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So I get asks on occasion about whether or not you have to be skinny to dress grunge or people worrying about the size of their body. I am someone who has struggled with my body and how it looks. I’ve only gained weight over the past few years and at first I cried. I was so upset and thought that because of the numbers on the scale I wasn’t beautiful. I was afraid that no one would ever love me or find me beautiful because of my body. I’m posting these pictures because when they were taken I felt confident and beautiful. Im posting them because I have been afraid to wear crop tops because my stomach sticks out. But I know whenever I start to feel insecure I can look at these pictures and remember how amazing I felt. I want everyone to know that you are beautiful no matter what your size is. You are worth so much more than the size of your clothes and the number on the scale. If you also struggle with self image know you are not alone and you can always talk to me. Love yourself, love your body. You are beautiful 💕


Halsey + Outside Concert

The Polyvore link is HERE which will give you the links to purchase all of these clothes. 

I think they came out super cute, and I tried to make it affordable too. Have fun at your concert!


etsyfindoftheday | more valentine’s day fun | 2.2.17

kids’ graphic tees // love by cottonandferndesign

your little nugget will make hearts swoon in a fun-loving v-day tee by cottonandferndesign! choose from several unisex styles for your daughter or son.