My Favorite Song

Pairing: Shu x Reader
Warnings: Smut, smut, and more smut. 
Summary: You get angry at Shu for not defending you and turning his music up, so he shows you what his favorite song is. 

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“Y/N,” Shu mumbled. “Come here.”

You had your back turned to him on the couch, nose deep in your favorite novel. You heard his faint mumble but ignored it anyways. If there was 3 things Shu could do it was sleep, listen to music, and mumble.

Y/N.” Shu repeated, a little louder but a lot more annoyed. You flipped another page. At this point, you weren’t even fully paying attention. You were still fuming from earlier.

*Earlier that evening*

Oi, Y/N! What the hell is this?” Ayato questioned, standing in the door way.
“That’s a curling iron, Ayato.” You replied, questioning why he was digging in your drawer in the bathroom.
“A curling wha-? Why’s it look like a sex toy?” He shot back, analyzing it closely.
You sighed to yourself. “It’s a wand. It gets hot and then you wrap your hair aro-”
“Liar!” Ayato cut you off. “Shu just doesn’t do the trick, does he? Don’t worry. Ore-Sama will take care of you. After all, you’ll be sleeping with the best.” Ayato pointed the curling iron dramatically at you.

“You’d tell me if that was the case, right Y/N? I would love to remind you what young fangs feel like. I’m sure you’re tired of Shu’s old man fangs. Fu~” Laito joined. You rolled your eyes at them, but your ears perked up at the sound of Shu’s music. Instead of stopping his brother’s tasteless teasing, he turned his music up instead and resumed his nap.

*Back to your couch brooding*

Shu nudged you with his foot. You let him but still didn’t acknowledge his existence. If he would just let you be angry in peace, you’d get over it a lot faster. Before you could react, he shot up from the couch and wrapped his arms around your waist. You couldn’t hide your shocked expression and even let out a tiny squeal at the sudden contact. Your book flew across the floor.
“Noisy woman.” Shu teased, laying his head on your back and holding you from behind.
“Shu, you know I’m frustrated with you. Please do not continue your nap on my back.” You said, looking at your book on the floor and mourning your progress because you couldn’t remember your page number.
“Why?” He asked.
“What do you mean why?” You shot back.
“Why are you mad?”

You turned to glare at him, but as you turned, his lips caught yours effortlessly. You told yourself not to melt into the kiss, but it was hard. This was Shu.
“Let me guess,” Shu mumbled against your lips. “You’re mad at me for doing this.” Shu hit the volume button on his mp3, making it blare out of his headphones. Before you could respond, his lips caught yours again.
“Was I supposed to feel threatened by them? Do you want them instead?” Shu asked you, making a hot trail of kisses down your neck before grazing his fangs against the skin.
“No.” You breathed.
“Then what did you expect me to do?” He shot back, sucking on the skin right above your collarbone. You couldn’t respond. All you could feel was the dull ache shooting to your core.
“Lewd woman.” Shu teased, noticing your body’s reaction to his touch. “I haven’t even gotten to my favorite song yet. Listen to it with me.”
You expected him to put an earbud into your ears like always, but instead, he pinched your hard nipples through your shirt.
You let out a shaky moan, pressing your back even closer to his chest. You were almost sitting in his lap by this point but you didn’t care. You wanted to be closer to him than physically possible. He continued the relentless attack on your nipples while kissing a trail up to your earlobe and sucking on it lightly. You couldn’t stop the moans falling from your mouth at this point. He was in control and he knew it. You were completely on his terms.

“That’s it. That’s my favorite song.” Shu commented in your ear. His voice was enough to make you cum right then and there. He knew the effect he had on you. You felt his hard erection against your lower back. It didn’t matter how collected he sounded. You knew he wanted you all the same.

You stood up and turned to face him. Bringing your hands to your stomach, you peeled the offending piece of material away, thankful you weren’t wearing a bra. Shu watched you with his same expression, but he couldn’t hide how dark with lust his eyes were. You moved your hands to the button of your shorts and peeled them and your underwear off with ease. You were aware you were naked out in the open but no part of you cared.
“Come here.” Shu commanded, pulling you onto his fully clothed lap. He stared at you, waiting, and you knew exactly what he wanted.
You started with his cardigan, quickly taking it off before tossing it to the floor. Before you could finish taking off his shirt, he grabbed your hands.
“Tch. So impatient. You’re so eager to use me to get off, aren’t you? Show me exactly how eager you are.” Shu lowered his hand to your dripping core, gathering your juices on two of his fingers before shoving them in your mouth. You greedily sucked on his fingers, grinding yourself onto his hard member to try and release some of the pressure. 

Shu let his hand fall back to his chest. “Hurry up, then.” That’s usually what he says when he’s getting beyond impatient.

Your fingers practically moved on auto pilot as you unfastened his belt and the button to his pants. You weren’t going to wait to peel them both off individually, so you hooked your fingers into his underwear as well and pulled them both down at the same time. You couldn’t help yourself after watching his hard cock spring free. You almost immediately lowered your head to lick off the thick pre cum that gathered. Shu hissed and tangled his fingers in your hair, encouraging you to continue. You eagerly wrapped your lips around the swollen head of his cock and sucked gently. You moaned as you slid as much of his length into your mouth as you could, rubbing your thighs together to try and release some of the pressure.

“That’s enough,” Shu rasped. He pulled you up by your arms and guided you so you were straddling him. Shu wasted no time entering you. You shut your eyes in pure bliss as you felt Shu fill you up to the brim.
“Give me your blood.” He ordered. His voice sounded deeper and coated in lust. You knew exactly where he loved to bite you. You leaned forward and put your chest in his face. With one hard thrust, he sank his fangs into you, right above your right breast. You moaned out in pleasure and pain. The noises you were making were just encouraging Shu further. He greedily drank from your chest while holding your hips and pounding into you. He wasn’t giving you the chance to take control like he usually wanted. The grip he had on your hips, locking you in place, was sure to leave bruises.

Your moans could send anyone running into the living room at any given moment. You couldn’t hold them. Your nails were digging into Shu’s bare chest, still surrounded by his unbuttoned shirt. Shu was even letting some sounds escape from him as he drank from you and fucked you. The blood loss was only fueling the fire in your core. You felt every vain catering to Shu; your Shu.

Shu licked the bite on your chest to clot it before locking eyes with you. The site of his blood stained lips and his relentless rhythm was what did it. You felt whole galaxies collapse around you as Shu helped you ride out your orgasm. It wasn’t but a few thrusts later when Shu followed. You collapsed on his chest, trying to catch your breath and felt Shu’s chest rising and falling from his rapid breathing.

“Oh? What is this? I guess Shu can move after all! Nfu~” Laito called from the entryway.

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How would all of the boys react to a reeeeaaaally flexible s/o?


Shu: He may use their flexibility as an advantage in the bedroom or to get little peeks at his s/o’s undergarments.

Reiji: With being curious about humans and studying them, he will most likely leave you in predicaments where you’d use your flexibility to its maximum so he can see what skills your body has.

Laito: Don’t even get started with him and all the ideas running through his head. He will try any position possible for sex with you and also use your flexibility against you when he wants to trap you.

Kanato: He may be a bit curious about it, and will definitely try it out when you have to act like an inanimate doll. He may also go past your flexibility just to see the pain in your face too.

Ayato: He enjoys your flexibility and uses it to his advantage, whether it be to pick on you or for when you two will be in the bed room. He may also include your flexibility into a humiliating punishment.

Subaru: He doesn’t care about it much, but may find it useful if you two are having trouble fitting in the coffin together. And no matter how flexible you are, he will easily beat you with his strength to stop you from running off.


Ruki: Expect to be put in predicaments where you must stay either stretched out in certain positions for a long time or get a spanking or flogging from him. He enjoys incorporating their flexibility into any punishment or kinky times together.

Kou: You remind him more of a cat with how far you can stretch and twist, which appeals to him even more. But other than that, he’d only take your flexibility further in the bedroom.

Yuma: He really doesn’t care, but will be freaked out when he sees you doing contortions with your body that doesn’t look natural.

Azusa: It’s confusing to him. Does it hurt? Why are you able to twist that way? He will have many questions about it and won’t stop bugging you until he’s satisfied with the answers.


Carla: He will use your flexibility in any punishments he inflicts on you, whether it’s yanking an arm past its limits or having you do the splits for another punishment. Other than that, he won’t take much interest in your flexibility.

Shin: Once he found out about your “super power” he started to think of ways to take it to the extremes. He’d go to move your legs in unnatural ways and push your limbs past their limits on bending and flexing.

DL Headcanons: Yandere Laito

Being stuck with a vampire isn’t easy, especially when they’re a yandere


  • So you got stuck with Mr Fedora Pervy McPerverson? Sucks to be you, my friend - and here I am to explain why!
  • You might think your relationship with Laito is purely built on ahem, certain activities, and you wouldn’t be COMPLETELY wrong… Just somewhat incorrect
  • He isn’t afraid to do the previously mentioned activities with you to show you his love for you, he wants to prove it to you after all - he wants to prove it a lot…. Almost daily…. Then again to be honest he probably does it much more regularly….
  • Laito doesn’t appreciate anyone getting close to you, he’ll always assume they’re flirting which means he’ll have to interrupt and do one of two things
  • One, he’ll flirt with you even more, or if the person with you has a partner he’ll flirt with them to make the person near you jealous and leave you alone
  • Two, he’ll get super protective and keep a hold on you as he politely gets rid of whoever was with you, but you can tell his words have venom laced in them which basically translate to “Leave now, and I might make your death less painful”
  • If I were to lock you in a room with this guy, who knows what would happen! He would be able to do anything and everything he pleases with you - however, that’s how he acts anyway, always getting his way and not letting you say otherwise
  • As playful as he can be, pissing Laito off isn’t a smart move - and you’ll know that if you do it even once by accident. All he wants is to have you to himself and have some fun, but you fighting back a bit too much can irritate him from time to time
  • He wants to make you stay with him, and he wants you to believe love the same way he does. He’ll manipulate you until you’re just as confused as he is between love and lust but aren’t as publicly flirty as him… Actually, he’s a lot less flirty with others because all he needs is you

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“Follow me down to Hell.” ~Laito Sakamaki

Okay…Eve…Please sleep soundly…

Scarborough Fair

Are you going to Scarborough Fair:
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there.
She once was a true love of mine.

Tell her to make me a cambric shirt:
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme;
Without no seams nor needle work,
Then she’ll be a true love of mine.

Tell her to find me an acre of land:
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme;
Between the salt water and the sea strands,
Then she’ll be a true love of mine.

Tell her to reap it with a sickle of leather:
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme;
And gather it all in a bunch of heather,
Then she’ll be a true love of mine.


AAAaaa sorry it took so long. Singing is still really hard for me, and I only just now had enough free time (gg school) to record. Sorry for not posting so often this week. Thank you for your patience and support! Please have nice days everyone and be safe! Oh! And, please enjoy this! Special thanks to @zaraenia, @magic-mango-99 and @dj-diabolik-fan for the inspiration and support! Thank you all so very much!

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DL Headcanons: Yandere Subaru

Being stuck with a vampire isn’t easy, especially when they’re a yandere


  • Don’t make him angry, warning you now, do not make this man angry unless you want to suffer for what feels like an eternity but is actually less than a day
  • He always tries to be more patient with you than others, but he’s so irritable that he can’t help get angry at times. When this happens I’d suggest you try calming him down before he loses control and gets someone - probably you - stuck in a hospital bed
  • An angry Subaru is no joke; when he’s angry he is angry! He’s the most aggressive out of all his brothers meaning you should be very careful when dealing with him, it’s kind of like stepping on eggshells
  • Subaru, surprisingly, will do more than simply harm you to the point of breaking your bones - he’ll also trick, hurt and manipulate you into staying with him and trusting him
  • Say, for example, he sees you talking with someone else - he’ll either get super angry and probably punch the guy into a wall or he’ll drag you away from the guy until the two of you are alone. When you are, he’ll use a pathetically sad voice and maybe even some fake tears to remind you how “sensitive” he really is
  • However, the second you forgive him and can’t see his face - he’ll let out the wide, proud and devilish smirk he had to hide while putting on a sad act
  • In this twisted relationship, Subaru will be both the safest person for you to be around, as well as the most dangerous
  • He’ll protect you from the world, but you can’t be protected from him
  • He’ll do anything for you, but he won’t let you go
  • He’ll love you to pieces, but he might also rip you to shreds

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“Will you accept your destiny and give up everything to us? If you are capable of doing that, I will take you with me into an eternal dream. Whether that dream is Heaven or Hell is up to you. I will not stop myself. How you feel about it is irrelevant. I will do as I please, so brace yourself.”  ~Subaru Sakamaki

Shu’s Birthday Gift

 A little one shot for Shu’s birthday. Shu reacts to you getting him a birthday gift.
Warnings: None, fluffy goodness

Listen to this for the full effect.

Shu laid in his bed. He sighed in annoyance when he thought of you. You had been gone for 2 weeks for an international music competition and was scheduled to be gone for at least 2 more, completely missing Shu’s birthday. He didn’t know what bothered him more: you knowingly missing his birthday or the fact he was upset about it. You haven’t even called since you left.
“Shu?” Your voice rang out to him. His eyes shot open and he looked around his room.
You giggled. “I know I’m not there, but it really wasn’t hard to sync this video recording to your mp3 player while you were sleeping.” Shu couldn’t help but smirk. You wanted to throw him off guard, so you synced a voice file to his mp3 and queued it to play today. Shu relaxed his eyes and turned his headphones up as loud as they would go. He wanted to drown into your voice.
“I know you don’t want to get up, Shu, but you must. You have something to do.” You instructed clearly. “Please make your way to my room.”

“Alright, you needy woman. I’ll comply just this once.” Shu said out loud as he approached your room. He didn’t go in here when you were gone. He used to sleep in your bed while you were away for competitions, but he realized that the bed started to smell like him awfully quick. He wanted to preserve your scent.

He turned the door knob and closed the door behind him. He was greeted with the sight of a TV on a rolling cart in the middle of the room. He raised an eyebrow before approaching it slowly. He turned the TV on and grabbed the little remote on top of it. PLAY ME was written in bold letters on the top of the remote next to the play button. Shu pointed the remote at the television and hit play.

You appear on the screen and Shu smiles as he watches you struggle with propping the camera up. You brush your H/C hair out of your face and smile at the camera.
“Hi, Shu!” You greeted with a smile and a small wave. “I know that you’re not happy about me missing your birthday, but don’t think I forgot.” Your face softened into a loving gaze. “I love you, Shu. Happy birthday!” You blow a kiss to the camera. Shu felt his chest tighten. If he had a heartbeat, it would be beating faster than possible right now. He never had to explain to you how he felt.

You always knew. He loved you so much for that.

Before Shu could switch the TV off, the video switched to something else. You were standing in a recording studio with a whole orchestra. Shu’s eyes softened considerably when he saw you standing at the microphone. This was it. This was what he fell in love with.

The orchestra started playing behind you as you relaxed your features before singing. Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey was the song you covered just for him. You knew that you couldn’t give Shu a better gift than something hand recorded. You spent weeks planning this before your trip and gathered the most talented people you knew to back you up. Your voice filled Shu’s ears, and for a split second, he thought he might cry.

Shu gripped the remote tightly as the end of the song approached. He was going to have to re watch it a few more times before he could even remember how to walk. Shu adored you more than he would ever let on. You had the most beautiful voice to him simply because it was yours. He always loved you to sing him to sleep and to sing to him in the bath, but this was a whole new side to you that he only got to see when you preformed. It meant a lot to him that you put on a show just for him.

“Shu-san~” You called out from behind him. He was so engrossed in the video that he didn’t hear you sneak up on him. He turned around and you threw yourself at him.
“Bold woman. Has your body missed me this much?” Shu teased.
“Of course, silly. Happy birthday.” You planted a kiss on his lips in which Shu eagerly returned while engulfing you in his embrace.
“It may be a happy birthday yet.”

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Hey, I was wondering... what if one of the sakamaki brothers had a child but then both his lover and himself passed away? Would any of the other brothers step up and take care of the child? Or would it have to fend for itself?

To be quite honest, none of the Sakamaki brothers would take care of their nieces/nephews. They hate each other and don’t support their siblings, so they would act the same to their siblings’ children.

The Mukami brothers on the other hand would take care of any family as they’re close with their bonds and always help each other out. They even have little fights, but it usually ends up in teasing and goofing off in the end, so it’s safe to say nieces and nephews are supported and cared for by these brothers.

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would you maybe do some headcanons for laito sakamaki? if you're still taking requests, please! if not thank you nonetheless!

Random af. Hope you enjoy it!;;

  • Laito is a very talented student. He’s good at most of subjects, but his favourite are languages. He enjoys studying literature.
  • He likes to draw, especially small, detailed things. He sometimes paints his own nails, but washes it off right away.
  • He usually carries a small notebook with himself to do quick sketches.
  • He’s addicted to Flappy Bird.
  • He secretly enjoys all the vampire movies, even if they’re usually kind of stupid. He’s very interested in mythology and humans’ culture.
  • He has a movie collection. Surprisingly, there’s no much porn.
  • More than anything, he enjoys traveling around the world. He’s curious if and how the blood taste depends on the skin colour, age or living style. 
  • During his travels, he sometimes wishes he could be a human. But it passes very quickly.
  • While traveling to France, Laito met Chopin. They talked a bit and shared musical experiences, but Chopin wasn’t too fond of him.
  • He also met Madonna. It was a very short-term relationship.
  • Italian art inspires him a lot.
DL Headcanons: Yandere Shu

Being stuck with a vampire isn’t easy, especially when they’re a yandere


  • Before you start saying something like, “Oh, Shu is lazy so he probably won’t be so bad.” let me stop you right there by saying YOU ARE WRONG! You have no idea how bad this guy can be under the right circumstances
  • Sure, he’s a lazy asshole to most people - but he’ll devote all his time and attention to you because he’s just so in love with you and wants you with him at all times. But if he is feeling lazy he’ll force you to lie with him as he takes a nap, most likely so he can hug you in his sleep and be sure you can’t leave him
  • He acts very pervertedly at times, he loves to tease you and make you blush - so expect pervy comments quite often from him
  • He’s a bit more lenient than the other brothers when it comes to letting you go somewhere on your own…. Or so you may think. If he ever lets you go somewhere without him he’ll either stalk you from the shadows or send someone else to keep an eye on you - he knows you could try to escape and he refuses to lose you
  • Shu tends to threaten those who go near you, but if they go one step too far he can easily snap and beat them to a pulp - even if he’s lazy he’s stronger than you may think
  • He’s definitely not fond of your attempts to leave him, they really piss him off because he doesn’t want to have to deal with all your rebelling - however, he’ll allow it until it reaches a point where he’s done letting you try and doesn’t tolerate it anymore
  • Sometimes Shu likes to entrance you with his violin music, no matter what your mood is he always manages to calm you down by playing songs he knows you enjoy - he finds it cute how quickly it causes you to calm down and also makes you forgive him a lot of the time

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“Are you prepared for this? Are you prepared to give up everything that makes you, you for vampires like us? Are you prepared to alter everything about you? I doubt it, but that suits you. You don’t need to think. All you need to do is give your blood to me.” ~Shu Sakamaki

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Would any of the mothers want a daughter? What would be their ideal type od daughter and how would they raise them?

Mun: Lets be real here… the daughters would still be treated like crap because they’re horrible people and changing the gender doesn't change the outcome of their inevitable shitty life Hahaha I mean what?!

  • Beatrix daughter would be a splitting image of her mother. Beatrix would spend her time on educating her to prepare her for future suitors. However the daughter doesn’t like this ideal and would rather marry for love. Queue Princess Jasmine plot line where she runs off to the village and falls in love with a peasant who Beatrix quickly disposes of.
  • Cordelia would assume her daughter likes the same things as her. Tells her the only way to do well in life is to be pretty and seduce your way into a comfortable life. Puts her on strict diets, has lots of men lined up so her daughter can take her pick. The daughter is low-key bratty and is put back in line by Beatrix’s daughter who fucking owns her teaches her that life also requires brain. Starts taking more interest in her education and is helped by Beatrix’s daughter. 
  • Christa’s daughter is taught that things are tough from quite an early age. Is very self-conscious and Beatrix’s and Cordelia’s daughter stay away from her because she tends to give off a very negative atmosphere. Never wants to be near another man; thinking they’re all like Karl. She would try and run away but cares for her mum too much to leave her in such  a horrible place. Falls in love with a stable boy because he was super sweet and she didn’t mind that he smelt a little.

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How would the mukamakis react to there s/o being stuborn/moody with them and how would they get her to forgive them? 💕

ooo this was a great prompt anon! I hope you like them!


·         Gets annoyed really fast.

·         Why were you acting like such a bitch?

·         He hadn’t done anything.

·         No one else had done anything.

·         So when you ignored him, a small part of him snapped.

·         He had begun to shout before realizing how much of an idiot he was.

·         Something was obviously bugging you.

·         He just couldn’t figure out what.

·         And because he felt really bad

·         And didn’t exactly know what do to in a situation like this.

·         He decided to get you flowers and an apology card.

·         and tomatoes from the garden.

·         You were asleep when he left.

·         He wanted this to be a surprise, and he really wanted you to stop ignoring him.

·         So he put his plan in act

·         And thankfully everything went well.

·         You forgave him (and he wasn’t about to argue that he didn’t do anything)

·         and explain that it had just been a bad day

·         And that you didn’t want to be a downer.

·         Yuma stopped sleeping on the couch.


·         You all know that Asuza is a masochist.

·         You being moody with him honestly wouldn’t bother him

·         Because he’s a masochist

·         He derives pleasure from his own pain.

·         Now I’m going to assume this goes for emotional pain as well.

·         Although he would feel bad that you felt like that, he would take it as an act of love.

·         He wouldn’t realize that you actually felt like shit in a bad way.

·         At least, until you’re on your week long mood swing.

·         and then he would figure out that you weren’t just doing this for him.

·         Concerned Azusa.

·         What did he do??

·         Were you mad because he thought that?

·         He honestly couldn’t figure it out.

·         Did you hate him now?

·         Were you going to hit him?

·         Cut him?

·         You need to stop being a meanie and tell him because my poor boy doesn’t know.

·         Eventually you straight up tell him that he was being an ass at school the other day

·         ????????????????????????????????????????

·         How????

·         Confusion

·         You explain more gently what made you upset.

·         Azusa apologies immediately.

·         He feels bad

·         Really bad.

·         Makes it up to you by giving you his most treasured knife for a night.

·         (you let him sleep in the same bed as you as an apology for ignoring him)


·         Is also like Yuma

·         Just doesn’t get why you’re being so rude?

·         Is also annoyed.

·         He can’t figure out what he did wrong if you don’t talk to him.

·         He thought you two had been through his already

·         You had made a deal

·         If either of you felt like shit

·         You would tell the other person

·         And they would leave you the heck alone.

·         But did you do that?

·         No

·         Which lead to him asking

·         And asking.

·         It took him 3 tries to finally take a hint.

·         He got annoyed after that.

·         He couldn’t figure out what he had done, so he wasn’t going to try and do anything.

·         It was a good 4 hours before you finally decided to talk to him.

·         After telling him what happened, Ruki felt horrible.

·         You had gotten beaten up at school that day and didn’t want him to see you like that.

·         He feels. So stupid.

·         You end up crying & he holds you tightly.

·         And for the next few days he’s pretty much overprotective.

·         Until he knows that you’re safe.

·         He also buys you dinner and may or may not have threatened the girls who did that to you.

·         Spoiler alert; he did


·         You don’t talk to him

·         So he doesn’t talk to you.

·         It’s like a war of who can withstand not talking to the other for the longest amount of time.

·         Kou is starting to lose his resolve.

·         It wasn’t fun, not talking to you.

·         You were supposed to talk to each other.

·         You were boyfriend and girlfriend after all.

·         Even though sometimes you acted like siblings.

·         It was day 5 of the silence when Kou lost it all.

·         He had grown tired of this game.

·         And frankly, you had too.

·         Both of you were just too prideful to do anything about it.

·         So he gave in, making you sit so you could talk it out.

·         Which, of course, ended in disaster.

·         Kou didn’t know he fucked out until you stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind you.

·         He doesn’t get why it feels like his heart is ripping in two.

·         But he knew that he did something wrong, and therefore would need to fix it.

·         Maybe you would be so happy he could taste some of your blood?

·         Even though he was in the wrong, you would still owe him one.

·         Kou decides to go the cliché flower route.

·         He found the best looking flowers money could buy and left them for you.

·         You cried.

·         And thanked him

·         And apologized.

·         And you were both fine again until the next argument.

I hope you like them!

-          Mod Azusa.