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White Christmas 

Flashback 5 Years!

Glee Season 4, episode 10 “Glee Actually” aired on December 13, 2012


Lisa Rix and Siggy are played by the same actress.

I’ve been watching both Prison Break and Vikings for like… two weeks now. And with Prison Break, I kept thinking “Damn, I’ve seen Lincoln’s ex-wife somewhere before”. And with Viking’s, I kept thinking “Damn, I’ve seen Siggy somewhere before”.

I’ve been watching both shows. Parallel. For two weeks now.

Now, I finally remembered that IMDB is a thing that exists and looked Siggy’s actress up. Just to see Prison Break’s Lisa Rix listed as one of her roles. I’ve been watching two show and been wondering about the same actress where I know her from…

Now, for the best part: That wasn’t even why I recognized her. No, she also played Terri Schuester on Glee and THAT was what had me pausing and wondering in both shows. Not the fact that she’s in both shows, nope, that’s not why her face seemed familiar to me. Just the fact that I knew her from Glee.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just how bad my facial recognition is…

when you finish watching a tv show and you can finally search the tumblr tag for it without fearing spoilers

me: i won’t obsess over this ship

me: *freaks out in every cute scene they share, reads fanfics, writes fanfics, downloads lots of pics, puts them as lockscreen, homescreen and icon*

me: well fuck


Seven years ago today on November 9, 2010 Darren made his debut on Glee

Whatever remnants of the Glee fandom there are I hope you recognise Mark Salling for the pedophile he is. I just checked the tag and you all keep tagging his name in things like nothing has happened. The man who played Puck is a pedophile. Don’t treat him like he’s normal. He was a pedophile during the entire filming of Glee