graphic: supernatural


Summary: You went behind the boys’ backs in order to help them on a hunt, but you never thought that the backlash would be that bad.  
Pairing: SamxReader
Words: 1356
Warning: Language. Angst.
AN: This kinda hurt to write, but I also really enjoyed it. I wanna thank @skybinx-blog, cos it was a prompt sent in by her that inspired this one! It was originally one of my drabbles, but it seriously got away from me. But I can’t say I’m complaining. Especially since it’s Angst Day!!!  :p
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


It was a little scary how angry Sam was at you, considering you’d only ever seen this kind of anger from him directed at the bad guy. You’d always found it heart-warming, how passionate he got when it came to defending civilians, but this… if you didn’t know him as well as you did, it’d be terrifying.

You were sat at the head of the bed in your pyjama shorts a shirt, knees pulled up to your chest as you watched him pace up and down the foot of the bed. He’d been silent for almost five minutes, and you were starting to get worried.


“Don’t,” he snapped, not even looking up at you as he shook his head, “you don’t get to talk, Y/N.”

Making a small, huffing sound, you shifted slightly where you sat. “I think I have a right to defend myself,” you muttered, a bitter edge to your voice.

“Really? You think that?” he said, pausing in his pacing to stare down at you with nothing but rage in his eyes, you could practically feel it rolling off of his body in waves. “Cos from where I’m standing, Y/N, you just stabbed us in the back!”

“No, Sam! I was helping you and Dean out, we needed the help.”

“You went behind our backs and went to Crowley, Y/N. Freaking Crowley! Now, Dean’s got a broken leg and the goddamn Colt is missing. What the hell gave you the right to use that as a bartering chip?” He was going red in the face now, and you could feel true panic starting to rise in your chest, your heart pounding against the inside of your ribs as if it were trying to break free.

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Dark Nights (Part 1)

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Summary: The reader meets a strange Alpha, Dean Winchester, one terrible night that leads them down a path neither ever intended to set foot on…

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, attempted assault, violence

A/N: Hope you enjoy the first of many parts!…

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Imagine Introducing Dean to Your Parents

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Author’s Note: I’m thinking of doing this also for Sam and Cas, what do you all think? - Haley xx 

“Baby,” you giggled, reaching across the table and grabbing Dean’s hands. “It’s going to be fine. You don’t need to be nervous.”

“Try telling that to my brain,” Dean muttered. 

“Seriously, Dean, my folks already love you and they haven’t even met you yet." 

"What have you been telling them?” Dean asked, squeezing your hands. 

“That you smell nice and fix my car when needed,” You smiled and Dean shook his head. “Seriously, that’s a bonus because now my dad doesn’t have too." 

You heard your name being called and looked up and over Dean’s shoulder. Your parents were waving you down as they crossed the small restaurant to the table you and Dean were currently sitting at. When they got closer, you stood up, with Dean following you, and hugged your parents. 

"Sorry we’re late,” your mom said, pulling away from the hug. 

“That’s fine,” you said, standing beside your boyfriend and interlocking fingers with him. “Mom, Dad, this is Dean. Dean Winchester." 

"Well, Y/N, he’s more handsome than you said,” your mom commented, pulling Dean into a hug. When they pulled apart, the tops of Dean’s ears were red. 

You knew your dad would be another story, he never liked any of the guys you brought home and introduced to him and your mom. Your dad held out his hand and Dean clasped it with his. “It’s nice to finally meet you, sir,” Dean said.

“Same here, son.”

You held out the breath you had been holding and led everyone back to the table. During lunch, Dean excused himself to the bathroom, leaving you with your parents.

“I like him,” your dad commented, making you grin.

Dean held your hand tight as you said goodbye to your parents.

When you two climbed inside the Impala, Dean rested his head against the steering wheel. “That was the most nervous I had ever been,” Dean mumbled.

“My parents adore you,” you whispered, running a hand over his shoulders. 

“Really?” Dean asked, sitting up in his seat.

“Really, baby, just like I told you they would,” you said, scooting closer to him and kissing him.