AOTWEEK - July 20 || Day 5: Allies

Prompt: Anything for the ladies of SNK

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@flockofvulcans requested “Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons. Thanks for the request, love. One of my favorite songs. 

Hello, everyone!!! I'm you're co-captain (=^-ω-^=)

Hi! My name is Anne (Anne Lorraine if we’re being formal). I’m 16 years old and I use She/Her pronouns. I started watching Dan and Phil in late 2011 but I didn’t join the phandom until early 2014. I got to meet DnP in June of last year!

My strengths for the games are graphic design, photo edits, pixel art, and scavenger hunts. I love cats and cheesecake more that I love myself. I love photography and I spend all my time online. Tumblr is my passion and I spend basically all my time working on various phandom blogs. I’m kinda obsessed with The Mortal Instruments series/Shadowhunters. I’m also a huge nerd.

I took part in the winter phandom games. Bella was my team captain and our team (#DicksOut4Daniel) came in second place!!! I’m so excited for these games and I hope we come in first this time!

If you wanna talk or whatever my blog is @phandaya :)