graphic: snapexlily

The one where Lily completely misreads the situation. (again)

It’s almost midnight, and they’re sitting against a tree by the lake when the conversation first crops up. Lily’s discarded her astrology homework in favour of just watching the stars aimlessly, a procedure Sev thinks is stupid, but he doesn’t mind, because at least he’s spending time with her, kind of like a date.
“Do you think Remus has a crush on me?”
Severus sits up straighter, contemplating how to answer his friend. He feels what might be another bit of his teenage heart breaking, but he’s used to it by now. He’s in this for the long game. “Um, no?” He almost questions, it never even crossed his mind that Remus was the one she was pining after. “Why do you think that?”
Lily shrugs, or as much as she can, given she’s now lying down.
“I figure we’ve know each other a long time - since we met on the train in first year - and I just thought…he doesn’t really look at other girls much…you know?”
Severus sighs. “Yeah. I know.”
“I thought it would be quite romantic, you know, the friends-to-lovers thing. He’s just so reserved and sweet, Sev. Do you think I should say something?”

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I was talking about Harry Potter to one of my friends who has only watched the movies a long time ago, so I was explaining how Snape loved Lily. She interrupts me to ask who Lily was. I told her that it was Harry’s mother.
She then looks at me really weirdly before exclaiming, “VOLDEMORT WAS IN LOVE WITH HARRY’S MOM?!?!?!?!?”