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wellhayley: Hello. I went to visit the apartment where Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind today. She wrote her Pulitzer-prize winning epic novel as a way to pass the time when she was recovering from a leg injury. I put my face through this Scarlett O'Hara cut-out and my right arm through Rhett Butler’s face-hole to take this selfie in the museum upstairs. I think you will all agree this is a very sophisticated manoeuvre. Thank you and good day. #read #knowledgeispower #dontwaitforaleginjurytostartdoingstuff

Why do you say only Jensen was propositioned? I’m sure older men would want to take advantage of a beautiful lanky twink Jared. when i look at pics of current J2 together, if anything Jared looks more delicate in the face

Hello, dear anon!

Isn’t it a little unfair to message me on anon about what I say on my locked up twitter account? If you’re following me there, why don’t you feel safe with asking me directly about what I meant? Here’s a screenshot for those who don’t follow me. It was in reply to this thread

Now, if you’re thinking I meant that Jensen was more attractive than Jared when they were young, you’re wrong. I think they were and are extremely attractive, both of them. If you’d ask me which one I think is hotter, I’d still be here thinking about it next week. I’m quite sure they have both heard their fair share of inappropriate propositions, especially in their younger days. 

Look, James van deer Beek tweeted this a while back.

It made me think of Dawson’s Creek and how Jensen also starred in that show for a while. So by this tweet alone, my mind made up a scenario that James’ experience might’ve been during his DC days and Jensen might’ve been around those ass-grabbing sons of bitches as well. 

Far-fetched? Yeah, very. This is why my Twitter account is locked. I don’t want to weigh every. single. word. before I post my thoughts. It’s my place for informal chatter, while my blog is where I publish some more finalized thoughts. The next time I say something that strikes you as strange, please don’t hesitate to contact me there. It seems odd to me that someone who I’ve hand-picked and accepted to view my account would only dare ask me something on anon. I’m not that intimidating, I hope!

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