4.5" Earth Satellite View - with Cloud Cover MOVA Globe | Buy-Now!

  • A satellite view with cloud cover makes for a calm depiction of Earth as seen from outer space. Graphic does not label cities or countries, making for a natural view of our planet
  • MOVA Globe utilizes solar cell technology to rotate silently on its own with any ambient indoor light or indirect sunlight, no batteries or wires required. Non-toxic fluids rest between the inner and outer acrylic shells for low-friction environment
  • Measures 4.5 inches in diameter, fitting in the palm of your hand; slightly larger than a softball. After base assembly, measures approximately 7 inches in height and weighs 4 pounds
  • Globe comes with easy-to-assemble 3-pronged acrylic stand and user manual, all in secure foam packaging
  • Unique gift item for home decorators, tech geeks, world travelers, astronomy enthusiasts, educators, corporation gifts and the person who already has everything. Globe’s silent movement reflects the steady rotation of the earth while sparking conversation and wonder for anyone who comes across its path

Fictional Landscapes

Frank Lloyd Wright

This was the last Frank Lloyd Wright’s dream: Ellis Island ‘city of the future’, designed in 1959. As a part of those projects never built in New York, journalist reports the news accompanied with colorful drawings :

‘’..After the immigration centre was decommissioned in 1954 the site was offered to developers.
The highest bid proposed a ‘completely self-contained city of the future’ designed by recently deceased Frank Lloyd Wright.
It featured a circular podium superimposed on the rectangular island. There were thousands of apartments and a 500-room hotel. Air-conditioned domes would house theatres, hospitals, churches and schools. Cars would be replaced by moving pavements.
All proposals were rejected and the island was declared a national monument…’’ 


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the copies of my zine ‘The Half Moon’ came in the post for my university’s upcoming Parallel Cities exhibition; with my Illustration group mixed with the graphics set

(it’s mostly just pretty pictures, but these five will have letters with them; and a QR code on the back i’ve stuck on to link to the gifs on here made for this project)

5 Best Cities for Graphic Design Jobs, Part One: San Francisco

Graphic designers are often adventurous and many want to travel. Luckily, there are many great cities for graphic designers to explore — and get jobs! In this microseries, we will look at five of the best North American cities for graphic designers.

San Francisco, California

Home to many tech startups and art lovers alike, it’s no surprise that San Francisco is one of the top cities for designers. Boasting dozens of graphic design firms, the chances that you will receive a job offer there is significant. Of course, there is fierce competition, so don’t pack up and go unless you’re confident in your abilities and you’re willing to outwork everyone else. Outside of work, there is plenty to do in San Fran, including visiting wine country and taking artsy photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re looking for a change, San Francisco may be the place for you!

Know another great city for graphic designers? Tweet me @juliasotnykova and let me know!


The Great Outdoors by Warwick Kay

Locals Only Exhibition: Six artists, each from Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg were given the brief to communicate their personal experiences in their respective cities.


Turbo Esprit, Durell, 1986

Recolored Lotus sprite from my favorite ZX Spectrum game and definitely one of the most technologically advanced ones for the system:

  • 3D graphics
  • cops vs drug dealers gameplay
  • 4 procedurally generated cities
  • street simulation with cars, pedestrians, working traffic lights …
  • the cars signal their turns for fuck’s sake

Basically it’s GTA 10 years ahead of its time.