My Scene Fab Faces Commercial


Terminator Barbie, aka Fab Faces Chelsea from My Scene Barbie. I happened upon one of these while scrounging around thrift stores for dolls to paint on, and after some poking and prodding… my sister and I decided we wanted to know what she looked like underneath that vacant expression(s). Some trawling through youtube and google revealed that nobody else seemed to have ripped off her face and posted up pictures,… so I guess it’s up to me.

Thus, here she is. Terminator Barbie.

For those of you who were spared this monstrosity, Fab Faces Chelsea is a Barbie that when you press the levers on her back, she changes her expression. Basically her faces range from “I’m going to slaughter you and devour your children,” to “Bring me my dentures or I’m going to gum you to death!”

Mine also happens to be missing most of her lipstick, as I’ve been wiping it off in preparation for modding her into a zombie doll.

For a less mangled version of her, see here.