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I just want to make something clear. 

Me shipping Jonsa has nothing to do with me thinking Dany is heading towards a darker path. 

I like Jonsa whether it’s canon or not. 

I like Dany and the narrative progression of her character, whether she is, in fact, a hero or a fallen one. Personally, I don’t believe she’ll be a ‘villain’ but she’s not the wholesome messiah she thinks she is. 

It is not misogynistic for me to think this about Dany. I’m not doing so to prop up Jonsa. I think this because she’s been heading in this direction for seasons. Aspects of her rule has always bordered on dictatorial. 

Also, personally, I’ve always been very uncomfortable with the whole “messiah” aspect of her rule. It’s very “white saviour” – especially when you consider the fact that basically all of the POC’s on the show are the ones Dany (who is of Valyrian descent; known to be fair with violet/blue eyes) saved. Maybe that’s just me because I literally hate any storyline where the white person saves the natives from this or that. It’s such a bullshit, racist narrative that needs to frankly die.

And so maybe that’s made me biased towards Dany being the hero. I don’t know. I just think it’s incredibly unfair for people to call Jonsa shippers misogynistic for thinking Dany isn’t the all powerful, all good hero that’ll win the day. Because if Dany was male and had the same narrative, I’d still think they were heading down a dark path. 

Actually, what’s incredible about Dany’s story and character is that she is so wonderfully divisive. We are hardly ever given a female character who is so on the precipice of good and bad. 

Anyway, what I’m saying is don’t go throwing around the term ‘misogyny’ like it’s some kind of magic word to hate on anyone who disagrees with your opinion of your fav. 

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Just wanted to get an opinion. I've often seen it said that Jon should marry Sansa to get the North and Riverlands, but couldn't he still have those because the Starks support him? Bran loves him, Arya will always love him and Sansa now considers him a Stark and her brother, unless they turn on him not like the North has some fourth Stark to follow or Edmure another Stark niece/nephew. And I don't trust Robin, he wanted to or thought he'd marry Sansa, so jonsa might get him angry

Not necessarily. 

Just look at Season 6. Many of the houses weren’t really keen on Jon being King of the North for the sole fact that he’s a bastard, regardless of the fact that his father is (believed to be) Ned Stark and he’s the last remaining son that they know of. A lot of these houses are now willing to stand by Jon because of his prowess on the battlefield. He won back Winterfell; he’s rumored to be the greatest swordsman in the lands, etcetc. There is also a war coming, and if they believe Jon, two wars coming. They need someone who can lead them and unite the North, so for now, Jon is their man. 

Unfortunately, in a time of peace, there will be power-hungry people (like LF – he’s not the only weasel in Westeros) that would want the North for themselves. If his Targaryen bloodline is revealed, that would only lessen his hold on the North. They can get behind Jon when he’s Ned’s bastard son, but if he’s Rhaegar’s bastard son? Well, shit. That’s a whole different ballgame. It doesn’t matter if he has Stark blood in him on Lyanna’s side because it’s only the male bloodline that determines whose house a person belongs to. And the North has lost many loved ones to the war with the Targaryens. Will they want a Targaryen as their king? Even if it is Jon? I think that’ll split them. There will be those who won’t care and those will use it as an opportunity to dethrone Jon.  

Also, there’s the unfortunate truth that Sansa and Arya’s backing doesn’t make much of a difference. Highborn ladies are meant to marry and produce heirs. In their eyes, their claim as Starks will end as soon as they marry off into whatever household. 

You’ll notice I haven’t touched on what happens if Bran is back, and that’s because I don’t know. His backing might actually help persuade some of the houses. A marriage would just politically strengthen his claim though and that’s probably why people are saying that. However, I want to believe that Jon has enough merit on his own not to need it. He has proven more than once that he is a true Northerner – a true Stark – and many of the houses have seen this. But in a world of precarious politics, it could swing either way. 

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Some hours ago I read something that really bothered me a lot but I said to myself: let it go, it’s not worth it… problem is that after hours I’m still bothered by what I read and I keep thinking how unjust it is to accuse someone of “misogyny” and “abelist“ just because that person has an opinion that’s not the same as the accuser.

Before I write anything else I have one small remark to make: if anyone want to reply to what I’ll say do it politely, if you’ll be rude I will ignore you.

So this is what upset me:

listen - you need to stop hating d*ny. your misogyny is showing. ofc she’s not evil, she’s the one girl character! if you hate her you hate women. also criticizing tyr*on means you’re abelist. he’s the one disabled character! bran’s not REALLY disabled, since he’s gonna be a tree :/

It’s something someone sent to a person I follow that I really like and she is just the last person accused of misogyny because of danielle but not the first one and I think she will not even be the last one so today I want to share my 2 cents on this matter because I’m tired of this rule that having a personal opinion on danielle different from “she is a paragon of virtue” is misogyny.

That said and ignoring the fact that starting a discussion with telling someone else

you need to stop hating d*ny

just because you disagree with her it’s rude and that saying danielle is a villain is not like saying “I hate danielle”, let’s talk a little of equity and fairness.

I don’t like prejudices against women and like all women in the world I have a fair amount of personal experiences with misogynistic on a daily basis but I believe the law is equal for all:

if a woman does something I think it’s wrong I’ll say it’s wrong, I’ll never say it’s ok because she is a woman.

That anonymous insinuating a woman ( danielle) should be treated differently because of her gender (the one girl character) is sexual discrimination.

Women have equal rights to men, but that doesn’t mean that we are entitled to do whatever we want, even bad things, and not be held accountable for any and all wrongdoings if we do something wrong.

There’s no fairness in condoning wrongdoings just because it’s a woman wrongdoings.

We live in a world of men and women and, while I know that sadly women are abused some way or another on daily basis and I’ll never accept any form of hate or violence against women, I still believe in equality for both men and women.

So going back to that anonymous accuser and GoT:

when a male character will burn people alive just because he can I’ll say he is a villain (for example the Mad King was a villain) when danielle burn people alive just because she can I say she is a villain and that’s not related in anyway to her gender.

I say she is a villain because she killed people without caring at all if it was right or wrong to kill them and because she thinks she is entitled to rule everyone and everything even using violence if she thinks it’s necessary:

I will take what is mine with fire and blood

I was born to rule the seven kingdoms and I will

criticizing tyr*on means you’re abelist. he’s the one disabled character!

I have the same problem with this statement that I have with the previous accusation, there is not one ounce of fairness in that sentence.

I like Tyr*on and I never said anything about him but why can’t Tyr*on be criticized?

Is he not a person like anyone else?

I have an opinion on every character in the story but should I apply different standards on Tyr*on because he is a dwarf and so he is the only character that should not be criticized?

Does the anonymous insinuate that it’s ok to criticize someone like Jamie or Jon or Jorah or anyone else because they are able-bodied but it’s not possible to criticize Tyr*on because he is a dwarf?

Where’s the fairness in that?

That suggest that Tyr*on should not be treated like anyone else.

I never treated Tyr*on differently and I have no problem to say I disapprove some of his actions regardless of the fact that he is a dwarf because he is not different from Jamie, Jon or anyone else in my eyes.

The anonymous saying he should be treated differently is saying he is not like the other characters.

I’m not sure what this mean

Bran’s not REALLY disabled 

because this is the definition of the word disabled:

impaired or limited by a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental condition; affected by disability

Even if Bran will fly he will never walk again because he will have a physical limitation all of his life so HE IS disabled.

His condition is something that deeply affect him even if he has magical powers

Why do I want to return? So I can be a cripple again?

I’m not going to ignore his pain and say “ well he has some magic powers so who cares that he can’t walk?”

After years Bran still hate that he can’t walk and he thinks of himself as Bran the cripple so I’m not going to dismiss his disability and say it’s not important because it is important for him.
Chapter 2 | This Thing Called Love
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“It’s Joffrey,” she said, sniffling. 

He handed her a paper napkin, then grimaced as she blew her nose. “What’d the little shit do this time?” 

As always, his gravel-over-concrete voice had things clenching deep inside her. Usually she enjoyed the futile sexual tension, but that night it just made her feel even worse.

“He’s just so bad at sex,” she sobbed into the snotty napkin.

Sandor was silent for a long, shocked moment, and then he laughed. Really hard. For a long time. And then said, “If any woman I’d been with ever said that about me, I’d kill myself.” 

Sansa sniffed. “That’s because you’re the type of person who takes pride in a job well done. I don’t think Joffrey even knows what a job well done is, at least where sex is concerned.”

Sandor began laughing again.

anonymous asked:

Although my shipper heart is really looking forward to Jon/Dany love scene, I think it will most likely be a comfort sex scenario. If Dany loses Viserion during the wight hunt, she'll probably show a vulnerable side...hence Jon being empathetic & giving her comfort...leading to the boat sex. I actually don't care which one instigates the sex, I just hope Jon's wearing that man-bun so Dany can undo it & his dark curls go spilling out. BOWCHICABOWOW :)

Grrrr anon,

I just posted that I’m not sold on the whole montage thing for boatsex. However, if done right I’m sure it’ll be lovely.

Because we don’t have that much information we’re just speculating wildly now. So, in that vain this is how I can potentially see it going down (pun totally intended).

I think you are right partly that it’ll start because Jon is comforting Dany after the list of Viserion. It might even be sweet at first. Almost gentle, if you will. However, if there is a growing attraction between the two as we are led to believe, the pent up passion they have been holding in for one another will erupt and spill over onto their lovemaking. So, we might get some steaminess.

Just a thought. BOWCHICAWOWOW indeed.

I really need a scene where someone calls Arya “princess” and she gets really annoyed because the wikis all have her and Sansa listed as Princess of the North/of Winterfell, and Sansa probs would be over-the-top excited by that realization but Arya’s reaction would be so interesting.