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Finally the day comes!! It’s Feb 12 and the premiere of 41st Super Sentai Series “Uchu Sentai Kyuranger”. I played its theme song titled “LUCKYSTAR” on the piano.

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Why is toku music always so dang catchy!

LUCKYSTAR-Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger OP Fan Lyrics

Decided to make some singable lyrics for the opening to Space Squadron Kyuranger. I’ve based them mainly off of the Over-Time Subs translation, with liberties taken for syllable count. Enjoy!

(Video included for tune reference)

I looked towards the sky with but a simple thought: “Just which stars don’t we know?”

To count them all, well it would take eternities, yet round and round we go!

Across the world, across the stars, across the universe, there’s endless stories-

But once we go and start to turn the final page, will we truly be at ease?

Is it our answer, or just another question?

Let’s take a chance and find out on this space journey!

Don’t wait around, your time is now, and soon you will see:

Shine on and take the stage, you’re a lucky star! (Kyuranger!)

Soar through that frontier, beyond that endless sky! (Kyuranger)

You’re a dazzling, galactic-scale lucky star! (Kyuranger!)

It’s high time to fight on for a new future, so raise your battle cry!

Just ride upon a comet as it zooms and zips on by, and fly, and fly, and fly, and fly!

Believe in all you can that you will make it out okay, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, and Good Luck!