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What is your full name: Jesse Blum

What’s your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?  A picture of louis armstrong playing outside a pyramid What’s life like touring in a van?  Life touring in a van is crazy. Fucking Crazy. And also lots of fun If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet and why? I would have to say Louis Armstrong as he is an inspiration to me. Not just because he is a great trumpet player but because he was a fantastic musician and wonderful performer. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? I like my name i dont wanna change it. What’s the first CD you bought?  Green day: Dookie And finally: Tell us a secret  I LOVE ICE CREAM!!!!!!! Shhh dont tell anyone

twentysomethinggalpal  asked:

Klaine, pretending to be married/fake dating and/or accidental baby acquisition

  • fake dating

so kurt santana and rachel come to nyc after high school (as per season 4) only there was no glee club and they didn’t go to school with anyone else of nd club except finn [and idk how they became friends id have to think about this further]. while there, they meet blaine sam and tina who are a trio of their own and the six of them become their own little group plus a bunch of other ocs they meet through college. their group is 100% certain kurt and blaine are perf for each other/would get married someday/are secretly in love with each other, and constantly try to set the two up - with extremely little success. kurt and blaine do, however, become bffs. somewhere later in their lives [age 26-ish?? idk] sometime around christmas or new years eve the boys grow tired of their friends’ over-half-a-decade-old harassment,  and decide to get back at them for all the times the group ruined dates and chased away potential boyfriends. they decide to pretend they were dating in secret for the past year or so, and never told their friends, which drives all of the group ~mad. 

unexpectedly for them, though, after the initial shock, their friends are super fucking supportive, and suddenly they have to handle being forced to tell their parents and go to every occasion together and even consider moving in at some point [because kurt obviously santana and i should move out so you and blaine can consummate your love in peace and sorry blaine but we’re kicking you out cause obviously you and kurt are made for each other so you should move in together]. and when they start never having anyone else around them much more often and having to hold hands and cuddle and kiss, maybe suddenly they see each other in a whole new light…

and obv they won’t back down and tell the truth because kurt has a giant ego to protect and blaine’s always up for a challenge

  • accidental baby acquisition

ok so there are two options. one of them is the one where kurt and blaine are actually together, but i’ll save this one for later and tell you about the one where they’re not.

life as we know it. familiar? well it’s an (somewhat extreme, i guess) au of that film

ok so. vogue dot com. kurt was doing an internship there while he was studying fashion in parsons, and he was supposed to collaborate on an article with another college student, who was studying english and creative writing. that student is of course blaine, and because kurt is stubborn and blaine is really bad with communication, the article - while eventually a hit - makes them hate each other.  a couple months later, one of kurt’s best friends (as of yet unnamed in my head so we’ll call her alison like in the film) - the girl who roommated with kurt and rachel for awhile before santana showed up and then remained friends with the three of them - introduces them to her boyfriend, peter. (again, film name). one thing leads to each other and all of a sudden kurt finds out peter is a part of a sort-of-not-really-club in his own college, a club blaine and sam are also members of. the only other members, in fact.

~time jump yes? yes~

ok so several years later, after peter and alison get married and have a baby girl, it’s a rainy cold night and the two of them get into a car accident. neither of them make it. kurt and blaine (and their friends) are heartbroken, and that doesn’t make them any less shocked when the attorney calls them to tell them that peter and alison left the two of them in custody of their daughter… together. 

so now they have to find a way to raise a child together and also stop hating each other, cause they’re basically each other’s family now.

[appearances by cooper and burt are a must, reminding kurt of how, regardless of how he never wanted kids before, he has to be as good of a father as his own dad is, and reminding blaine of how he wants to be the father he never really had].