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Top 10 Shoujo Anime Recs ❤

1. Ouran High School Host Club - My favourite anime for a variety of reasons, all these amazing characters,amazing show, and i heard season 2 is coming out soon….(the manga is great)

2. Kamisama Hajimemashita - Imagine you’re walking down the street and declared a land god with a hot fox familiar, well,,,,

3. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - A cute protective alien meets cute boy hating maid 

4. Fruits Basket - An older anime but still who wouldn’t want a zodiac boy (manga 10/10)

5. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - Is it a crush or are you a fan of my mangas? Research?!!

6. Kimi ni Todoke - The girl from the ring is the most pure sweetest babe ever and kazehaya is everyone’s dream boy (Its a misunderstanding lmao)

7. Yamato Nadeshiko - This girl has a dark side,,, and blood loss

8. Ao Haru Ride - Inner monologue: Look how much i can eat, why am i always running into you? (Please read the manga too)

9. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji - You are now my dog now thank me

10. Inu x Boku SS - You want me to do literally everything you say? thats fine (HIS EYES!!!) 

11. Lovely Complex - Did I say 10? I meant 11. She’s tall, he’s short; can i make it anymore obvious

If you can’t stand anymore whiny female leads in shoujo manga

After you read more than 1000 shoujo manga, it comes this moment when you just can’t stand the usual  naive and passive female leads

Those are some mangas where the female lead is actually hella cool and has like a fucking personality

  • Kaichou wa maid sama
  • Bara Kangoku no Kemono-tachi
  • Ore-sama teacher
  •  Sabaku no harem
  • Tonari no kaibutsu kun
  • no it’s not that kind of strong heroine lol
  • Madame petit
  • Lovely complex
  • This is the funniest shoujo ever
  • Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita
  • Kanashi no Homura - Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku
  • Kyou mo Ashita mo
  • Love x Joint
  • Sarashi Asobi
  • Seiten Kickoff
  • Tendou-ke Monogatari
my shoujo list.

• ao haru ride
•ookami shoujo to kuro ouji
•silent kiss
•say i love you
•obaka-chan koigatariki
•koukou debut
•kyou no kira-kun
•kyou koi wo hajimemasu
•bokutachi wa shitte shimatta
•mune ga naru no wa kimi no sei
•omoi, omoware, furi, furare
•stand up!
•kimi ni happiness
•namida usagi - seifuku no kataomoi
•last game
•kamisama hajimemashita
•tsubaki-chou lonely planet
•kimi ga inakya dame tte itte
•hibi chouchou
•tonari no kaibutsu-kun ( my little monster)
•hiren trip
•monokuro shounen shoujo
•boku kara kimi ga kienai
•boku wa ookami
•youko x boku ss
•tobenai tori
•chiguhagu planet
•kaichou wa maid-sama
•nijiiro days
•kurosaki-kun no linari ni nante naranai
•beauty pop
•strobe edge
•hirunaka no ryuusei
•sugar soldier
•hanagimi to koisuru watashi
•haru matsu bokura

Anime You Probably Misjudged

Here are some titles that you probably have heard and never watched because of various factors BUT do deserve a watch! I shall justify: 

B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time - Most people look at Yamada’s cast and say: “Wow, just another harem anime with lots of large-breasted girls and a stupid boy character” and if you think that, then shame on you! I am a teenage girl, meaning I am not into the harem stories, and I wholly found this show to have some of the best comedy in anime. Most of all, this show makes fun of the genre it appears to portray, to the point of hilarity. Definitely deserves a watch. 

Red Data Girl - Most people who have heard of RDG and have decided against watching it have done so because it is not an extremely popular show, so they think it’s not good. Others may be put off by the protagonist, who is shy. Well, shame on you! RDG was a show I decided to watch just because it popped up on Netflix, and I got to say that it deserves more love. The story is a fresh take on the supernatural genre and our heroine is admirable and someone you will be rooting for the whole time. 

Spice and Wolf - The first thing people think when they look at Spice and Wolf is that this show is furry fanservice and just someone’s pervy fantasy. Shame on you! If you think by glance that Spice and Wolf is some sexed-up anime, then you are sorely mistaken because it is no where even close to that. This show follows Laurence, a merchant, and Holo, the wolf god of harvest, on their journey to the north and mainly explores medieval economics (which might not sound exciting but it is!) and their relationship. 

Maid Sama! - You throw a maid into the picture and suddenly everyone judges the show! This anime is my favorite romance to date and has the absolute most kick-ass protagonist because she is so focused on helping her family while being a straight A student, the student council president, and working at a maid cafe. She has no room for love, and rather than having the love interest fall for her because of her looks or other superficial things, he falls for her brains, determination, and strong convictions. 

Good Luck Girl! - This is an underrated anime. Most people have never heard of it, which is a crying shame because it was one of the funniest shows I have seen and has some really good art. Some people might have decided not to watch this one because the protagonist is kind of a huge bitch, but that is the point! Not every MC has to be a good person! This show will make your sides for from laughing. 

Ghost Stories - This show is one of a kind. In almost every way, it is awful. Horrible art, horrible characters, horrible story. Bad show all around EXCEPT for the dub. The story behind it is that this show was so bad that when Funimnation was asked to dub it, they were told to do it in any way they could just to make it bearable to watch, so they decided to make a gag dub, meaning that almost every line of dialogue that was in the original has been replaced by something super hilarious and raunchy. Don’t believe me? Just look it up on YouTube. The dub of ghost stories is the single most funny show I have ever watched. Period. 

Any other shows I missed??