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Toph and Zuko Scars

i’m going a little more lighthearted on this one because i’m not allowed to be sad when toph’s around that’s the rule

so that being said here are a few thoughts i have about toph and zuko and scars:

  • toph’s feet never return quite to normal. she adjusts back to being able to function impeccably in a few weeks because she’s a goddamn champ, but things are a little hazier for the rest of her life. zuko never stops feeling bad, and toph never stops demanding palanquin rides as reparations. (but only if zuko comes with her on the palanquin, and they get to have a nice long chat about what’s bugging him.)
  • toph has a lot of scars, actually. she’s stubborn and violent and she loves scars because they’re not just visual — they’re visceral, you can’t help feeling the way the skin and sinew get all knotted together where you’ve messed yourself up. zuko learns a lot from her over the years about wearing his scars with pride. and not just the one on his face.
  • zuko and toph also bond over their vision problems. zuko hates that he can’t see quite right out of his left eye, and toph offers to ruin his other one too so they match, at least. zuko declines.
    • when zuko has to start using spectacles sometime in his forties, toph laughs every time she sees him for the next three days, then gets a matching pair for the express purposes of fucking with people.
  • every time they meet up for the rest of their lives, zuko and toph show off their new scars to each other. there’s less and less of them as the years go on, but it’s their way of catching each other up on what they’ve been up to.

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