graphic: tomb raider

Sorry to say this but this pathetic attempt at wiping away Lara Croft’s femininity is exactly… pathetic.

People would endlessly moan about the so called “sexism” of having a feminine and sexy Lara, but then making her wear idiotic clothes that make her look like a boy in order not to show any body parts like it’s some kind of crime against humanity is way more sexist AND pathetic. Wait, did I already say that?

This is like implying that a woman can’t wear revealing outfits otherwise she can’t be taken seriously. (not that classic Lara’s outfits in the first Tomb Raider games were disgusting, they were ok and really feminine and classy. What’s wrong with shorts and tops?) Guess who’s sexist here?

These new Alicia pics wearing that horrendous hoodie like she just picked up the first thing she found in her wardrobe and put it on randomly are incredibly out of character and useless pandering to the same SJW and feminist agendas. There, I said it.