@yurionices​ is looking for moderators

Hey guys!! We’re currently looking for mods to keep the blog as active as possible, so if you’re willing to help us and meet the following requiremets, please contact us.


  • Free time
  • Graphic/Gif maker
  • Post a gfx/gif at least once a week
  • Follow the tagging system
  • Neutral about ships and friendly (at least on this blog lol)


  • URL
  • Link to your edits
  • Name or nickname
  • Age
  • Timezone or country
  • (optional) Skills (if you make psds, wallpapers, headers, icons, etc)

Contact us here. We’re looking forward to running this blog with new members! We will take a look at your submissions and hopefully invite you to be a part of our team.

need more blogs to follow!

the dash is dying my dudes, we gotta save her so if your blog consist a lot of the following reblog and i’ll check your blog out! 

(anything in bold = in dire need of this)

  • pastel/graphics/edits
    • blue/purple/pink aesthetics especially, but any color is fine tbh
    • any sort of graphics/edits/gifs (and art blogs!) related to any of the following
  • haikyuu
    • bokuto
    • bokuroo
    • matsukawa
    • hanamaki
    • iwaizumi
    • seijoh in general
  • bleach
    • ichigo
    • grimmjow
    • renji
  • blue exorcist
  • voltron
    • sheith
    • keith
    • shiro
    • klance
    • lance
  • free!
    • sousuke
    • makato
  • anime scenery
  • knb
  • studio ghibli
  • noragami
  • last but not least, just anything similar to my blog (@shirogomis) tbh

i’ll be checking out blogs who reblog this (not just like)

so please my dudes, reblog away

im desperate

EDIT: bonus if you tag your posts