graphic: tvd

Se per baciarti dovessi andare all’inferno, lo farei. 
Così potrò poi vantarmi con i diavoli di aver visto il paradiso senza mai entrarci.

-W. Shakespeare


“I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything. That in death, you’re the one that made me feel most alive.”

The Vampire Diaires


Klaus: “Let’s talk, we can’t act like this to each other forever”
You: “if you don’t stop being so damn annoying & protective about everything, i can be in a fight with you forever, no problem”
Klaus: *sighs* “come on you’re being childish“
You: “if your gonna treat me like a child i’m gonna act like a child, fine”
Klaus: *raising his hand* ”stop giving me this attitude”
You: “if you can stop treating me like a child and if you stop being so overprotective, maybe i’ll change my attitude, until then i have no reason to talk to you” *you stand up and walk away*
Klaus: *rolls his eyes* “(Y/N) come on”


Elijah: No! Invite us in, you have to invite us in!
Y/N: I…
Kol: Come on!
Y/N: Invite…
Klaus: Now!
Y/N: You in…

As soon as the words had been spoken, Elijah hurried towards you, giving you his blood to heal your deadly wounds, while Klaus and Kol went straight to the attacker and killed him. Your three unusual knights in shining armours had saved your life once again.