graphic: xm

Here I have finally finished another of the XM races.

I had been wanting to name them the Garuda, or some form like that for a bit, but then a friend pointed out how much that sounds like Gerudo, and with both being an all female race, (although not the same kind of culture) I’m once again without a name for these.

They are very similar to harpies mixed with a succubus. Requiring males to survive and propagate their race. They are masterful singers and can weave minor magics into their song.

I have yet to decide if they view human flesh as food or not, or just their energy. As with a bunch of other details, that will shift with time.

This particular member is based on a bearded vulture, standing with more formal clothing and without her beak mask.

I am looking forward to when I get time to work on an image of the “lorekeepers” The jellifish like fairies linked to above. That will be fun!


A continuation of this:

 Naya I’ve depicted as a Summoner. I chose this class for her, since she is magically adept, but she is also in charge of bearing the staff, and with it a coin that will change the water into the forms of the spirits it inherits. I went for an appearance mixed from FFT and Bravely default’s summoners.

 Chowli is a blackmage. He is donned as a black-mage in the general style of FF9, as they had a lot of variety to their black-mages, but all of them had this cute clunkiness to them. At first I wanted to make him a time-mage, but I felt that it was way too obscure, and in ff9 the black-mages were able to use time magic. Also his crossbow is designed to look like the hand from a clock from above.

 Kestryl was definitely a lot of fun as a Dragoon/Lancer. I feel it fits her personality a lot, and I think I really enjoy the idea of her using a spear. I had to look at a lot of different references of the class, as like the knight, there are not a lot of visually distinct designs I liked a lot. So it’s mainly based on the un-used concepts from ff9, and a little ff11/14(?) in there. With a spear from KH.

-A little tidbit of info, more for me to remember, Kestryl doesn’t have a last name because she is a Banshee, where normally the Taleans are named based on their clan, a Banshee becomes it’s own new clan.

Only 3 more to go, and man those 3 will be the most difficult to do.

If you have suggestions on classes for the other 3 characters from my banner. Ceejeh, Tank, and Paido. Feel free to shoot them my way, here or in an ask. <3

Back when I did the face-shot of Dha Taleanis, I did one of Relic here as well.

I wanted to show her shattering as XM has a pretty big reoccurring theme of crystals, mixed with some minor state of mind.

Yes I did reuse the Ilumaran city/castle in the background there. I am still working out how it looks present day, as was a giant spherical crystal/seed/root/flower/tree thing in the past, and the flower/tree has long perished, leaving the dead crystal/root behind.