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Romantic Greeting Cards by Jen Osmon

American artist Jen Osmon (previously featured here) has navigated through many careers to hone her undeniable quirky sense of humor. A former spy novel writer, illustrator, and a holder of a B.B.A. in Marketing, Osmon composes unconventional and sharp stationary for intelligent people with a cheeky sense of humor.

Her hilarious and sexy greeting cards cater to topics of romance and sex, which are meant to be shared with your lover. Their adult theme aims to be given during special occasions, such as your anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

The adorable greeting cards are an expression of the ultimate sign of love. They serve as a reminder to your loved one about your unyielding commitment.

Along with the romantic and tender words, Osmon adds naughty references, which couples only share behind closed doors. The mention of the tongue, of the act of wrapping your legs, or simply an erotic kiss on the neck is combined with sentimental words.   

Although the greeting cards are relationship-driven, they don’t lose their sex appeal. You can find her entire collection of paper goods in her Etsy shop.

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Visualizing the World in Layers with Paper Artists @harianddeepti

To see more of their intricate paper art, follow @harianddeepti on Instagram.

Hari Panicker and Deepti Nair (@harianddeepti) create extraordinary worlds out of the humblest of materials: paper. The married couple, who split their time between their native Mumbai, India, and Denver, Colorado, have collaborated in paper art for six years, creating pieces that feel like the heir of Balinese shadow puppets. “I’m a graphic designer by profession,” Hari says, “which is more structured. She [Deepti] paints; she’s more organic in her process. Paper is one medium where we can merge.” When asked if they ever disagree, they both laugh. “I think she’s a very tough critic, but that’s good,” Hari explains. “The final outcome is really more magical.”

They may fight now and again, but the couple tends to be inspired by the same things: “We look at something and immediately visualize it in layers.” The most exciting part of the process comes at the end when they finally light the piece. “That’s when what we’ve been working on is revealed,” Deepti says.