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The Tumblr Holy League (informal)

-Pray a daily Rosary for World Peace, End of Terrorism, Fight Satanism and Witchcraft
-Pray intercessory prayers to St. Michael the Archangel or a Saint of your choice when a fellow Christian is in trouble or under attack by people
-Defend other Christians from written assaults from the enemy
-Spread the Gospel
-Use your Tumblr primarily as a means for the world to know Jesus
-Defend the Mass! Novus Ordo and TLM
-Reblog and support other Christians
-Gently correct other Christians who are in error
-Promote Pro-Life Causes and Posts
-Serve others in our daily lives
-Attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation
-Frequent Confessions
-Prayer for vocations into Holy Orders
-Educate others about the True Catholic and Apostolic Faith
-Defend the Family, Chastity, and Holy Sexuality
-Block Porn Blogs
-Challenge all evil!
-Engage in public Discourse about the matters of the Catholic Faith

-Respect and Love Pope Francis
-Defend Pope Francis, Allegiance to The Bishops, Cardinals, and Holy Father is Key
-Defend Mary our Mother, The Immaculate Conception, Marian Doctrines and Dogmas

if you have other editions, inbox me.

Yvette Nicole Brown and Gillian Jacobs Had Some Nice Things to Say About Donald Glover

On a charity livestream benefitting Donors Choose at Skybound Entertainment, Yvette Nicole Brown and Gillian Jacobs had some nice words to say about their former costar.

“He’s just effortlessly talented at so many different things. I had not really met somebody like that. He’s also incredible at drawing. He’s like an amazing artist. He can dance. He can sing. He can act. He can write. He can really do whatever he puts his mind to. So, it’s just incredible to be around him,” says Gillian Jacobs.

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I’m in a femme4femme group on Facebook (from a bygone era of my life I guess) and like everyone who I know in it is now married to a straight man, and they still post on there for like their “manhaters” queer events and it’s like if you sent the subject positionality of Katy perrys I kissed a girl thru the Bay Area radical queer community politicization ringer

The Swings

Beth, age 8, had to write an opinion essay for class, identifying a problem at her school and offering a solution. Although she only had to write one solution, she wrote three, and her solutions are simple examples of answers to most community and governance problems.

Her text is below, exactly as she wrote it, including misspellings and grammatical errors, and then what I said to her about it.

The Swings

Half the people at recess want to go on the swings, but they don’t always get to. We have rules about the swings but they ar'nt being followed, many people are hogging the swings, sometimse even when people ask they won’t get off!

You mite say: “Oh, well it can’t be to big a problem because I don’t see any people trying to get on the swings,” but realy, that’s just because they’ve all given up!

The problem: community resources (swings) are not being used fairly. Apparently, some people have dismissed the problem without full consideration of all community members.

There are diffrent solutions for this, the first is: we could have limited time on the swings. If someone asked to get on and your time was up, they'ed get on, if it was not, they'ed wait. A teacher would make sure this hapend.

This would be fairness through law: equal limits respected by the community and enforced by the government (teachers).

The second solution is getting another swing-set. It could be smaller than the one we already have, but this mite be more fair than limeted time on the swings.

By increasing the number of resources available, this would improve access for community members.

The third solution is much more simple then the first two, it is: well, because most of the people who hog the swings get out to recess first, we could just make sure that nobody got on the swings intil everyone was outside.

Some people have the unearned privilege of faster access to the resources. This solution would eliminate privilege by giving everyone the same starting point.

This is a school, where kids learn, I hope they’re not learning to hog! Only one person from my whole writing class thinks that hogging the swings is not a problem, that’s proof of how unfair it is to the people who arn’t hogging them!

Here, she recognizes that allowing an unfair system to continue is not good for the community — and that the vast majority of the community also recognizes the problem.

This is'nt the bigest problem but it should be fixt, I hope the school can find the best solution and put it in action.

Finally, she recognizes the scope of the problem in light of all the other potential issues facing the school.

As her dad, I think the swings aren’t really that big of a deal. But these approaches to community problems — law and enforcement, increased available resources, and elimination of privilege — are solutions that adults try when dealing with community issues. I told Beth it was pretty amazing that she thought of all three on her own, and suggested she remember these approaches, because she will encounter them throughout life.