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Benedict Cumberbatch as Shezza in Sherlock series 3

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black (4B, 6B carbon pencils) and Prismacolor Verithin coloured pencils on 5 X 8 Strathmore toned tan paper. 

Daily Ben-Edit. 2

Hey loves! Sorry, it has been SO long since I last posted an edit etc! Life has been a bit hectic. I have a lot of family weddings coming up and I’m also going to Dubai next month and then I start university the following the month, so I’ve just been a massive stressball haha 😅  I promise I will try and post more, I miss Tumblr and my daily doses of Benedict porn!! Anyway, here is just that for y’all💕

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I don't want to come off as rude or nosey or like I'm trying to tell you what to do but I've noticed you interacting with people who clearly do not ship Johnlock. Why? Is that still your OTP?

First of all, yes. Johnlock is my OTP. No doubt. It’s never going to change.

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Most of my friends on here are fellow Johnlockers. However, I also have a deep love for Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Therefore, I am also friends with many other people who also appreciate the talented, wonderful, sweet, funny, handsome man that is Ben. Some of those friends happen to ship something else or nothing at all. That is more than alright with me because we all have our own opinions and preferences, etc. I enjoy funny posts here and there and maybe I’ll post silly things but if it becomes too heavy, I try not to get involved in any public discourse when it comes to these differences. Give respect to get respect. We also have the option of blocking certain content if we don’t want to see it on our feed.

Having said that, if you, too, love Benedict Cumberbatch and/or Martin Freeman but we just don’t agree on OTP, hello there 😊

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PS Robert’s tags are everything

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Omg idk why it took me so long to find it but!! our man BC on Jimmy Fallon.... the freakin Mad Lib Theatre thing !! uuggshshhshs !! aaaa !! go watch it now if u haven't already

Oh my god it’s one of my favourite things to ever exist and you are watching it now? It’s absolute gold. Favourite part :  “Gyrating just half a millimeter away from the crime scene” . 

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Safe Upon the Shore -- COMING SOON!

Safe Upon the Shore – COMING SOON!
(Benedict Cumberbatch/OFC)

When his friends invite him to spend some time with them in the Hamptons to celebrate their upcoming nuptials, Benedict jumps at the opportunity to get out of London and away from everything that reminds him of his grief. Though two years have passed since the horrible night that he lost the most important person in his life, it’s still there bearing down on him, making it difficult to breathe. To survive. Even for his children.

In search of solitude, Ben takes a long walk on a secluded beach and makes a silly wish about his future—one he never expects to come true. Why would it? Magic doesn’t exist. But it makes him feel better, like he’s done something instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen to him. Unfortunately, he learns all too soon that one should never, ever ask for favors from the sea…

This will take place in the Home universe, and will begin after I finish Home. But I’m excited to put this out there now, so you can get excited (hopefully).