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If you are threatening Ishida in any way.
If you are telling Ishida to commit suicide.
No fan of Ishida’s work would ever tell him to commit suicide over a Manga chapter. I understand the big thing about KanekixHide, but its a MANGA. Yall are acting like it’s some real life thing.
How. Dare. You.
Have a nice day :-)

I’m utterly disgusted with how people have been treating Ishida because they didn’t get a damn gay ship. There was never any defining fact that he ever was going to, so it’s not like he betrayed anyone, you guys came to that conclusion on your own. So you can only blame themselves for that. This is also NOT YOUR STORY FOR GOD’S SAKE! This is the story Ishida wants to tell, you don’t have to agree with it, but telling a man who works nearly every fucking week on 20 chapters with as much refined art and detail as he does to kill himself because you saw a straight ship come to life? And then you have the BALLS to fucking call him homophobic because he didn’t pair Kaneki with a character that had the same sex as him? Aren’t you the ones being heterophobic? You fucking hypocrites disgust me to no end with how low you’re willing to go over characters that will NEVER exist, over a story that ISN’T yours, and just because YOU thought Kaneki might have been gay, and YOU convinced your pathetic self that was the truth, you lost your fucking minds when you were brought back to reality. Do us all a favour and leave the Tokyo Ghoul Fandom, you don’t deserve to be here. You people who dare threaten a man by burning copies of a series he worked SO DAMN HARD TO MAKE and being happy about it and telling him to end his life for writing what he wanted, and then calling him inaccurate names (considering the fact that there have been gay characters in Tokyo Ghoul before in case you dimwitted fucks forgot) because you didn’t get your way with how you imagined Kaneki’s sexuality?! You are pathetic. I have no respect or patience for anyone who threatens a man who has been nothing but kind to his readers by making two fantastic dark stories. Get the fuck away from him, you wouldn’t be talking all this shit if people started attacking all your fanfics/Fanarts like you’ve been attacking Ishida. As for the shippers who didn’t get their wish but didn’t get this uppity and violent, I’m truly sorry you guys are now associated with those pricks. I myself tolerate all ships, I don’t tolerate the absolutely criminal and disrespectful behaviour. And yes, criminal behaviour is what telling someone to commit suicide is. Trying or succeeding to coax someone into suicide is punishable by law, as you’re trying to get someone to take away their life. Good job making big news by the way, where every media outlet covering this topic knows your social identities.

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