graphic: misha


“I’ll interrogate the cat.”

For @angvlicmish​ bc her birthday was yesterday and I’m a shitty friend who wasn’t even here. Happy birthday, Charlie! ♡

Happy Birthday Charlie! @angvlicmish

You’re such a wonderful friend to talk to and if I didn’t have you idk who I would freak out about new episodes with or send random snapchats of my pets to! You make the world a better, one GISHWHES hunt at a time. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you! ❤︎


Happy 42nd Birthday, Misha Collins ♡ August 20th, 1974
↳Thank you for being unapologetically and uniquely you. You make this world a brighter place, and you remind us each and every day that we are all here for a reason.