graphic world


you can see argus from all zones in outland except hellfire peninsula, nagrand, and shadowmoon valley

i think the reason why you can see it in outland is because the belf and draenei starting areas are in the same map file as outland, and so someone wasn’t paying attention and accidentally put argus on ALL skyboxes in outland, instead of only in eversong woods, or azuremyst isle.

(if you want to know more abt that whole thing, hayven games did a good job explaining it.)


wonder woman 2 wishful thinking:

The year is 1973. The Cold War is at its height, and Berlin is infested with spies and mistrust. When a friend of hers is murdered in his home in Germany, Diana Prince heads to East Berlin in order to unravel the mystery behind the death, and finds that not only is there more to the murder than she first thought, but her pursuit of truth has drawn the attention of a shadowy organization that is not interested in being dragged out into the light, and is willing to try to silence her at any cost.

Up to and including sending a ghost story after her.


thus ends the tale of the lost princess and her pirate captain.

a story that has and will continue to inspire me beyond words.

a story that defied villains, curses, time and death itself.

a story that transcended worlds.

a story so powerful, it truly is….

t i m e l e s s.

a story i will never forget.

thank you.