant to evolve and interact for better integration and interaction if we cannot discuss things calmly with each other?

There are issues that will NEVER affect white people in the way they do POC. It’s important to understand when you and your voice are relevant and to not speak for or over those who are actually impacted by something. Listen and use your privilege to advocate. 

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BEN THIS IS SO IMPORTANT YOU NEED TO ANSWER IT COULD SAVE A LIFE OMg ok I'm trying to convince my mum to get a dog and it's not going so well can you give me a list of reasons why owning a dog is so much better than owning no dog????

OK um

they are so happy!!! and they will make you happy!!! even when ur having a bad day they can always cheer u up 

they are so cute!!!

they are so small and you can hold them!!!! or if its a big one you can hold it still!!! and u can hug them!!!!! and they are the best to cuddle with in bed!!!!

u can take them for walks!!!!!!!

they get excited over everything!!!! and sometimes they smile wtf!!!!

they look rly cute when they sip water!!!

wtf you can put them in coats and jumpers in winter!!!!!!!!!!!

have you SEEN a dog walking along the ground its so cute!!!

their little nails clicking on tiles and wood and concrete omg!!!

when they SNUGGLE up to you!!!!

and when u see them breathing and ur like!!! wtf!!!! so cute honestly u are a toy almost!!! but they are alive and can think and stuff its insane omg!!!!

make sure u get the right dog for ur home and ur circumstances tho so do ur research!! which u probably have already but like yea just in case 

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"Allow some of the romance to happen off-screen. Let readers imagine what’s going on rather than give us every detail." This is a really good piece of advice but I don't know how to do it. Will you make an example please?

Sure thing! Imagine these two scenes taking place a few chapters apart - 


The four of us sat in the corridor, stained in soot and blood. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The horror of what had just happened was nothing in comparison to the closed infirmary door and the muffled sound of Marion’s voice shouting orders. 

“Everything’s going to be all right,” said Evan, loud enough for all of us to hear though his gaze was fixed on Zachariah. 

“How could it be? What if…” 

“Don’t say it,” said Anastasia. “Don’t you freaking dare–”

“That’s enough,” I managed. The last thing Genevieve would want was the four of us fighting while she was in that room, fighting for her life. 

Anastasia tossed her hair back and stood, marching down the hall. “Waiting here is useless. Come and get me if anything changes.” Then she was gone. I turned to Evan just in time to see him reaching for Zachariah’s hand, but the moment their hands touched Zachariah pulled away. 

“Just, not now,” he said, and it was obvious I wasn’t meant to hear it. I turned my face away.


“This is a suicide mission,” said Anastasia. “Graham, you’re going to get us all killed…”

“If we don’t go after her now, then when?” I said, turning to face her. “Zach, what do you–” I turned to face him, eyes widening in surprise. “Well, holy…”

“Oh boy,” said Anastasia as she turned too. Zachariah had both his hands twined through Evan’s hair, and the two were oblivious to the fact that they weren’t alone as they leaned in to kiss.

“It’s about damned time,” I said, rolling my eyes. 

“Hey, guys. Suicide mission. Imminent death.” Anastasia turned toward them, hands fisted at her hips. “Why don’t you save the hooking up for after we’ve convinced Graham she’s being stupid about this.”


Since this little example is written in first person, you can imagine the narrator wouldn’t be there for the private moments between the couple in the story. But there’s enough information here to see that Zach - who in an earlier tense moment pulled away - has gotten over his discomfort with being open about a relationship with Evan enough to be the instigator of some PDA in a later tense moment. 

It happens off-screen, but you - the reader - can imagine that there’s a story happening there. With a few more details scattered throughout the narrative you’d be able to get a pretty good idea of this subplot, even if the narrator isn’t there for most of it.

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Hey verena,remember a fortune teller told taylor that she'd get married when shes 26,so dont you think its calvin? Cause she also said that if shed be in a relationship now that person would be very special.What do you think?

i remember!! haha most of it came true but idk, i guess time will tell :)

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For the anon convincing their mum to get a dog im 99% sure that it has been scientifically proven that stroking cats/dogs makes you happier like your body releases a certain hormone chemical thing that makes you happier while stroking a pet and if that isn't enough reason for a dog I don't know what is

yeah im pretty sure i heard that too and it calms you down and stuff like i think thats why a lot of day cares or pre schools have like guinea pigs and stuff cause it calms the kids down doesnt it?? idk but yeah i thought this too!! 

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this is white culture

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wait how long have you had a crush on tsukki??

Y: …Since middle school, I guess..? I’m surprised at how long I’ve been his friend honestly. He never really found out about that.

I-It’s not a big deal, okay? Ahhh, I’m embarrassing myself…. 

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When I first saw your URL ages ago I read it as 'Saint Pam' And my grandmothers name was Pam and she died a year or so ago and she is my angel and the day I found your blog I was feeling kinda down and when I saw your URL I kinda felt like it was a sign and so I clicked it and your blog have me an obscene sense of inspiration and Idk this must sound rlly weird but yeah I just thought it was kinda miraculous

wow holy shit that’s amazing hahaha meant to be… Thanks for telling me this!!