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Can you have a look at sound effects? Everyone focuses on graphical content, but it would be interesting to find some unused sound effects.

Demon’s Lantern and I have actually been working on a list that IDs the audio files for Dark Souls 1:

Dark Souls - Audio Files List (Google Doc)

We haven’t sorted through everything, it’s a sort of off-and-on project. All the dialog has been completed, though, and all the enemies are identified. We also have another document for identifying all the Dark Souls 2 dialog/ samples.

If you’re interested in this stuff I also recommend keeping an eye on posts that I tag with “audio”:

Stocks - Updated...frequently

I feel the need to broadcast this series on tumblr, and to take the blame/credit for the series at last (although dubious honors for inspiring me go to a lovely anon on the dakmeme.)

Series Master List - the whole series is rated mature, despite variances in content, graphicness, and variable levels of feels.

Stocks - the story that sparked this whole mess off, and probably one of the more brutal parts of the series. NSFW in every sense.

One Step At a Time - part of the main storyline of Stocks. Dorian has some nasty flashbacks. (Chronological place: roughly Pre-Canticle)

The Lucky Ones - side story to Stocks; covers the Companions, Advisors, and where they were during Stocks. Varying levels of graphicness.

Motivation - side story to Stocks, covers each race/gender possibility. All of them are dicks, with varying levels of crazy and dickishness. (Chronological place: Pre-Stocks)

Canticle of Transfigurations - part of the main storyline. Contains fail!sex, flashbacks, and Dorian’s terrible coping methods. Nothing terribly graphic, but exercise cautious judgement. (Chronological place: Post-Stocks, roughly post-One Step At a Time)

Piece of My Heart - part of the main storyline. Bull’s arrival, the rescue, and an aftermath. Featuring: Minor companions who don’t travel! (Chronological place: Immediately post-Stocks, pre Canticle and One Step)

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i was looking through 5sos stickers and your tumblr some how showed up, you have no idea how big of a fan i am for you and your graphics!! i used to make some (@calumite on instagram) and i swear this is not going to lead to a self-promo. But anyways, i always end up with editing blocks and would just go a couple of month without being able to make a good-content graphic although i DESPERATELY want to. i just wanted to ask if there are tips for getting inspirations? thank you so much; ily

hi bb! thank you so much!!! i TOTALLY get where you’re coming from lol. um whenever I go through editing blocks it’s usually due to busy-ness with school. so for starters, have a lot of free time and don’t give up!

for me finding editing inspiration starts with: 

  • an idea! it doesn’t have to be good, you should just have an idea before you start making anything.
    • song lyrics, visual puns, or if you can’t think of anything, make a design problem for yourself. you don’t like a poster? remake it. 5sos changed their logo? design a new one. stuff like that) 
  • keeping your eyes peeled.
    • you can find visual inspiration in movie posters, tv show openings, street art, instagram feeds, patterns in nature, interior design, cinematography, architecture, etc.
  • artwork from other fandoms.
  • actual graphic design.
    • betype, thedsgnblog, visualgraphc, doseofdesign, really if you go to tumblr search and type in design, graphic design, or the like, you’ll get amazing stuff.
    • this is related to keeping your eyes peeled. design is everywhere; it’s in packaging, branding, your television interface. don’t limit yourself to what you see on tumblr.

hope this helped, and good luck!!

Curious about the deleted snake post?

Many of you have messaged me about wanting to see the deleted snake post. Although I can’t locate the exact picture that I posted, I’ve included a link to a similar picture (click read more, it will bring you to the link). Not that this is a picture of ticks on a snake and you should not click on the link if you have the below triggers.

TRIGGERS: Snakes, ticks, trypophobia, and general uneasiness at the sight of graphic content

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I am posting this story to raise awareness. Please try to keep this in circulation.

So this week, my school is doing Shattered Lives. I just thought I’d share with you what all goes on in these few days.

For those who don’t know, Shattered Lives is a program where the school fakes a drunk driving accident using students. Police officers, paramedics, and firefighters all volunteer to show up and make it as realistic as possible (real police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and air lift helicopters are used). Every 15 minutes there’s a heartbeat, followed by a flat line on the intercom. When that happens, a participating student is pulled out of class by the Grim Reaper (who is a participating student that walks around in costume all day to do this). Those students are taken off campus and do not go home that night, to represent the fact that someone loses a life every 15 minutes to drunk driving. Parents of the “victims” write obituaries, which are read aloud to the student body the following day. Freshmen and Sophomores stay in the school where a fake 911 call about the accident is played over the intercom. We hear sirens and such from outside, as well as cops in the hallways. During this time, Juniors and Seniors all go out to the crash scene (which is located in an unused section of the parking lot of the Church behind our school) where there are 3-5 students “dead” in a wrecked car. The drama department does the makeup for all the victims and sets up the crash scene. Helicopters come in to air lift some “victims” while ambulances take others (likely based on the condition of the victim). It’s a very gruesome scene, and many people are in tears. We all know that it’s fake, but just the idea of something like this actually happening at our school really affects us all, especially family members and friends of the victims. All participating students stay in a hotel overnight and there will be a “funeral” tomorrow. All day tomorrow, all participating students (even those that weren’t in the crash) dress completely in white and sit in class. They don’t say anything or participate in any class work (teachers are, of course, notified). Cops come into the classrooms of all affected students to question us and get information. We participate in this program every other year so as to raise awareness. Freshmen and Sophomores don’t get much of the action, as we don’t ever go out to the crash scene and no one is removed from our classes (only juniors and seniors can participate). We watch videos about the program so what we are still educated, but don’t get the full effect of it until 2 years later. It’s overall a really sad and dreary couple of days.

I don’t know why, but I just thought this would be an important event to share with all of you here. All in all, it’s a really good program for schools to be involved in to give students a taste of what could actually happen if they become careless with their actions. Shattered Lives is a program that started in 2006 and is run with the cooperation of police, fire, EMS, and community volunteers. For all students, going out the crash scene is optional. It is in no way a traumatic experience, but it really does make you think about the consequences of being under the influence of drugs/alcohol or texting while driving. Your actions can and will affect the families of those affected and the people around you, so don’t think that “you’re only buzzed” or that its “only a couple of blocks.” Please think about your actions. Don’t drink and drive, don’t use drugs and drive (or just don’t use drugs at all), and don’t text and drive. Turn off the phone, put down the beer, and concentrate on the road around you. If you’re underage (or overage, it doesn’t really matter) it’s better to call someone to come and get you and get in trouble with them, than to get in an accident and run the risk of killing yourself or others. Even if no one dies, the experience stays with you. People can lose limbs, be left completely paralyzed, or be put into comas due to these accidents. Please use common sense and drink/text responsibly. You could be the person to save a life.

Side note: If your school also participates in this program, you never know if someone around you has lost someone in a car accident, whether it was a sober accident or not. Don’t be the asshole to laugh, make jokes, or make rude/unnecessary comments. Shattered Lives is a very moving experience to many people and it’s horrible to sit there and joke around about something as real as fatal accidents due to people being careless.

Just moments old. Born onto metal grates and feces. Pigs are clean animals, but sows can’t turn around, clean, or nest in these conditions. I always try to avoid pictures like this one, but the truth needs to see the light, we see this photo as cruel, but just imagine being them, would you like that?

Photo: We Animals

If you had to kill your own calf before you ate him, most likely you would not be able to do it. To hear the calf scream, to see the blood spill, to see the baby being taken away from his momma, and to see the look of death in the animal’s eye would turn your stomach. So you get the man at the packing house to do the killing for you.
—  Dick Gregory, The Shadow That Scares Me

Draw Pharell Williams’ Flyest Styles Over The Last 200 Years (via myspace)

What you have before you is an interactive Pharrell Williams Style-By-Decade Guide. It’s very simple. It’s a 13-page booklet that allows you to draw the clothes on Pharrell that he was wearing during any particular decade. I went ahead and drew 2014’s outfit for you because I very much like the current iteration of Pharrell (it is, were I to rank them, the second coolest Pharrell that time has seen, just milli-points behind the 2001 version, specifically him during the “Lapdance” video) and I also drew the 1814 Pharrell because I wanted to see what he looked like as a pirate. The rest are up to you.

Print them all out. Draw them all in. Hole punch them. Stick them together (preferably in a 3-ring binder). And then show people so they will smile. Listen to Pharrell’s new album, GIRL, while you do all of this. That’s a little thing called the American dream.

words & art by: @SheaSerrano

WE HAVE SEEN THE HORRORS SERIAL KILLING “HUNTERS” POST HERE…and yet, showing those that eat meat and dairy, where it comes from is too raw and do you think the animals feel?..Well, if your delicate eyes cannot take it…maybe your body should not consume it…Listen to your disgust for this…and BE VEGAN.

EXO Chanyeol: Extra (Scenario)

request by fuckyeaharonkwak

warning: graphic content, smut, puppy yeol turns into sexy professor yeol so be warned. Read at your own risk.

NOTE: Thank you so much Admin Tea! I was the one that was write this originally but I have issues with Yeollie >< I can’t see him in that way…. so I just reviewed, edited and re-wrote one or two things. Admin Tea oppa wrote all of this, isn’t he a sweetheart? -admin tomato


Your heart was pounding in your chest. Asking a teacher for extra credit was something that you never thought you would have to, but here you sit. Right outside Professor Park’s door, rehearsing the lines as if they were scripted. You had issues concentrating, since the professor was more then attractive, but also some computer issues qucikly sent you down the path of failure if you did not ask for some sort of extra credit, now.

Knock, Knock, Knock. Your fist slams into his office door, the sound resonates throughout your heart and fear grips your spine.When Professor Park opens the door, you are at a loss for words. His tacky suit was almost skin tight, showing more of his body than you needed to see.

“How can I help you, Miss?” His deep voice pings back and forth in your head. You do not even remember why you are here, but a sudden look down at that paper in your hand makes you regain your thoughts.

“Yes, I need to ask you about your Computer Engineering 201 class, sir.” Your voice resembles that a high school lover talking to her crush for the first time. “I am close to failing and I was wondering if there was any way to make some of the credit I’ve missed and maybe if there something else I could do for extra credit? I would be ever grateful Mr. Park.”

You follow his gesture to come in and find a seat. Behind you, he closes and locks the door. Your mind wonders. Thoughts of this happening had come to you, but never did you think he would actually do something like this.

“Call me Chanyeol.” He had a look of seriousness that you had never seen. He was the type of person that always had a smile on his face, incapable to being serious, guess you were wrong. “and yes, there is, but,” his voice turned to a chuckle, “hard.”

“Ohh, please Mr…”

“Chanyeol, just Chanyeol.” His interruption sent you off track.

“Chanyeol, I will do anything.” He started to smirk, then followed with a laugh. You searched for any reason why he could be laughing, but none came to mind.

“Are you sure, dear?” He reached across the desk. His hand, slowly rubbed up and down your cheek. He looked you straight in the eyes and continued to rub your cheek as he waited for an answer.

Your mind started to put it together, yet you still were not sure. “Yes, anything at all.” The words escaped your mouth without warning. There was a sense of regret, but if it meant you passed, than anything was worth it.

Chanyeol gets out of his chair. He rests his jacket over the back of his chair. You look right into his midsection. You move your eyes to meet his. But as they do, he sits down on the desk. You become fearful, but pure wonder takes over. Questions start to fade and you just decide to go with the idea.

He picks on leg up. You follow his motion to scoot your chair closer to the desk. He drops his leg; with you stuck in the middle, being completely straddled.

Too late to run away now, you thought.

You start to move your mouth to speak, but he is quick, he moves his hand pointer finger up and places it softly against your lips. “Hush.” A sense of warmth and comfort fills his voice. “Don’t worry.”

He puckers his lips, then scoots forward on the desk. His eyes glaring straight into yours. He stops, now only millimetres in front of you. You start to pull back, but for some reason can not help but be taken by his charm. He pushes your hair away from your face and just stares right into your eyes, like he is staring through your soul. He moved in, whispered into your ear, but you are to taken aback to understand a word.

His mouth hovers, just inches away from yours. Sweat dribbles down your neck and nerves fill your motions. Within seconds, the longest seconds of your life, his lips touch yours. Your eyes close. A sense of pleasure silences your nerves and your heart beats faster than ever.

His tongue works its way into your mouth, brushing yours as you exchange the gesture. Your eyes are glued shut, now the world is gone. It is only you and him, sharing the most passionate kiss you have had in your life.

He removes his lips and stares back into your eyes. “How was that?” You could sense his urgency, you yourself wanted to see more and do more.”

“Good.” Words escape your mouth on gently. Chanyeol gestures over to the cough that was near his desk. You quickly stand up and lay across the cough. Legs spread invitingly, as you wait for him to continue.

Chanyeol is quickly on top of you. His tongue moves around your mouth, but your mind is absent. You have given into the moment.

His hands rub up and down your back like a professional masseuse. He moves them up and down. Then, without warning, he reaches around, hands now caressing your neck. He slips them lower and lower, one at a time.

Then he reaches it. He grabs your breast in his hands and slowly slips the second one into his other. This is what you had fantasied about since the very first moment you met him, but now it was real. His hands felt like soft towels through your shirt. Quicker than before, he runs his hands down your stomach and tucks onto the bottom of your shirt.

He draws back for a second. Leaving your head open. He then pulls your shirt over your head and off your body. You look at him, as he throws your shirt on the floor and starts to trail down kisses on your stomach, both hands rubbing up and down the front half of your body.

He gets back up to your mouth and starts kissing passionately again. His hands sneak around your back. You gain confidence and start feeling around.

Your hands reach down and untuck his shirt. He quickly begins to unbutton his shirt, while you continue to make out with him. You part for a few seconds for him to remove his shirt. Your hands run down his muscled back and make their way into his pants. You get to his butt and grab on. He then unbuckles his belt and stands up.

You look straight into his crotch. He drops his pants and you quickly move into to touch. It is hard. You start to massage it, up and down as you stand up and kiss him again. He starts to reach between your legs. Rubbing back and forth as pleasure takes over your body.

He then grabs the top of your jeans and buttons it, he moves them down slowly, not to your liking. You quickly remove your jeans and move right back to his lips. Your hand reaches out into his underwear.

As you rub his cock, his hands travel up your back, finds the hook of your bra and unhooks it, quickly taking it off without loosing a step. He then starts to kiss your bare breasts and sucks on your nipples. A rush of ecstasy hits you and you let out a moan.

You reach for his underwear. Your hands caressing every inch of his abs, You pull them down slowly at fist, but once his cock is out, you left them fall to the floor. You reach down and take a hold of it. Slowly move back and forth like the slide of a trombone. Chanyeol’s hands come down and rest on the back of your head and move back and forth with you.

He pulls away, then lays you out on the couch. He starts kissing your neck and slowly makes his way down your body, leaving marks here and there. Then he removes your last piece of clothing. They fall to the floor with no hesitation and he quickly moves in, kissing and licking you. Pleasure, mixed with shear amazement overcomes you.

He starts kissing your breasts again. His cock rubs up and down your crotch. You bite your lip, heavy breathing. “I-I need you” you begged.

He smirked and ignored your pleads, he carried on leaving wet kisses all over your naked hot body. He looks you straight in the eye, as you sit up. He then lays down, stretched out, with his cock straight into the air. You start to kiss his neck. Then you move over, straddle him around the waist, and then you move your hands slowly down his body.

You grab his cock. Straighten it and move it into position. You move back, and lift away from touching his skin. You find the right place and then the tip disappears. You feel a sense of pleasure like no you have felt before. Slowly the rest of it enters you.

You moan, as you start moving up and down. You lost track of time and were wishing that this moment would never end. The feeling was so pure and out of this world. It was a feeling that you wanted to last forever.

You switch positions. His hands claw your back as he enters you again. Time goes still again and ecstasy takes over your emotions. You moan with each stroke.

You switch again. This time, you are back on top and moving up and down slowly. He places your hands on your hips, gripping tightly while you move. His hands feel like heaven and his cock in you leaves you moaning in a low tone.

“Careful.” You knew what the word meant. He did not want to risk anything and you did not either. He pulls out gets on his knees over your body.

You grab his cock and starting rubbing, as he reaches down and starting fingering you. You are taken to a new place, your own personal paradise.

You can hear some voices in the distance, walking past his office. The feeling of danger excites you. This was wrong…

Suddenly he starts to relax, all his muscles all at once relax.

A white substance starts to ooze from his stiff cock. You continue to push back and forth as he cums all over you. Chanyeol looks you in the eyes, as both of you climax. You wanted to scream but he covered your mouth.

You sit next to each other on the couch, panting. He starts putting his clothes back on smiling, then his eyes met yours “Congratulations! A+.”

As he gets the cum off your skin, you remember that this was only for “extra credit”. Your facial expression changed. You felt ashamed and sad. Sad that this would probably be the first and last time.

He must have noticed and said “Don’t worry, this will not be the last time.” The words send goose bumps down your spine. You bite your lip and start getting redressed.

After you are fully dressed, you look in the big mirror he had in his office and fixed your appearance. You make your way to the door, Chanyeol followed you and opened the door.

You walked out and gave him one last look. You didn’t want to leave.

“Feel free to come and talk to me any time about the issues you are having with the class.” he ran his fingers through his hair. “Maybe you should consider some extra classes, Miss _____”

You smile wider than you ever have in your life. “Thank you, Professor Park.” you give him a quick glance over your shoulder, as you walk away.


- written by Admin Tea


One more illegal slaughter place identified and closed !

The Cattle Respect Programme India (joint collaborration of Animal Angels and VSPCA) have done it again. Close on the heels of closing down illegal slaughterings in the Municipal building itself , the team have investigated and closed down another massive illegal dumping yard supporting the illegal slaughter places. The courageous team despite the threats have moved on and submitted to the authorities to shut down. The culprits are on the run. The same people who were identified in illegal slaughterings in the Municipal slaughter place. These are the same people against whom cases have been filed, arrested too. And many of their places have been shut down because of our relentless effort to stop these illegal activities.