graphic: dmmd

Okay. Okay. This.

This right here. Fucking terrified me. I hope to go I never, ever hear the word ‘iiyo’ again. Fuck you too. I don’t know how anyone fails this scrap without meaning to, but Koujaku’s reaction if you do hurts me.

Can we please take a minute to appreciate this?  When I first saw this I was in complete fucking awe of how stunningly, ridiculously beautiful this is. And the I saw the scene where he gets it.

For any of you who think he’s just being a bitch and getting tattoos don’t hurt that bad? This whole back piece (at least) was done in the Tebori method which takes about five times longer and is five times more painful than modern day tattoos done with electric needles.

And finally, this;

Very possibly my favourite CG in either game. He wears his hair like that for a fucking reason and no-one, fucking no-one on Midorijima knew about it. Add in the fact that he’s a complete man-whore and that gets really really impressive, alright? How to one up that? Even when the scrap fails and his mind breaks you still never see that tattoo. That’s how important it is to him to hide it.

But Aoba? Nah. Sure, took him a while to tell him about it but here he is. Not only leaving the thing in plain sight but also letting him fucking touch it.

It upsets me that so many people just disregard this route. Yeah, sure, it takes a while to learn anything about the actual character because Aoba’s been his friend since childhood, but it’s such a beautiful and terrifying thing. Koujaku’s bad route is the only one where Aoba gives up.