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Lord help the lost ship that wanders into these waters unaware – for suddenly, compasses spin awry and radios fill with static. Then the Phantom Lighthouse looms suddenly in the mist.

The Lighthouse: The building itself is a navigational tower standing on a small rocky island located at approximately 63° N, 32° W in the middle of
the Atlantic Ocean. The Lighthouse actually conceals the only access to
the underwater city of Rapture without a submarine, harboring a single bathysphere linked to the Welcome Center Metro Station, and so
represents the only landmark to the city’s position.

Track: Beyond the Sea


I think the most common way of doing eyes is to animate the eye mesh (often several layers of polygon circles), but I figured out that if you set up the material and shader properly you can use a single point light to simulate an iris moving over the eye surface.

This would be easy to animate as you can simply use the light point to steer the direction of vision, and by moving the light back and forth you can also make the eye “focus”.

I’m concerned that calculating separate lights for the eyes could be more costly, though. Is this a bad way of doing it do you think?


What is Concrete Poetry?

A new exhibition at the Getty Research Institute explores the international concrete poetry movement, this exhibition focuses on the visual, verbal, and sonic experiments of the 1950s, ‘60s, and '70s. Featuring works by foundational figures Augusto de Campos and Ian Hamilton Finlay, Concrete Poetry explores how these artists invented new forms such as cube poems and standing poems and continuously re-created their projects across media. Poetry by contemporaries including Henri Chopin, Ernst Jandl, Mary Ellen Solt, and Emmett Williams also plays a prominent role.

Concrete Poetry: Words and Sounds in Graphic Space is on view through July 30, 2017 at the Getty Research Institute.

Beba Coca Cola (Drink Coca Cola), 1957, Décio Pignatari.

English translation:
drink         coca cola
drool                  glue
drink           coca(ine)
drool        glue shard

Concrete Poetry: Words and Sounds in Graphic Space is on view through July 30, 2017 at the Getty Research Institute