Family, friends… Everything l ever tried to hold onto… All of it
trickled away, fell from my grasp. But a certain idiot once told me,
“If you can’t hold something in your hand, then make a fist and take it by force!”


Before they knew it, they were i n s e p a r a b l e ;
                                                 For @ootsukis


                                                           All these years later… 
                                                           Am I the ruler my mother 
                                                           Wanted me to be? 


Guardians of the Galaxy ‘Star Wars style’ posters side by side with the originals.

There’s no doubt a Return of the Jedi/GOTG style poster will be made for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 when it arrives in theaters.

(GOTG/Star Wars mashup posters created by Matt Ferguson)