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Father Figure // Jensen

Prompt #20: “Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone”
Prompt #29: “You know, thongs aren’t so uncomfortable after all”

Author: Caitsy

Warning: Swearing, fluff

Disclaimer:I do not own Supernatural. I do not own any gifs, images, or songs that may show up in this.

Summary: You’ve never had a good father figure in your life until you scored the role of Dean Winchester’s daughter on the hit show Supernatural. He was over-protective but what happens when you get a little wasted with your friends?

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A/N: I found it rather amusing to write this because Jensen fits the caring father role for someone that isn’t his biological daughter. I hope you enjoy!

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You were lucky to have the next couple of days off to relax from filming. You had invited your friends from the Vancouver area to your trailer for drinks. No one on set knew about this because majority of the cast and set members were American so they still believed that the legal age is twenty-one. Understandable given how they didn’t think about the age now due to the large gap of ages.

“Kid, get some sleep.” Jensen said pulling you into a side hug, “We want to take you out for breakfast tomorrow.”

“Sure!” You grinned feeling Jensen pressed a kiss into your hair. You played his on-screen daughter on the show.

“Bright and early.” Jared grinned as you collected what you had brought, “We’re staying in our trailers tonight so we can leave quick.”

“Okay!” You smiled before striding to your trailer that was on the far end of the lot.

Jensen and you had gotten very close since you joined the cast four years ago when you were still sixteen. You had wanted to get away from your large and intrusive family, they had wanted to since your father went to jail for countless charges of indecent exposure to young children. Slowly Jensen became the father figure you had always lacked.

“The gang is bringing the alcohol, I have snack in the trailer and everything it cleaned up inside.” You muttered to yourself while biting your lip.

You had planned to get together with your friends and had asked for visitor passes for them to hang for awhile. The set people had thought it would only females but you hadn’t corrected them because majority would be female.

“You’re a lucky kid.” Misha chuckled as you strolled past him, “I may join you for breakfast tomorrow. Have a good sleep.”

“Thanks!” You grinned as you entered your nice size trailer.

You quickly showered before climbing into a nice pair of shorts and a t-shirt while braiding your hair to get the wetness out of you face. You had just put the board games out when your trailer door opened. In came your friends Alice, Lexi, and Rachel followed by your male friends Larson, Astral, Liam and Luke.

“Got the drinks?” You asked as they all laughed before falling into the seats. Larson chuckled as he nodded before he stretched out his legs.

“You know it.”

“What should we start out with? Poker? Board game?” Rachel asked going through the games on the table.

“We did strip poker last time and I’m not prepared to bare myself again.” Alice laughed pointedly staring at her legs, “Forgot to buy more razor cartilages.

“You guys want to be Never Have I Ever or Truth or Dare?” Astral asked.

“Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.” You laughed at the eyebrow wiggling Liam was doing at the group.

Cracking open a couple cans of your preference of alcohol you sat in a circle following the rules for the childlike game. The rule was that you would have to chug a beer if you opted out of doing a dare as told by Lexi.

“Alice…truth or dare?” Astral smirked.

“Truth.” Alice grinned.

“Have you ever wanted to hook up with a female in the room?”

“Honestly? When I first met Y/N but then I got to know her.” Alice shrugged as she popped an M &M into her mouth. You laughed pushing her in the side, “What! Your hot and I’m into girls!”

“Nice to know you wanted to jump my bones.” You cried as you drank more of your beer.

“Astral…truth or dare?”


“Makeout with Rachel.”

“What are you twelve?” Astral let out a deep chuckle before he pulled Rachel into a deep kiss that turned heated very soon.

“Okay! Moving on!” You exclaimed.

You were an hour into the game and a lot of you were majorly tipsy already that you were getting more and more daring. You weren’t backing down from any question or dare but you seriously were enjoying the alcohol that you weren’t served at cast parties as Jensen didn’t want you drinking.

“Y/N…I dare you to wear a thong for the next twenty-four hours…starting now.” Lexi hiccuped.

“I don’t have any.” You frowned. You hated thongs with a passion but drunk you didn’t give a shit.

“I just got some yesterday!” Rachel squealed, “Here.”

Rachel swiftly pulled out a package of the them making you curious as to why she was carrying thongs around with her. You burped as you stumbled into the corner where you discarded the panties you were wearing and pulled the thong on. You could feel the heated gaze of Larson staring at you more than the others.

“Okay.” You giggled as you nearly fell over as you sat down.

You moved on from Truth or Dare into board games that had you all laughing your asses off but what really go the party going was when you were having a heavy make-out session with Larson on your bed. It wasn’t something that was new, you and Larson flirted but never passed the line.

“Y/N?” A knock on your tailer door didn’t pull you apart nor did you hear it over the music. You did however feel from when Larson was roughly pulled away from you.

“What the hell?” Larson exclaimed before backing off at the height of Jared and the pissed Jensen, “Invite only.”

“Get the fuck out of this trailer. NOW!” Jensen roared watching as everyone got their stuff and ran out of the trailer. You winced feeling the pain in your head before you saw Jared give you an advil and water.

“Do you know what time it is?” Jared said as he crossed his arms at you.

“It’s SEVEN IN THE MORNING!” Jensen roared, “Have you been drinking all night?”

“Maybe.” You grunted.

“You’re not legal.” Jensen huffed.

“I’m nineteen. I’m legal in Canada.” You groaned before Jensen huffed as you were still tipsy.

“Well your not in my eyes!”

“Jensen I was having fun!”

“Having fun drinking the night away and having sex with a stranger?” Jensen retorted, “Do you know how easily it is to forget a major detail of protection when you’re wasted?”

“Dude. I didn’t have sex.”

“Y/N you’re like a daughter to me. I don’t want to see you ruining your life like this. It’s one thing to have a drink or two but getting wasted isn’t acceptable especially when people are still working on set.”

“I’m sorry.” You pouted feeling yourself sober up, “I’m so-orry Dad.”

Jensen was stunned at what you called him before you passed out in his arms with no shirt on. He swiftly yanked the shirt you had stolen from him over you and placed you into your bed still thinking of what he was called. Jared and him quickly cleaned everything up before opening a window to air out the stench of alcohol.

“Wow.” Jared whispered, “She called you-“

“I know.” Jensen said awed. He really did see you as a daughter and could careless if you called him anything but he knew you saw him as a father.

You know, thongs aren’t so uncomfortable after all.” You mumbled in your sleep. Jared and Jensen scrunched their noses up before they fought for the door.

“That’s my cue to leave.” Jensen said he left his non biological daughter sleeping her way back to being sober.

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Imagine “Supernatural” ends with Dean, Cas and Sam all looking down at the world and Dean clasping their shoulders and he’s like
“I’m proud of us” before the screen goes black.
Then “Carry on my wayward son” starts playing as the logos of Supernatural flash across the screen, every single one since season one
and then finally it ends with
“The Road”
Because that’s it. That was the road.
They’re done.

Fic Rec:

Hey! So a while back I promised a list of what I’ve been reading, but I only just got the chance to sit down and read a few one-shots. Therefore, this list isn’t long (at all), but hopefully I’ll keep adding to it as I read on! Enjoy :) 

Tic Tac Toe - Sam x Reader, by @percywinchester27

        I really never read any AU’s, but for some reason I got completely       HOOKED on this series. Like, it’s gotta be the best one I’ve ever read. Please give it a read – it took me on a roller coaster of emotions. Through the wonderful descriptions, I literally felt like I was there. Thank you for writing this! It’s going to stay my favorite for a long, long time. 

Two Beds - Dean x Reader, by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious

        This one is also a series! As you all know, I’m a SUCKER for sharing-the-bed one-shots, no matter how cheesy that sounds. So when I found not only that, but as a Dean x Reader? I nearly shit myself because the writing was amazing and the storyline had me reading on and on. 

Swimming Lessons - Dean x Reader, by @kaz2y5-imagines

        I’m checking her page constantly, guys she’s an amazing writer, check her out! While this is an older one-shot of hers, I kinda go back and re-read it sometimes just because well, 1) it’s Dean, 2) the writing is amazing, 3) I love the tenderness and innocence of how the story unfolds. Absolutely love, love, love! 

Mistaken Identity - Dean x Reader, by @ravengirl94

       At this point you’re probably noticing a Dean theme (I love him), but I promise I’ll post some more Sam/Cas when I get a chance to read some! This one-shot had me intrigued because the reader is set up on a blind date… but not with Dean. So we watch them both stumble through what isn’t supposed to be happening in such a witty, graceful manner. 

don’t question it

don’t question the redness you sometimes find a hint of in my eyes, or the bags underneath them

don’t question the large smile that consumes my face as I look down at my phone

don’t question the wondering, lost expression I have as I stare out the car window

don’t question why I ask you to skip that song

don’t question why I ask you to not skip that song, for heaven’s sake

don’t question the faint glow of a cell phone seeping through the cracks of my door as you pass at 4 o’clock in the morning

don’t question it because you won’t like the answer. You won’t understand. You don’t want to understand

you don’t understand that when I come home at the end of the day, with no energy left to keep myself going, no strength to see any positivity in my small, unimportant life, this thing, this beautiful thing is all I have to lift me up

you don’t understand the feelings it is able to give me. The good ones. The ones that take my hand and lift me out of bed in the morning. That allow me to brush past the darkness and see this world’s precious moments. That give me something to look forward to, to hope for

you don’t understand the feelings it takes away from me. The horrible ones. The ones that stalk in my own shadow, keeping me from looking up. That change the image in the mirror. That haunt my dreams. That steal my worth

you don’t understand that just because something may not be important to you, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the power to shake my whole universe

you don’t understand how something like this can play such a large role in someone’s life

you don’t understand the positive impact it has had on mine 

you don’t understand that this wasn’t a choice. It was this or emptiness

you don’t understand

so please

don’t question it