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flips - boyfriend!tom

As part of the new Spider-man film’s promotion, Marvel wanted to shoot a video of Tom teaching other cast members some simple gymnastics tricks at a gym near where the two of you lived. You figured everyone would be thoroughly embarrassing themselves, so you decided to tag along and watch. Tom wanted to get there early, though, so he could practice some of the old moves he hadn’t done in a while.

“Damn,” you said, watching him flip around on the bouncy floor, just the two of you in the big space. “I wish I could do that.”

“Let me show you some stuff!” Tom exclaimed, suddenly his excitement level skyrocketing.

You chuckled at his wide eyes. “Nah, I don’t wanna hurt myself.”

“I won’t let you hurt yourself, promise.” He gave you his puppy eyes for a second, but you still looked unconvinced. “C’mon,” he pleaded, “you can be my test dummy for my teaching skills.”

You sighed. “Okay, fine.”

You walked across the bouncy floor to the other side of the gym, to the giant foam pit for practicing new tricks.

“Can you do a front flip?”

“Who do you think I am?”

Tom laughed. “Okay, we’ll start with a front tuck then.” Tom demonstrated a few times, getting a bit of height on the trampoline before tucking his chin, rolling his body forward in the air, and landing gracefully feet-first in the giant pile of foam cubes.

“Think you’ve got it?”

“I mean, I guess. Should I just…go?”

“Yes. Go.”

You bent your knees and jumped on the trampoline a few times, gaining height. You sprung yourself forward, but hesitated too long about the flip part, letting out a brief “Ahh!” as you basically just twisted a bit sideways and landed in the foam.

“That was about the lamest attempt at a flip I’ve ever seen, I think.”

“Okayokayokay, I’m doing it, I’m doing it.” You climbed back up onto the trampoline.

You started jumping again. “Don’t hesitate,” called Tom from your side.

“Okaaaay…here I go….”

Unfortunately, you were a bit too eager this time. You flung your upper body forward and around, overturning by a half.

“Yes!” Tom cheered, clapping his hands together and laughing hysterically. You righted yourself, frowning, your hair all out of sorts since you’d landed face-first in the foam pit.

“My lip is bleeding, you ass,” you accused, barely able to keep a smile off your face - his laugh was too contagious. “‘Oh, no, I won’t let you hurt yourself,’” you quoted, mimicking him in a bad, overdramatic British accent.

Tom bit his lip to try to stop himself from laughing. “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure,” you teased as he took your hand and helped pull you up out of the pit. You sighed. “I don’t think I’m cut out for the gymnast life.”

“It was a valiant effort.”

You rolled your eyes and smiled at him. He lifted his hand and rested his fingers on the side of your neck along your jawbone, using his thumb to gently pull down your bottom lip to see the small bleeding cut. “Sorry,” he said softly, an amused smile still ghosting his lips.

You bit down on his his thumb. “It’s okay,” you smile.

He dropped his hand just as the door opened to the group and crew. “Oh, hey guys,” called Jacob, the first one in the gym. “Practicing?”

“Yeah,” you responded. “He injured his first student, so watch out.”

Hope you like this drabble, big thanks to whoever requested it!! Sort of inspired by the video Harry made of Tom teaching Jacob and Harrison some ballet in South Korea.

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Snape and Lily arguing about Potions, with Slughorn grinning to himself and twirling his mustache in the background. Or maybe Snape stopping and relishing the clean air in a Hogwarts cloister, holding a cup of tea.

So maybe it’s not exactly what you’ve meant, but here you go.
I have a very mixed feelings towards Lily, but I find her and Sev as kids very adorable.
(Also now I know I can’t draw kids 😄)

Selfie requested by @creatingnikki for the ask game thingy. I harbor no illusions that this is at all flattering. I thought about putting on makeup or doing a cutesy/silly Snapchat pic. There’s nothing wrong with those things, that’s what I usually do for pics. But then I decided to be more real. This is what I typically look like. No makeup, no filters…just me, flaws and all…and I’m learning to be more okay with that.

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Being Morgana's boyfriend/girlfriend would include

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Dating Morgana Pendragon Would Include

  • Going to banquets/feasts and council meetings together
  • Sitting next to her at the head table
  • She will fight anyone who gives you or her trouble
  • Going horseback riding
  • Picnics
  • Sword fighting
  • Helping her with her nightmares
  • Sleeping together and sleeping together
  • Morgana is a total softie sometimes
  • Sneaking around in the early stages of your relationship
  • Gwen finds out about it first
  • Morgana makes your birthday such a big deal and you make hers a big deal too
  • Holidays are amazing with her
  • Hanging out in the royal library together (cause I’m making that a thing)
  • Being friends with Gwen and Merlin
  • Arthur teasing the two of you
  • Everyone loves the two of you together (they courtSHIP it)
  • Walks in the garden outside of the palace
  • Uther doesn’t admit it at first, but he sees you as another one of his children
  • When you guys eventually get married it’s a HUGE wedding