So last night when I could not sleep I stared at the ceiling and thought about single parent Kristanna AUs and which variation (Anna with a kid, Kristoff with a kid, or both with kids) I like the most.

I think I like Anna with a kid and Kristoff without the most and Kristoff befriends the kid waaaaay before he does Anna.

Kristoff AND Anna both with a kid is a close second though. Like so close it is a tie. It may be an actual tie especially if there is some kind of One Fine Day AU situation.

Or maybe my favorite is single dad Kristoff. He adopted his niece when his sister and her husband died in a car crash and he is kind of lost when it comes to this whole dad thing, but he makes it work. Anna is his niece’s very cute piano teacher and


I give up. They are all my favorite.


The Woodsman and the Wood-Nymph

Kristoff is a woodcutter. He knows well the secret treasures of the forest. He knows the warmth of earth in his heavy palm. He knows the rustling of green and golden leaves, how they shower like a cascade of gems when they tumble from the branches. He knows the soft whistling of all the darting birds and is kind to all creatures he encounters. The deer do not fear him. Neither do the other beasts. Earnestly, he goes about his labor and washes sweat from off his brow with the silver water of a stream.

Then, one day, he sees Anna.

Her red hair flows down her back like a waterfall, like a waterfall struck with the rose-red hues of the dawn. Her cheeks are red as apples, her eyes bright as burbling water. There is a ringlet of flowers about her head.

He speaks to her and she speaks to him and her voice is more glorious than all the birdsong of the forest. Kristoff knows stories of wood-nymphs, knows that he can fell her tree and bring her to his own world… but who would want to commit such sacrilege, such a crime against her?

She is wild and free and full of life. He loves her for that and for no other reason.

And so the woodsman does not fell her tree. Instead, he makes himself a quiet shelter… there in the very bosom of the forest. And he stays with her.

And they laugh and sing and kiss and tell each other sweet things for all the days that follow.


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Hi! For the Valla royal family could you do F!Corrin/Anna w/ bonus of m!kanna? If not that's okay, too. :'D

nothing like a gay ship request to get me back into a writing mood. +_+

All requests are closed for the moment! You can still send us asks but please don’t request headcanons/drabbles/etc! Thank you!

  • Anna was particularly excited for her new position as Valla’s co-ruler. With her expertise, Valla’s economy flourished as it did before Anankos’ reign.  Her sisters were no small part of that effort either. They opened up trading with kingdoms on the other side of the canyon.
    It’s a damn good thing Anna was there. Less than a year before her ascension to the throne, Corrin wasn’t even aware that currency, as a concept, existed.  (The incredulous noises Anna made when she heard this for the first time.)
  • Anna’s sisters tend to come to Valla quite a bit. This leads to a lot of confusion (which the Annas gladly take advantage of). Villagers often confuse these Annas for their queen and end up being fooled into buying what they sell.
    (Obligatory trope time)There was one occasion which Corrin spotted an Anna in town and, thinking it was her wife, she tried to hug her from behind. Anna, ever wary of pick-pockets, reacted reflexively.
    These days, Corrin’s Anna is pretty strict with her sisters, demanding that they admit up front that they aren’t her. Corrin, poor thing, has to make sure the Anna she’s approaching is her wife.
  • Kana, inspired by his mother, started his own small shop in Valla’s capital. He sells simple things, arrows, whetstones, what have you.
    He inherited both his mothers’ charisma and charms the people who stop by his shop. He easily turns quite a profit.
    Whenever either of his mamas stops by, everything in the store is cut down to the low low price of free. They insist on paying, though.
    Corrin thinks it’s absolutely adorable, Anna is so proud she could cry.
  • Anna’s sisters love their little nephew. He is beyond adorable. However, they always turn to Corrin and her wife and ask where the rest of their kids are.
    Siblings were a big part of both Corrin and Anna’s lives, so of course, they would want Kana to know what that experience is like. Anna wants many children, and Corrin is fine with that. For now, both queens are still young and there’s no rush to have more children; they are content with their little family.
Soft (Final Rose)

Given the company she kept, it was not altogether surprising that people sometimes made the mistake of underestimating Claire. It was understandable. She didn’t have Saviour, she couldn’t freeze a country solid, and she certainly couldn’t convince someone they were drowning to death in the middle of an empty room.

All Claire could do was break things.

People often assumed that the reason she used a bow was because she needed to transmit her Semblance through a specially crafted weapon. It was a reasonable hypothesis. She did seem to favour her weapon a lot on missions.

It took precisely one assassination attempt for the White Fang to realise how mistaken they were.

Claire was eighteen when the White Fang made their first real assassination attempt on her. She was showing Anna around Vale’s shopping district since the rest of her team and Anna’s team were busy. The redhead was eyeing a particularly striking dress when half a dozen White Fang assassins struck.

The first thing Claire did was put herself between Anna and the closest of the assassins. The younger girl had brought her sword with her, and she hastened to draw it. Claire likewise had her weapon with her, but she didn’t bother to reach for it. Instead, she closed the gap between herself and the first two assassins.

It was the opposite of what they had expected.

Her first punch was aimed at the head of one of the assassins. He managed to catch the blow on his forearm. That saved his life. It also cost him his arm. Claire’s Semblance flared to life, and her Aura surged. The result was almost instantaneous and extremely gory.

The assassin’s forearm exploded. Well, exploded wasn’t quite the right description. Technically, her Semblance shattered every bone in his arm and hand and pulped all of the flesh surrounding those bones. 

The most effective way to reduce the effects of Claire’s Semblance on organic tissue was to use a surge of Aura to counteract the surge of Aura Claire’s Semblance used. There were two main problems with that: Claire had a lot of Aura, and the timing was extremely specific. Only someone who had sparred with Claire before and was familiar with her Semblance would be able to do it.

Of course, if someone had enough Aura, like her cousin Diana, the effects of her Semblance wouldn’t be quite so spectacular. There were also Semblances, like Yang’s, that could be used to reduce its effects as well.

The assassin didn’t have Ragnarok, and he was certainly no Yang in the Semblance or Aura department either.

Her second punch caught him in the chest.

Claire’s Semblance shattered every one of his ribs, along with his sternum and most of his spine. His heart and lungs were reduced to a fine, bloody spray at almost the same time.

The second assassin was good. He instantly understood the danger and leapt back to put distance between them, his hand moving from his sword to the daggers at his waist. Claire threw some loose change from her pocket at him.

One of the problems with Claire’s Semblance was that it tended to destroy things, even the weapons she used. That was the real reason she used a bow. The damage her Semblance did to the arrows she fired didn’t matter because she wasn’t going to reuse them, and they lasted long enough to transmit her Semblance to the target.

A metal coin couldn’t hold her Semblance for more than a couple of seconds.

The assassin was a little over five yards away.

He made the mistake of trying to brush the coins aside. He lost one arm for that, along with most of his stomach and the right side of his head.

Out of the corner, Claire spotted the other assassins. Anna was preparing to face one of them. It took a split-second for Claire to make her decision. Anna was fifteen. Killing someone was not something she should have to do. Claire drew her bow in one fluid motion and fired an arrow.

The assassin she’d aimed at managed to dodge the projectile, but he hadn’t counted on it being one of the “special” arrows that Claire had asked Diana to make for her. There was nothing quite like an Aura-trigged Fire Dust arrow to ruin someone’s day. The cloud of flame was less than three yards across, but it was extremely hot.

The assassin went down, screaming. Claire put another arrow in his skull to put him out of his misery.

That left three assassins, and two of them attacked Claire while the third moved to keep Anna out of the fight. Claire transformed her bow into its sword form and rushed forward to meet them. 

One of the more amusing parts of Claire’s Semblance was what happened when she hit other weapons with it. An exceptionally well-made weapon with a large amount of Aura reinforcing it could stand up to her Semblance, at least for a while. 

Her sword cleaved through the weapon of the first assassin like it was made of paper before releasing her Semblance into her opponent’s body. He was dead before he hit the ground. The second assassin was faster. She ducked and dove, dodging around Claire’s attacks. She’d learned that a single touch could mean death, and she’d noticed that Claire could use her bare hands as well as her sword to conduct her Semblance.

Claire reached into her pocket and flung some more loose change, not at the female assassin, but at the pavement around her. The civilians nearby had all be smart enough to run and call for help. She didn’t have to worry about hitting anyone else. The cement pavement ruptured, and the female assassin’s Aura flared to try to ward off the shrapnel. Claire used the distraction to land a decisive strike: a gash to the woman’s leg - or it would have been if her Semblance hadn’t shattered the leg like kindling. 

Claire turned away from the woman, pausing just long enough to land a solid blow to her head without using her Semblance, before grabbing the man who was fighting Anna from behind. He struggled, and Claire yanked him away and turned, so Anna wouldn’t have to see his inside become his outsides.

“Are you all right?” Claire murmured. She was aware of the sound of sirens. Less than five minutes had passed. 

“I… yeah.” Anna looked very pale. “I…”

Claire followed her gaze to the carnage around them. “Come on,” Claire said. “Let’s sit over there.” She pointed at a bench that was very much facing the other way. “I need to call Jihl too.” She’d left one of the assassins alive. She’d let Jihl handle that.
Hot Collars and Cold Shoulders Chapter 4, a frozen fanfic | FanFiction

by Icebicycle

“Elsanna. Sky High AU. Elsa’s got ice powers and gets put into the hero class, but Anna’s only power seems to be making people irritated. She thus got put in the sidekick class. Actually, Anna can influence people’s emotional state, but doesn’t have much control over her power. Which is why she accidentally makes her sister horny and desperate for release.”- courtesy of Salnar

Rated: M - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 4 - Words: 13,112