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How would Sakamaki boys beal with s/o who has OCD.

I googled some info about OCD but I’m still not sure if that’s how it looks like, though, I hope it’s not that bad! ^^”

♛ Ayato ♛

This guy has no mercy. He will laugh at you a lot every single time you stand up to fix curtains, pics on the wall or anything. No help from him. He will on purpose set things incorrectly to make you run around and fix it over and over. No talking to him will do. He’s childish and silly. Won’t help you at all.

♟ Kanato ♟

At first he just observes you, trying to understand what’s your purpose. He doesn’t understand it at all and so he’ll try to restrain you from your strange acts. If you don’t listen to him as he tells you to stop, he’ll force it upon you. He can even seriously hurt you so that you cannot move since it really annoys him as you do all the weird things. 

♞ Laito ♞

He doesn’t care about it too much. Sometimes - just like Ayato - he will enjoy teasing you with the things, but other than that, he won’t like you to act weirdly when he’s busy with you. He won’t try to talk to you about it since he understands the disorder very well. He just doesn’t care about your reactions and - if it’s necessary - he will, like Kanato this time, hurt you or force you to stop acting weirdly.

♝ Reiji ♝

He probably has OCD himself, but he keeps his composure well enough to not show it. You’re pretty rigorous and he likes as you try to make everything look perfect. At some point though, he notices the problem and - in his eyes - the best cure will be to teach you how you should behave. If you try to suddenly get up during a dinner and fix something you see, his glare will be strong enough to force you back down. And every time you do it anyway, you’ll be painfully punished.

♚ Shu ♚

At first, he finds it kind of funny. Looking at you feeling the overhelming urge to wash your hands every minute or setting properly every single thing you have is just funny. But it quickly starts to annoy him as hell, since it may disturb his sleep. If you do it when he’s not anywhere around, he won’t care much. But if you suddenly want to get up and fix the damn curtains as you’re cuddling, he’ll just force you back down. 

♜ Subaru ♜

At first it annoys the hell out of him. He will yell at you to stop doing the things and punch walls (no one’s surprised) in hope that you’d be too scared to do. It’d take some time for him to realize you actually have a problem and, even if it still annoys him, he’ll try to ignore/tolerate it. He will most likely tell you to get some treatment, but if he gets used to it, he won’t care much whether you do so or not.

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How would the S and M react to an anxious s/o with scars from self-harm? Like she's scarred of being touched for example. (Excuse my English and I adore your Blog very much!)

//It’s pretty clear. Your English is quite good! ^.^


Shu: He’d be a bit annoyed at first, but upon seeing more of your anxiety and fear, he will see how similar you are to him with his fear of fire. It’d be then that he would try to comfort you as much as possible without triggering another anxiety attack.

Reiji: It’s annoying and should stop right away. Reiji continues his strict ways and doesn’t stop his actions until he sees how you’re on the verge of breaking. He will demand you to sit down before walking off to get a cup of herbal tea to calm you while he lectures you on how your actions must change.

Laito: He will be careful once seeing your anxiety skyrocket and console you with sweet whispers into your ear. Once he feels you’ve relaxed a bit, he will start to massage your shoulders and neck to try to get you comfortable with his touch. He does want to have fun after all.

Kanato: Seeing you become panicked startles him, but Kanato’s surprise doesn’t last for long. He will see the anxiety attack as some form of trickery to mock him and to show you don’t care for him. First tears will fall from him, but then his rage will build up and a possible strike may hit you.

Ayato: He doesn’t know much about what’s going on with you, and won’t stop trying to get you to pay attention as he asks questions. Even after slapping his hands away from yourself, Ayato continues to persist on finding the reason you’re so upset. The end of the outcome would be with him pinning you down and cupping your face, expressing his worry and wanting to help you with what’s wrong.

Subaru: Awkwardness is the first thing filling him as he sees you freak out. He doesn’t know what he’s done and confused on how to fix the mystery problem. He will ask question after question while also being hesitant on reaching out to you as you keep pulling away. Apologies will spill out and he tries to make it up by offering a walk through the gardens.


Ruki: He’s startled by how you started freaking out from him simply grabbing your wrist. His hand lets go immediately as you demand it and also allows you space. He states your actions are rude, but keeps his tone soft as to not upset you any further. To try to calm you down more, he offers to cook you your favorite dish.

Kou: He finds the anxiety attack cute, not realizing that it is one at first. When he continues on to tease you and you only get more panicked that’s when he realizes what’s going on. He apologizes and asks if there’s anything he can do to help calm you down. The last thing he wants is to be the reason behind your nightmares.

Yuma: His reaction is similar to Subaru’s, but he’s a lot more confused at what’s going on. He offers many things to try to calm you down, just knowing it’s best to help you become level. He tries pulling stupid jokes as well to see if humor or cringing will make you not as panicked.

Azusa: He’s stunned at your reaction, but complied as you demand him to drop the knife. Upon hearing your story and seeing the stress the attack has put on you, Azusa apologizes and asks what you want. He will easily comply with giving a hug, leaving the room, or just being there for emotional support.

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What about the Mukami's with a s/o who has OCD? I really liked how you portrayed the Sakamaki's in this situation :D

Thank you ^^ Let’s see…

♥ Ruki ♥

He’s a bit similar to Reiji at this point. He may enjoy the fact that you want everything to look perfect, but… he also expect you to act properly. And such - if he tells you to stop, you’re supposed to stop. He won’t tolerate disobedience. And if you’re bad at controlling yourself… He’ll just teach you how to behave, most likely tying you up so tightly that you can’t move anyway.

♦ Yuma  ♦

He’ll get instantly annoyed and - even - violent. Every unnecessary action is just a bother for him. He’ll try to ignore you, but eventually he may just snap. Your actions make no sense to him and he’ll yell at you to stop acting so weirdly. If you don’t obey or try to make excuses, he’ll keep you in place by force.

♠ Kou ♠

At first he feels a bit weird about you doing all the things. It depends on his mood though, how will he act. Sometimes, he’ll find it amusing and either just watch you, making a bit mean remarks, or keep setting the things incoherently so that you have to fix them multiple times, until he gets bored of it. Other times though, he’ll feel as if you’re giving more attention to the surroundings than to him and that will make him want to punish you. We all know how it may end…

♣ Azusa ♣

The bun will be confused at first. He’s very observant and will momentally see your problem and how much you’re struggling with it, since it’s not too comfortable even for you. At first, he’ll just watch you and let you do whatever you wish, but if he sees it needs to be fixed, he’ll instantly decide to help you. The help though - we’re still talking about Zuzu - will probably include tying you down or distracting you with pain.

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Hey, I was wondering... what if one of the sakamaki brothers had a child but then both his lover and himself passed away? Would any of the other brothers step up and take care of the child? Or would it have to fend for itself?

To be quite honest, none of the Sakamaki brothers would take care of their nieces/nephews. They hate each other and don’t support their siblings, so they would act the same to their siblings’ children.

The Mukami brothers on the other hand would take care of any family as they’re close with their bonds and always help each other out. They even have little fights, but it usually ends up in teasing and goofing off in the end, so it’s safe to say nieces and nephews are supported and cared for by these brothers.


Kanato Sakamaki (from Diabolik Lovers) Headers

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can i have a matchup for diabolik lovers please? i'm chinese. i'm 155cm tall. physically, my legs are pretty weak from past heart failure experience so walking too far tires me out. i'm very emotional, and tend to have mood swings that may end with me pulling my hair and reacting violently when upset. sometimes i talk too fast and stutter. i love trying new things; spontaneous 'out of the norm' stuff like microwaving an entire meal for dinner(?). i love making jokes; letting people laugh

First thing, I wanted to say that there’s a reason why I call it an “multifandom” match up, the whole fun is in that you can’t choose the fandom XD So the next time I won’t let anyone choose it, but since you’re the first person to say it, I’ll just fulfil your wish~

So in my opinion, the best match for you would be Subaru Sakamaki.

I can see him being very curious about you. Your personality is something he cannot see through, which may confuse and annoy him at some times, but he won’t stop to try to know you better.

He himself has some mood swings issues and I can imagine a situation when you two get angry at the same time. He’s obviously more scary and stronger than you, but it’ll take hom aback if you get, for example, frustrated instead of just scared. 

After episodes like that, he’ll kind of uncounsciously start to observe you more often. All the things you do, the weird ones and the funny ones, it’s all so refreshing to him. He’ll easily get attached to you, figure learning to understand it better and better. He won’t be able to stop thinking about you~

Oh my, I already ship it~!

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