since i recently hit two thousand followers ?? i mean how did this happen!? i just wanted to have a chance to thank you guys so here, i present to you my 2k tumblr awards


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Video demonstrates some of the most common abortion procedures being used today. People need to know what “choice” actually means.

NO graphic images shown but content is disturbing.

I recently hit 2k so I decided to do another tumblr awards! (yay)

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URL Graphic Meme

Send me a message and I’ll make a graphic based on your URL.  If I’m not familiar with it, I might ask for a brief description (and there’s a chance I’ll decline–especially if you’re not a friend or a mutual).

EDIT: It’ll be easier for me if your URL was from a specific fandom. 

EDIT: Please describe to me what your URL is and what fandom it’s from. 

EDIT: If your URL is not from a specific fandom, and it’s completely made up, I probably will decline your offer.  If you’re a friend or a mutual of mine, I can make a graphic based on the content on your blog if you wish (just let me know). :)

  • Author: namichan89 
  • Warnings: major character death (with a happy end!); themes of infidelity (emotional infidelity, no actual, physical adultery); graphic sexual content
  • Summary: They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes and you relive every moment of it. A near-death experience leaves Jared with an epiphany about Jensen, a mess to work through with him and their wives, and the realization that even five years after the show ended, there’s still a supernatural touch to their lives. Because that second chance? No one just gets something like it handed to them by a strange woman showing up in their back yard.



Curious about the deleted snake post?

Many of you have messaged me about wanting to see the deleted snake post. Although I can’t locate the exact picture that I posted, I’ve included a link to a similar picture (click read more, it will bring you to the link). Not that this is a picture of ticks on a snake and you should not click on the link if you have the below triggers.

TRIGGERS: Snakes, ticks, trypophobia, and general uneasiness at the sight of graphic content

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I am posting this story to raise awareness. Please try to keep this in circulation.

So this week, my school is doing Shattered Lives. I just thought I’d share with you what all goes on in these few days.

For those who don’t know, Shattered Lives is a program where the school fakes a drunk driving accident using students. Police officers, paramedics, and firefighters all volunteer to show up and make it as realistic as possible (real police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and air lift helicopters are used). Every 15 minutes there’s a heartbeat, followed by a flat line on the intercom. When that happens, a participating student is pulled out of class by the Grim Reaper (who is a participating student that walks around in costume all day to do this). Those students are taken off campus and do not go home that night, to represent the fact that someone loses a life every 15 minutes to drunk driving. Parents of the “victims” write obituaries, which are read aloud to the student body the following day. Freshmen and Sophomores stay in the school where a fake 911 call about the accident is played over the intercom. We hear sirens and such from outside, as well as cops in the hallways. During this time, Juniors and Seniors all go out to the crash scene (which is located in an unused section of the parking lot of the Church behind our school) where there are 3-5 students “dead” in a wrecked car. The drama department does the makeup for all the victims and sets up the crash scene. Helicopters come in to air lift some “victims” while ambulances take others (likely based on the condition of the victim). It’s a very gruesome scene, and many people are in tears. We all know that it’s fake, but just the idea of something like this actually happening at our school really affects us all, especially family members and friends of the victims. All participating students stay in a hotel overnight and there will be a “funeral” tomorrow. All day tomorrow, all participating students (even those that weren’t in the crash) dress completely in white and sit in class. They don’t say anything or participate in any class work (teachers are, of course, notified). Cops come into the classrooms of all affected students to question us and get information. We participate in this program every other year so as to raise awareness. Freshmen and Sophomores don’t get much of the action, as we don’t ever go out to the crash scene and no one is removed from our classes (only juniors and seniors can participate). We watch videos about the program so what we are still educated, but don’t get the full effect of it until 2 years later. It’s overall a really sad and dreary couple of days.

I don’t know why, but I just thought this would be an important event to share with all of you here. All in all, it’s a really good program for schools to be involved in to give students a taste of what could actually happen if they become careless with their actions. Shattered Lives is a program that started in 2006 and is run with the cooperation of police, fire, EMS, and community volunteers. For all students, going out the crash scene is optional. It is in no way a traumatic experience, but it really does make you think about the consequences of being under the influence of drugs/alcohol or texting while driving. Your actions can and will affect the families of those affected and the people around you, so don’t think that “you’re only buzzed” or that its “only a couple of blocks.” Please think about your actions. Don’t drink and drive, don’t use drugs and drive (or just don’t use drugs at all), and don’t text and drive. Turn off the phone, put down the beer, and concentrate on the road around you. If you’re underage (or overage, it doesn’t really matter) it’s better to call someone to come and get you and get in trouble with them, than to get in an accident and run the risk of killing yourself or others. Even if no one dies, the experience stays with you. People can lose limbs, be left completely paralyzed, or be put into comas due to these accidents. Please use common sense and drink/text responsibly. You could be the person to save a life.

Side note: If your school also participates in this program, you never know if someone around you has lost someone in a car accident, whether it was a sober accident or not. Don’t be the asshole to laugh, make jokes, or make rude/unnecessary comments. Shattered Lives is a very moving experience to many people and it’s horrible to sit there and joke around about something as real as fatal accidents due to people being careless.

Just moments old. Born onto metal grates and feces. Pigs are clean animals, but sows can’t turn around, clean, or nest in these conditions. I always try to avoid pictures like this one, but the truth needs to see the light, we see this photo as cruel, but just imagine being them, would you like that?

Photo: We Animals

If you had to kill your own calf before you ate him, most likely you would not be able to do it. To hear the calf scream, to see the blood spill, to see the baby being taken away from his momma, and to see the look of death in the animal’s eye would turn your stomach. So you get the man at the packing house to do the killing for you.
—  Dick Gregory, The Shadow That Scares Me

Draw Pharell Williams’ Flyest Styles Over The Last 200 Years (via myspace)

What you have before you is an interactive Pharrell Williams Style-By-Decade Guide. It’s very simple. It’s a 13-page booklet that allows you to draw the clothes on Pharrell that he was wearing during any particular decade. I went ahead and drew 2014’s outfit for you because I very much like the current iteration of Pharrell (it is, were I to rank them, the second coolest Pharrell that time has seen, just milli-points behind the 2001 version, specifically him during the “Lapdance” video) and I also drew the 1814 Pharrell because I wanted to see what he looked like as a pirate. The rest are up to you.

Print them all out. Draw them all in. Hole punch them. Stick them together (preferably in a 3-ring binder). And then show people so they will smile. Listen to Pharrell’s new album, GIRL, while you do all of this. That’s a little thing called the American dream.

words & art by: @SheaSerrano

WE HAVE SEEN THE HORRORS SERIAL KILLING “HUNTERS” POST HERE…and yet, showing those that eat meat and dairy, where it comes from is too raw and do you think the animals feel?..Well, if your delicate eyes cannot take it…maybe your body should not consume it…Listen to your disgust for this…and BE VEGAN.

Followers Gift - Rockin’ Tees

Thank you for all my dear followers! As a token of my appreciation, here’s my recolours of peacemaker-ic‘s “Keeping It Simple” Plain Tees that you can get here


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  3. Available for teen to elder males
  4. 4 different styles, 76 swatches in total

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