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Everything new was uncomfortable until you got used to it.
—  Lucy Saxon, The Almost King

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What are your thoughts on Lucy&Missy?

god I mean given how the Master physically, as well as no doubt emotionally and possibly sexually abused Lucy on the Valiant, that’s just. wow. 

now that’s an abusive ship. (also, on a superficial level, pretty hot bc wow, but like… wow no)

it would be a really interesting dynamic to explore, though. even abusive ships are fine to explore so long as you’re being completely honest and aware of how fucked up they are

Headcanons and shit pt.2

I think, Master/Missy punishes those who make them feel things.

Master somewhat liked Lucy, in his own way. So Lucy was punished for that, with domestic violence that was completely unnecessary to his plan whatsoever (he could always just do with hypnosis).

Master grew attached to Bill, couldn’t help it, but he also couldn’t wreak his anger on her for this weakness without blowing his disguise, so he waited and waited, for years, and that’s why he relished her suffering so much afterwards and mocked her whenever he could.

Missy liked Clara, really. She even decided to give her to the Doctor, as a present. She also nearly made Doctor kill her, by putting her into a Dalek shell.

But most of all, Master/Missy always punishes the Doctor. Always.
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A playlist for Lucy Saxon and The Mistress

…so my Missy playlist has gotten a little out of control {77 songs and counting!} but I wanted to highlight a few in particular that inspire my personal muse for this pairing - so here is a dedicated playlist for Lucy Saxon and The Mistress <3


Lucy Saxon as the Doctor’s companion

As a young woman straight out of Uni, Lucy Cole - youngest child of Lord Cole of Tarminster - meets a mysterious man called the Doctor. For a brief while she travels time and space with him, until he leaves her to fight in a war he never wanted to be part of.

Years later she meets a man named Harold Saxon, she takes his name, and he too takes her to see the stars. Or rather, a future without stars.

After the Year That Never Was, and all the pain she endured at the hands of the Master, rather than abandon Lucy to her fate, the Doctor takes her with him.

Where she would otherwise be left to process her trauma alone in a cell, to finally sacrifice herself instead of being used as a tool by the Master’s followers, Lucy once again gets to travel the stars.

Once upon a time, I remember reading that RTD considered having Lucy travel with the Doctor. I’ve never been able to shake the idea, and after seeing Alexandra Moen act opposite Paul McGann, I couldn’t resist having her meet Eight as well. I started this gifset years ago and just unearthed it in my drafts, and thought it deserved finishing.

was lucy following orders when she shoot the Master?

i’ve been thinking about this since last night and something doesn’t add up.We see her during Last of the Time Lords joining in the countdown however it’s never made clear whether she has gone against her husband yet.Later,she shoots him seemingly having realised what kind of person he is. 

  But what if she was instructed to do so by the Master?There are a few clues that suggest so

  • The Master refused to regenerate which is basically like commiting suicide.Why would the Master, of all the people do this?Only if he knew there was a way to come back
  • Lucy shot him only after he was in handcuffs.She was his wife,she had other chances to do so.Some might say that was when she realised he wasn’t the man she married but why?It’s not like he did something that gruesome at that moment,not at least compared to other things he did.
  • The Master gave instructions on how to ressurect him in case he would die.Why would he do that if he didn’t already know this could happen?
  • He wasn’t pissed at Lucy when he returned in The End of Time.I think that if Lucy had really betrayed him in Last of The Time Lords his first act would be to kill her.However,he doesn’t seem in the least angry,not at least until she trook ther bottle out.

So what if the Master anticipating that his plans could fail he instructed Lucy to shot him if he was ever to get captured?Don’t forget what his alst words were after all (And spend the rest of my life imprisoned with you?) 

Lucy when she was well away from his control realised that what they both did was wrong and that’s why she decided to try and stop his ressurection