Here’s the poster for my senior design show! April 22nd, reception 5-9pm at sugar city in Buffalo! Stop over for glitchy goodness, free food and refreshments, and a fun time!

I’ll be selling poster prints of work in this style, and possibly patches, a pin, and t shirts (depending on if I run out of time/money over the next month!)

I’m extremely excited with the direction my show is taking and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of you there. It’ll mean a lot if any (or all) of you show up!

Yale Graphic Design MFA Thesis Show 2017
Opening Reception—Saturday May 20, 6-9pm.

With: Chase Booker, Carr Chadwick, Khoon Choi, Laura Coombs, Ouliana Ermolova, Erik Freer, Marta Galaz Cancio, Ben Ganz, Ayham Ghraowi, Jacob Hoving, Teddy Mathias, Anastasiia Raina, Asad Pervaiz, Ana Pinto, Cary Potter, Chris Rypkema, Polina Vasilyeva, and Franci Virgili

anonymous asked:

How do you do these amazing masterpieces? What program? Any tips? Could you make a tutorial? Also I love you. Goodbye

I’m so flattered! I’m not sure I would be any good at a tutorial, but I can walk you through my process a bit. 

I use Adobe Photoshop to put everything together. I made a template that I just swap out pictures for each character, that way all of my boards are consistent.

I start by finding a face claim for my character (I mostly use modeling websites like Wilhelmina/NextManagement.) Then I look for a quote on Pinterest that I think fits the personality of that character. After that, I decide on what color palette I want to use (sometimes this is based off the colors in the face/quote images, which is usually a good starting point) and find the rest of my images according to that. 

Finding images in the right colors is the hardest part. I have a folder that I’ve stockpiled a lot of images as I’ve been searching, so that helps save some time. Other than that, I just try to layout the pictures in an aesthetically pleasing way that’s balanced and cohesive (that’s my graphic designer side showing lol.)

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I’m always happy to help :)

I know I don’t dress very well for work but at least I’m not our graphic designer who showed up on the first day in cargo shorts and a Jurassic park t shirt. don’t get me wrong. love him love Jurassic park. not fashion not couture tho.

Positive Review: TheMythril (#171264)

Who: TheMythril (#171264)

What: Sales

Why: Great art in a reasonable amount of time

When: July 2017

Explain: Their experience in graphic design definitely shows through their work. I ordered a custom runestone less than a month ago, and when it was finished, it was even better than I hoped. I wasn’t originally intending on buying more, but the quality of the runestone convinced me to buy a banner as well. I highly recommend their shop to anyone looking for nice graphics for their lair.

Trust Me Babe They Aren't That Hot In Real Life

Vic and you have a nine year old daughter. And she starts saying that she’s fat and wants to lose weight. Vic then starts to notice that she doesn’t like eating surgery things. So you (as a graphic designer) shows her what models look like before they are photoshopped and that opens her eyes and shows her she is beautiful.


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Lennon Maxwell was born in Manchester England. His mother and father were both art majors from Norwish university of the arts. His dad got a job in New York as a ad design. He does the billboards in NYC and art work there too. His mother a graphic design artist and fashion show sketcher. She works on such shows as fashion week on MTV and Teen Vogue. Naturally, they all thought their son Lennon. Named after John Lennon, would follow in their artsy footsteps. He was not as good at arts and had no desire for it. He played football in high school and worked out non stop at the gym. He wanted to be a NYPD. His mother was against it because it was a dangerous job.

He went to academy anyway and passed with flying colors. He married his high school sweetheart Emily. They have been married for three years. Lennon has a secret he thinks he can cure with ignoring it. He has been with men. He thought if he did ti once, it would cure him. He had always had the “desire” in the back of his mind. He doesnt want to be seen as gay, because he feels that people will not take him serious. He sometimes frequents a gay club in new york unde the name Jack. He liked being a cop. His first job was being at security officer at a woman;s prision. He was ok with it, but it wasnt what he wanted. He moved up to writing tickets and hoped this year to be promoted to a higher tile and to in the line of duty his mom so desperatly wished he wouldnt be in.