graphic: tsubasa reservoir chronicle

I’m very happy to finally share with you Soel and Larg: The Adventures of Mokona Minuta, a new English translation of CLAMP’s picture book Soeru to Rāgu: Mokona=Modoki no bōken!

This is a story centered on a year in the life of two rabbit-shaped kids named Soel and Larg, also known as Mokona, who go out into the world and learn many new things. They live with their creators, Clow the magician and Yuuko the witch, and meet all different kinds of people, including a disgruntled birdman named Yue, a doglike lion named Kerberos, and a cat-shaped alien named Nyantoro Panyang Banthi.

CLAMP published the original Soel and Larg in 2004 as a prequel to their popular works TSUBASA RESERVoiR CHRoNiCLE and xxxHOLiC, with many references to their critically-acclaimed children’s series Cardcaptor Sakura. It is a genuinely heartfelt little book that offers a loving perspective on family, adventure, and the passing of the seasons.

The translation is in Twine format, which means it is fully interactive! For the best reading experience, please enable fullscreen mode on your browser.

Special thanks go to @juchanx3 for providing the illustrations, as well as to @cardcaptorcoconut and the rest of the CCS Discord gang for giving translation advice and comments.

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This is an extremely high-yield infographic of the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle story that was obtained from TVTropes. It explains the intertwined plots of the  omniverse, which comprises of Cardcaptor Sakura, Magical Knights Rayearth, xxxHolic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

“For the sake of your sanity, do not, we repeat, DO NOT try to understand the story.” - TVTropes

It’s been a long time since I last drew KuroFai fanart. This was for an art trade with a dear friend 💕