graphic: truth or dare

  • Pansy: Draco, truth or dare?
  • Draco: Dare
  • Pansy: Make out with the hottest person in the room
  • Draco: *smirks*
  • Ron: Oh God no why! I don't want to watch Malfoy and Harry kissing again, we already have to see that all the time! Why would you do this, you horrible woman?!
  • Draco: *saunters over to Harry's chair and straddles him*
  • Draco: *starts passionately making out with his own hand because who are you kidding of course Draco is the hottest and he knows it*

Trên đời này, chuyện sai lầm mà một người không nên mắc phải nhất chính là tự cho rằng bản thân rất quan trọng với một ai đó.
Vì sao ư? Đến khi bị bỏ rơi, bạn tức khắc hiểu ngay được thôi.

“Truth or dare?”


”Order me a pizza.”

“Are you serious, Malfoy?"”

"What? Is that against the rules or something? Granger?”

“Well, no, it’s not technically against the rules but -”

“There you go. Potter, you owe me a pizza.”

“Who is going to deliver to Hogwarts…in the middle of the night?”

“Not my problem, Potter. You’re the one who picked dare.”

“I didn’t think you were going to ask for something so silly.”

“Then what did you pick dare for? What did you have in mind?”

“Um…nothing. Just not…that. You know what, I’ll get you the pizza. Just give me a couple of hours.”

“I want to change my dare.”

“What? Can he do that? Hermione?”

“I don’t think - ”

“I don’t want a pizza anymore.”

“Then what the hell do you want, Malfoy?”

“I dare you to come over here and kiss me.”


“That’s what you had in mind isn’t it?”

“No…that’s not…I mean…”

“I. Dare. You. To. Kiss. Me. If you don’t, that’s a forfeit and I win.”

“You can’t win at truth or dare. Hermione?”

“Not really. But I think this game is over now so I’m -”

“It’s not over. Potter, I believe I dared you to kiss me.”

“You dared me to order you a pizza first.”

“And I’m still waiting on both counts.”


“Fine, you’ll kiss me?”

“Yes. And then I dare you to order me a pizza.”

“Where am I going to get a pizza in the middle of the night?”

“Not my problem, Malfoy.”

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I had this little one shot pop into my head on the way home from the grocery store today:

Paring(s): Klance, brief Shallura mention 

Rating: T for kissing and some mild swearing? 

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare was Coran’s idea. He thought it would make a good team building exercise. Mostly everyone had picked truth so far and nothing revealed was particularly shocking. Hunk had to feed Shiro soup while wearing Pidge’s glasses. That was amusing.

Pidge was bored. She predicted nearly every secret and action in the game so far and was hoping someone would shake things up soon.

“Lance, it’s your turn. Truth or Dare?” She asked.

“Pidge, since I am an open book, I’ll pick dare!” Lance winked at Pidge and smirked a ready for anything smirk at Allura.

“Ugh.” Pidge and Allura groaned in unison.

“Hmm…” Pidge paused to think a moment, “I dare you to, to kiss…”

Lance grinned wider.

“..on the mouth…”

Lance gave Allura an eyebrow wiggle.


“What?” Keith looked up from his fingernails, a red rising to his cheeks.

“What?” Lance protested, “No way, uh uh, I’m not kissing Keith.”

Keith shoulders dropped in relief.

“Why not, Lance?” Hunk chuckled. “Is it because he is a boy? I never would have pegged you for a homophobe.”

“I am not a homophobe! I’ll kiss you, Hunk. Right here, right now. I’ll kiss Shiro. Heck, I’ll even kiss Coran.”

“Gee, thanks,” Coran grumbled.

“It’s no skin off my back,” Keith replied defensively, “I wouldn’t want to kiss you either.”

“Why won’t you kiss Keith, Lance?” Allura asked, “It’s just a kiss.”

Lance flushed.

“I wouldn’t want to kiss Keith, because I kiss so well, he’d probably fall in love with me and then things would be awkward.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” Keith crossed his arms and huffed.

Lance stepped towards Keith, “Oh, it will be! Pucker up, Keith. I am about to blow your damn mind with these lips.”

“Yeah, I’ll blow your mind with my lips.”

“Yeah!” Lance postured.

“Yeah!” Keith postured back.

“I didn’t realize human kisses involved blowing, did you, Allura? I thought it was more of a pressing motion like our kisses.” Coran turned to ask the princess.

Allura looked at Shiro and flushed before lying, “How would I know?”

Everyone stopped to watch Keith and Lance.

They looked like two roosters dancing, their heads bobbing in and out as they would lean in, then pull away before any lip contact was made. Their arms fluttered at their side, as they did know where to put their hands. 

“Bwack, bwack, bwack,” Hunk clucked.

“I’m not chicken,” Keith growled and stood up tall.

“You’re the one pulling away!” Lance accused.

“You’re the one pulling away! Keith countered.

Lance rolled his shoulders, “On the count of 3. One, two, th-”

Keith’s lips landed hard on his mouth before he could finish three and it accidentally made him slip Keith the tongue. Lance could feel his hair catch on the snap of Keith’s motorcycle glove as Keith’s fingers tangled in his hair. Lance’s breath caught in his throat.

Oh shit, Keith was winning.

Lance grabbed Keith by the shirt and changed the angle of the kiss, brushing his bottom lip in a way that caused Keith’s heart to pound and his ears redden.

Now, the game would become a game of who would pull away first.

Hunk, who had been plotting ways to get them together for weeks now, gave Pidge an elbow jab, “Pidge, you evil genius.”

Pidge made a gagging motion, “I have regrets.”

Shiro coughed, “I think that is enough you two,” allowing them to part, both victors.

“And maybe enough of this game,” Shiro continued, “Let’s get some rest. You never know when we will have to go to battle against the Galra.”

The gang went their separate ways.

Lance and Keith walked in silence back to their rooms, looking everywhere but at each other. When they reached Keith’s door, they both stopped and stared at it for an awkward amount of time.

“So,” Lance attempted conversation but didn’t know what to say.

“So,” Keith repeated.

“I have to admit, you’re not a bad kisser, Keith,” Lance relented.

“You’re not too bad yourself, Lance,” Keith replied rather formally. 

“It was weird, everyone watching though.”

“It was.”

“I can’t help but wonder what…” Lance hesitated and decided not to finish his sentence. 

Kieth smirked and finished it for him, “I kiss like when no one is watching?” 

“Yeah, kinda,” Lance replied.

Keith grabbed him the lapel of his jacket and pulled Lance inside his room, leaving door shut behind them.

  • Person: Okay, Truth or Dare?
  • Me: Truth ha ha
  • Person: *Question that will ruin my existence and reputation*
  • Me: *Has an answer*
  • Me: I don't know

anonymous asked:

do you have any truth or dare fic??????? btw i really love your blog

lol sure

Bottle Episode by themoistplinth (1/1 | 13,014 | Mature)

Everyone is sick of Keith and Lance’s constant bickering yet they still insist that they’re friends. The gang bet that Keith and Lance couldn’t spend three days locked in a room together without hurting each other, and they’re not entirely wrong

“That’s…a lot” by 2towels (1/1 | 2,285 | General)

“Who’s your best friend on the ship?” Pidge asked, and Lance groaned off to the side, flopping backwards in his dramatics towards the boring question and only stopping to allow Pidge to tack on, “Shiro not included. He’s the obvious answer.”
“Uh, Lance probably.” And the world seemed to still.


Seven Minutes by LanceMcLame (1/1 | 2,220 | Teen And Up)

Pidge never should have mentioned sleepovers to Allura.

That was the only thought in Lance’s mind right now, as he tried to make himself comfortable on the awkward nest of blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. This was all Pidge’s fault. They’d offhandedly mentioned something about having a sleepover party once with their friends, and Allura had immediately picked up on the idea, insisting that it’d be “an excellent team-building opportunity”. And that was how the five Paladins of Voltron and the two Alteans had ended up building a sort of fort in the bridge of the Castle of Lions, and playing the most heinous game known to mankind.

Truth or Dare.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you have some truth or dare prompts?

I can make some! :D

1. “I picked Dare specifically so that you couldn’t ask me about my crush, but now you dared me to kiss the person I have a crush on, and I’m debating whether or not I should give in and kiss you.”

2. “You let out a major secret during Truth or Dare, and now, everyone is teasing you. I’m the older sibling of the host, who found you crying in the kitchen. Want to talk about it?”

3. “You picked Truth, and someone asked you who you had a crush on. I passed out before I could hear your answer, and now, i not only don’t know, I’m also mortified.”

4. “You and I always give each other the craziest dares, but this time, you picked Truth, and I have no idea what to ask you.”

5. “Someone dared me to kiss you, and just to spite them, I kissed you on the cheek. Only now, you’re teasing me, saying I’m too scared to give you a real kiss. Well, I’ll show you.”

6. “I dared you to do something really dangerous, because I thought I could make you back down and pick Truth for once, but now you’re actually going to DO it, and I’m terrified. Please don’t!”

7. “You dared me, typically the quiet, composed one, to do something totally crazy. I did it just to spite you, but now you’re looking at me like I’m something incredible, and I really don’t want you to stop.”

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For the chat thing: Draco to Harry (yes I'm obsessed by Drarry too): "Would you rather adopt a kid or a puppy?"

Thank you for the line and all the LOVE you’ve been sending my way <3
Right back at ya! ;)

*8th year common room*

Draco: Potter! Truth or Dare?

Harry: *sighs* Dare.

Draco: Would you rather adopt a kid or a puppy?

Harry: Malfoy, I said Dare.

Draco: Alright, let me rephrase that. Potter, I dare you to adopt a kid and a puppy with me.


Harry: *blushing* Okay. But can I do my Transfiguration homework first? It’s due tomorrow.

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CYOSTODA-Dean Picks Truth

Our fearless leader, @littlegreenplasticsoldier started us off with Part 1 here

@gemini75eeyore followed with part 2 here

@deandoesthingstome came next with part 3 here

@klaineaholic part 4 is here

Characters: Sam, Dean, Leah, Y/N

Setting: Another no-tell motel, Crappsville, USA

Dean doesn’t respond at first so you say his name, louder this time. “Dean!”

“Huh?” He mumbles, looking dazed.

You look over at him, and you realize Dean Winchester is looking at you like he’s seeing you for the very first time.

You know how he feels. You have crossed some invisible line with the boys tonight, and there is no going back.

“Truth or Dare, Dean.” You whisper, still feeling his hand on your ass, and you bite back the moan that threatens to spill out.

You look over at Sam and he smirks at you, his knowing eyes hot and teasing. “Yeah Dean. Truth or Dare?”

Dean stalls, indecisive. Truth has always served him well, but the dares have been pretty hot so far. Dare. He’d choose dare. But Y/N was sneaky.

The horrific vision of him running around the room naked clucking like a chicken suddenly popped into his head. “Truth, I choose truth.” He blurts out before he can change his mind.

“Truth, huh?” Y/N says, and Dean knows by her tone he’s in trouble.

You turn and wink at Leah. Then pausing a moment to think, you lean forward, lick your lips and say to Dean, “so what’s your favorite thing when it comes to oral sex?”

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Hi, I was wondering if you could find any namjin, vkook, or yoonmin fics where they play truth or dare? Preferably with smut but It's fine if there isn't any,Thanks ❤️

I have only a couple! sorrrry

Truth or Dare by TwentyThreeThirteen [TaeKook, rated T, 1.9k]

Truth or Dare by fratboyyoongi [YoonMin, rated G, 2.2k]

when truth serums work better than love potions by smoljean [NamJin, rated G, 3.2k]

and i want you (do you want me too?) by wowoashley [TaeKook, rated E, 6.9k]

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