graphic: norman reedus

Kinneyweek - Day 7 - Favorite Friendship

Emily Kinney + Norman Reedus
I love Norman. He is extremely loyal and a great friend. he’s a beautiful artist; he’s always so wrapped up in whatever moment he is in. He’s so creative and such an inspiration to me.♥ I love working with Emily. Emily is a very honest actress. She’s a singer and songwriter and she writes from her heart. And that’s the way she acts. She believes what she says.


Emily Kinney Appreciation Week: Day 7 - Favorite Friendship

When we’re out on the porch there’s a turtle shell that’s right by our heads when we’re talking after this, and I took that and wrote a little - I stole it and I wrote a little note to Emily and gave it to her as a wrap present. I wrote on the turtle shell - I wrote like Emily plus - or Beth plus Daryl or something you know 2000 & whatever & episode… and you know, I gave her a little turtle love note. Yeah, you see that little turtle shell on the shelf right above my head? Yeah, I stole that and wrote a little note and gave it to her. (Norman Reedus)

There was one thing that Norman saved for me cause he knew that I liked it. There was this like kinda strange turtle shell and I had been like ‘oh that’s so cute’ and so at some point he took it - when I didn’t know - and then for wrap gifts at the end of this season he gave it to me and I said ‘oh my god, you saved it! You saved it from the fire!’, you know? So I still have it, I have it in my little apartment in Georgia. (Emily Kinney)

|Daryl Dixon imagine|

(Daryl’s POV)

 "Daryl can I talk to you for a minute please?“ Rick called up to me from mine and Y/N’s cell. I stood up and walked down the stairs and up to Rick. "What’s up?” I asked curious. “I’ve been thinking about Y/N’s new baby that’s coming and since we don’t know yet if the baby will be deaf; I think we all need to learn sign language especially you. It’ll be hard but we’ve all gotta try” Rick explained. I knew that Y/N’s family was deaf and she was lucky enough to have hearing but we don’t know whether or not our baby will be deaf. “I don’t care how ard’ it’ll be, I’ll do it for Y/N and our baby” I said confident. 

I walked back up to our cell and saw Y/N laying on the bed rubbing her 8 month stomach. “What did Rick want?” She asked. “Talking bout’ teaching the group ASL” I said becoming nervous now. Y/N sat up straining a little, “Come here then” She said motioning for me to sit down next to her. “I’ll teach you the basic stuff and then you can teach the group too”. 

Y/N started doing some basic hand gestures like ‘Hello’ 'Goodbye’ 'Yes’ 'No’. “Right now your turn babe” She smiled. I tried doing 'Hello’ but got it mixed up with 'Goodbye’. “Dammit” I sighed frustrated. “It’s okay, it does take a lot of practice. Try again” Y/N said encouragingly. Yet again I tried and failed. “Fuck sake! So damn 'ard, I can’t do this” I shouted a little too loud and stood up walking out. “Hey hey Daryl It’s okay, this is your first time of course you aren’t gonna get it straight away babe. Lets try again” I heard Y/N say but I carried on walking. 


I eventually decided to go back into the cell, I walked in to see Y/N sitting down with her head in her hands. 

“Baby?” I whispered. Y/N looked up and smiled weakly. “I’m sorry I walked out, I just want this to be perfect and I suck so bad at this sign language.” I confessed walking up to Y/N and kissing her. “Daryl it’s your first try, practice makes perfect babe. Just keep on practicing and we can all do it.” She said and kissed me back, “We should all have a group session on ASL, I’ll tell Rick” I said smiling. 

We all went down into the main part of the prison and formed a circle, Y/N sat down opposite me and began teaching all of us the basic signs again and this time I paid even more attention. By the end of the session I learnt a lot more than I thought. 

“Right now the las-” Y/N began before whimpering. “Babe what’s wron’?” I asked standing up and rushing to her, “Her waters broke, shes going into labor” Hershel informed us, I helped Y/N stand up whilst everyone got towels and water. “Daryl bring her to this cell and lay her on the bed” Hershel ordered me. I carried Y/N onto the bed and gently laid her down, she grabbed my hand and kept groaning. “Daryl stay with me” Y/N whispered whilst moaning uncontrollably. “Of course I will babe, stay strong” I whispered and kissed her forehead. 

“Daryl take off her jeans and underwear then cover her bottom part in towels” Hershel said whilst coming into the cell with a bucket of water. I nodded and did what he said. Rick, Carl, Carol and Glenn gathered round outside the cell looking in. Maggie came and helped Hershel out. 

“Y/N darling you need to start pushing. You can do it” Maggie whispered softly. “Come on baby” I said encouraging her. Y/N began pushing and screaming, her grip on my hand becoming tighter and tighter with each push she endured. “Your doing well Y/N a few more” Hershel said. Y/N pushed a few more times and stopped when she heard the sound of our baby loudly. We all released a sigh of relief. “It’s a girl” Hershel cheered along with Maggie. “What are you gonna call the baby Y/N?” Maggie asked. “I was thinking Esme” Y/N said looking up to me questionably. I nodded and smiled.  

Hershel laid down Esme on the bed and began clicking his fingers in the Esme’s ear to see if she would respond to any sound. She didn’t. “Esme is deaf” Hershel informed all of us. “That isn’t what matters now, we have our little girl and a new addition to this group” I said smiling as I picked up mine and Y/N’s baby. 


Y/N had fallen asleep with Esme cuddled up to her chest. I gently took Esme from Y/N’s arms and started to play with her. 

“Mr Daryl Dixon? Get off our baby” I heard Y/N laugh from behind me. “Ain’t this how I teach Esme sign language?” I chuckled and walked up to Y/N. “No definitely not babe, squishing Esme’s head is not sign language” She said laughing too. I leaned down and kissed Y/N. “It’s gonna be alrigh’ with our new baby” I whispered. “As long as we stick together babe of course it will be” Y/N said.