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The fandom has 1 year to learn how to fandom and I really hope that the first steps will be done by the new team (which will come forward soon instead of bringing the great changes from the background only):

- shutting down update accounts, mobbing scenes, leaking hotel/flight info, and all ASC, LSC and whatever stalker groups there are, whose only purpose is to get the 567th unhappy blurry half selfie of a person they claim to admire and love

- stopping money transfers to people who are paid as professional fans (what the fuck for, I have no idea).

- stepping up and stopping interviews (VIEW!) when the interviewer is not acting professional and is objectifying the boys, treating them as sex toys.

- blacklisting the bf gf questions and for the first time have them treated as a band that makes music, great music and not as prime perfume/ book merch makers.

- stopping fans from throwing shit at the boys by increasing safety level at venues: banning bottles and give out cups instead etc etc, taking their aggressive sexual fan signs, arresting for harrassment and car chases.

- ensuring the staff and the entourage is worthy.

Lead by example and hopefully the fandom will get the memo, this cycle has to be broken by you because after five years the fandom still doesn’t know how to fandom.
Show them. Teach them. Set the rules yourselves and stick to them. Do whatever you need to do to have the boys protected.

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theres a little arm touch/stroky thing at 42.50 in the video u posted. thanks for the posting btw <3

aaaah finally!!!!!!!!!

i edited the whole thing ive seen the video like a million times and my eyes couldn’t catch what you were all talking about i swear to god.

here’s the thing phantheraglama

Airport security: sir im gonna need you to squat and cough for me

Calum: but i dont-

Airport Security: sir

Calum: *squats and coughs*

Me: *falls out*

This can re-appear in front of me anytime thanks #vegan 😊😊
Saw this quote today which really resonated: “If you’re lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” - John Irving

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