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On what has a "place" in religion

With everything going on recently with police brutality and racism all the way down to the white washing in Exodus, we’ve seen a lot of discussion about race and racism within the Kemetic community over the past 6 months. Every time race is mentioned, I see a lot of “omg race has no place in religion. gods don’t see race. you’re just pushing politics”.

And while I’ve said it before, I want to say it again.

Anything that effects the lives of the adherents of the religion- whether it be race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, w.t.f.ever- has a place in said religion, and should be discussed by members of said religion.

A religion is nothing without its adherents. And if the adherents of said religion don’t feel safe because members make them feel unsafe (such as members being racist) and end up pushing members away- guess what, that is now a part of your religious community. Given enough time, this will become a solid part of your religion (don’t believe me? ask some of the Heathens that hang around here, they’ll tell you what racists and sexists do to a religious community).

You can not compartmentalize this stuff. You can’t. You shouldn’t. And if you want your religious community to be strong, you need to address this stuff.

When you say that discussion about racial dynamics (or anything similar to this) has no place in your religion, you’re basically saying you don’t care about PoC feeling welcome or safe in your religion, and that they aren’t welcome in your religious community.

Race is a part of our religious community (and therefore religion) because our society pays attn to skin color. We don’t live amongst color blind gods, people. We live amongst humans with biases. Sexual orientation is a part of our religious community (and therefore religion) because our society has rules about what is acceptable and what isn’t. Gods may not care about who you love, but your boss and parents and neighbors (or forum moderators) might. Disability is a part of our religious community (and therefore religion) because our society ignores and erases disabled people. Gods may be willing to work around disabilities, but our society sure a shit isn’t.

These types of things effect the members of our religious community and therefore has a place in our religion. When you say these things have no place, you are shitting on members of our religious community (and therefore religion) and saying that their voices don’t matter. 

Those voices do matter. These topics do matter. These topics deserve to be discussed right along side of Min’s big boner and Thoth’s butt (if not even more so than boners and butts).

These topics are a part of our religion. They deserve a place at our religious table. And if you think they don’t, I urge you to seriously examine why you think they aren’t important. You may find it to be an enlightening exercise.

This has been a thing.