Dust Bunny

Artwork by Alan Warburton recreates the familiar 3D test model ‘Stanford Bunny’ using dust collected in visual effect computing workstations:

Dust Bunny is comprised of finely milled angora-like dust harvested from the inside of ten 3D animation workstations at visual effects studio Mainframe. The volume of dust here represents an estimated 35,000 hours, or 4 years, of constant rendering and processing. The sculpture meticulously renders in this industrial by-product the Stanford Bunny, the richly historic 3D test object introduced in early computer graphics experiments at Stanford University and still routinely used to demonstrate new advances in CGI.



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‘All my patients are strong idiots.’

Don’t get me wrong I love Zoro and Nekomamushi, but I can’t help but to wonder how tired Chopper is when handling these two. Nekomamushi easily stole the heart of fans - showing his adorable, carefree side yet on the latest chapter (ch 816) Oda showed us another different side of him.

Both Zoro’s and Nekomamushi’s loyalty are commendable and they are both idiots in term of taking care of themselves, but VERY LOYAL IDIOTS

We’ll hope to see more comedic side of Nekomamushi in this arc! ^ↀᴥↀ^