graphic: ffac

Rant on FFAC Kadaj

   So… why do a lot of people seem to think that Kadaj outside of canon (or even in canon) is this adorable, little super kawaii cutie who is basically completely emotionally stable and just wants to be loved…? like… I’m sorry. What?

   Look, I love Kadaj so much, he’s been my favorite character of all time since I was 13, and as much as I defend him in the things that he does, and as much as I love the idea of him just chilling out and finding happiness, I can’t accept that he’s some sweet, childish, little agreeable uke under all that crazy (which is how he seems to be portrayed in much of the fandom). LIke no, Kadaj is a fuckin psycho. He’s got serious fuckin issues and pretty much the mentality of a serial killer in that HE DOESN’T CARE about anything unless it holds great worth to him. The same goes for relationships; unless that person really truly has a place in his heart (like his brothers for example, who he has an incredibly close bond with) they’re nothing to him. Just in the way. So I hate this idea of Kadaj just one day “snapping out” of his crazy. It doesn’t fuckin work like that.

    If Jenova and Sephiroth broke their hold on him, he wouldn’t turn into some lovable little kitten. He’s got EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS. 

    I feel like people fail to appreciate the beauty in his chaos and instead just ignore it and try to play him off as being cute and shit. Like yeah, he is fuckin cute (physically) but he’s also a fucking cold blooded killer. I mean, he’s pretty much a prime of example of a lot of emotional/anxiety/personality disorders, like bi-polarity, depersonalization disorder, OCD and antisocial personality disorder. Which basically means that he’s one fucked up kid. On top of that, he’s a perfect killer; he’s fucking DESIGNED to do that shit; physically, mentally, emotionally. So why do people like to pretend that he isn’t? Isn’t that what makes him such a great character?

   Like, I know he’s just a character, but I just feel really strongly about this. I feel like he (and his brothers) are heavily sugarcoated in a good portion of the fandom, and they aren’t really truly appreciated in all of their depth. There are a lot of layers to be explored there; to me, Kadaj is a fucking goldmine of psychological exploration, and that’s what makes him so interesting to me. I love him BECAUSE he’s truly and utterly fucked up. I don’t like to sugarcoat him because it completely transforms him. His character is made up of these qualities, and he wouldn’t be him if he were lacking in them.

I dunno….? Sorry to rant, I just feel like a lot of the representations of him that I see are very dolled up and lacking in a lot of the qualities that make him an interesting character (at least to me) Bluh, sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone at all, I love you all and respect all of your opinions, I just needed to get this out of my system.