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hey I’m just here to say: don’t let the conversations around the protests distract you from the fact that the original and continuing reason for kneeling during the anthem was in direct protest of police brutality and white supremacy. it started when we had a black president. it has nothing to do with 45. all of these (mostly black) players may be protesting t*ump’s stupid ass tweets about what black men can and cannot do in terms of protests, but if y'all try to de-center this conversation away from police brutality and the treatment of black people in this country I’m coming to kick you in the knees. also the NFL still sucks, it’s still a business, and nearly all of the NFL owners can still eat my entire ass, but this really shouldn’t even be a conversation on if y'all don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about. it’s not about disrespecting flags or the military it’s literally about police brutality and it’s a peaceful and silent protest?? so eat my ass

me: i’m taking two ap classes and i want to like actually have time to sleep and take care of myself and stuff so i can’t run track this year! sorry about that

also me: *signs up for an after school coding class*