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Variety, Billboard Review The Killers Brooklyn Steel Show

Variety and Billboard have posted reviews of The Killers’ show at Brooklyn Steel for SiriusXM.

Variety said:

A hit-filled, festival-pleasing, 75-minute set loaded with fan favorites from the band’s 13-year career, with two covers thrown in along with the three new songs. But where many artists at this point in an album cycle would still be working out the kinks in their set and make a few embarrassing mistakes, the Killers are in absolute top form, having played before 65,000-plus at Lollapalooza, London’s Hyde Park and festivals during the dozen-odd shows they’ve performed over the past few months. The band is well-oiled and cruises through the set like a seasoned race-car driver, kicking off the final song of the main set — a dazzling version of their 2004 hit “Mr. Brightside” — exactly an hour after they’d started, and coming back for a smooth three-song encore that gave the crowd one last hurrah while simultaneously winding them down.

Billboard said:

For an album release week show, it was rather surprising for The Killers to only dish out three Wonderful Wonderful songs at Brooklyn Steel (especially since they have pre-released four to the public). But the night was almost more magical because of the homage to their beginnings, both with the venue and the set list, reminding fans why they’re one of the greatest of their kind – and they’re not going anywhere.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! I see ur reblogging a lot of Peter maximoff and I was wondering if you'd think he could be autistic?? :DD

Short answer: yeah man he’s so fucking autistic

Long answer: hell fucking YEAH man he’s SO fucking autistic my pal like HOLY SHIT.
- Auditory stimming
- concept of time is ?????
- Speech issues!!!!!!
- Has SI’s in music and arcade games
- That one scene from Apocalypse
“Yeah that changed my life. Except it didn’t actually I’m just a loser lmao.”
- Okay, you COULD express emotions here, bud……………. You could Tell Him………
“Uhhhhhh I’m here for my family too.”
Yeah that’s good enough.

Listen tho, my biggest headcanon for Pietro/Peter is that he has MAJOR ISSUES with his blood sugars. It’s got nothing to do with him being autistic at all but like, as a diabetic I wanna see some #RelatableContent with my guy Pietro carrying around a test kit and a juice box everywhere he goes.