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Baby boy (Jungkook one-shot smut)

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Summary: You and Jungkook get carried away at school.

Themes: Baby boy Jungkook, sex with risk of being caught, sex at school, battle for dominance, dom Jungkook, sub Jungkook

Pairing: You x Jungkook

Genre: Pure smut

Word count: 4k (like all smut lol)

Trigger warnings: Dominance, sex at school, teasing, swearing, graphic smut, oral

thank you, @lindlovesbts <3

You’d first hooked up with him 56 days ago. It was a party. Another one. One you shouldn’t have gone to, just like the 5 before that. The liquor rang strong in your veins and your body shuddered with sexual frustration as you watched him from across the room. He hadn’t noticed you until you made it impossible for him not to. You got real close to where he was sitting on a random couch and danced as seductively as you could. You knew your plan to get his attention worked when you were in the kitchen pouring another drink and he approached you.

“Y/N, right?” He asks, casually leaning back against the counter, which holds the red cup your eyes are still on. You know it’s him and don’t bother to look up- adding to the game.

“And you’re Jungkook.”

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grishanet challenge two: favourite quotes

↳ “Nikolai,” he corrected. “But I’ve also been known to answer to ‘sweetheart’ or ‘handsome.”

blaise’s quidditch trials
  • blaise deciding to try out for the quidditch team is a surprise to everyone, but blaise seems unfazed by everyone’s disbelief, because he is going to show them
  • pansy decides they should all go to check the trials for moral support even if everyone knows she just wants graphic proof for teasing blaise for years in case he fails
  • secretly, theo just wants to see a group of boys in quidditch clothes (and he wants to see blaise in quidditch clothes the most)
  • and not to secretly, daphne has the same ulterior moves
  • the trials start and when blaise is up in the air, everyone’s jaws start to open (and theo’s heart start to beat dangerously quick inside of his chest)
  • blaise is good, in ways no one has expected him to be
  • no one seems to remember him as such a gifted flier, quick, despite blaise being so tall and corpulent but it works
  • in barely five minutes, he manages to score three goals, smirking in that way which is between arrogant and smug while montague is fuming in anger
  • (and by then, theo is sure his heart has stopped at least four times)
  • the moment the trials end, blaise gets off his broom with a grin, and is congratulated by vaise with a firm hug
  • and theo is blushing, as blaise comes over to them still in his quidditch clothes and grinning like an idiot and he knows he doesn’t have any reason to like blaise more than he does but there he is
  • pansy seems like she’s fuming, handing millicent some galleons, who looks at blaise with a thumbs up and a pleasant smile
  • “since when you’re so bloody good at quidditch, what the hell?”
    “calm down, parkinson, even you can get your gambling wrong”
  • daphne is laughing, but she just quickly congratulates blaise before going to mingle with the rest of the quidditch team
  • and then theo is in front of blaise and he feels like all the air has been sucked out from his lungs, because it seems awfully unfair how someone can be so good looking
  • “objectively, you might be the best chaser we might have”
    “since when you are so much into quidditch, nott?”
    bloody hell, snog already!”
  • any excuse is good for the slytherin gang to celebrate with firewhiskey, so as they are laughing and drinking in the common room, pansy flops on a couch next to theo with a grin he knows it’s not up to anything good
  • so, when were you going to tell me about your quidditch kink?”
  • theo almost dies as he chokes on a mouthful of his drink as pansy laughs, and blaise looks at them across the room, a raised eyebrow and a knowing smirk adorning his face

If Kou was your boyfriend - pt.1(?)

↳ requested by @mnekochaaan, @ms-kaiya ❀

fuckkoffcourtney  asked:

Hi I know I literally requested yesterday but your writing is so good I just had to ask for another one but this time team flash is supposed to go have a fun night out and when Cisco and reader don't show up they go by Ciscos apartment to make sure he's okay when they hear Cisco and reader having sex then tease them about it at work the next day. Sorry it's super long :/

Omg no no! I absolutely love getting requests so please do continue to send some! Also?? THANK YOU 💕💕 This prompt was so fun to write, thanks again for the great request!!

Title: Late

Tags: implied smut but nothing graphic !! lol everyone teases cisco and reader, this one is short, sorry!!!

Word Count: 808

It was Friday night, there were no meta attacks today and therefore the team had decided to go out for drinks. A great way to spend the night, right? However, instead of actually going out and having those drinks Barry, Iris, Caitlyn, and Wally were all still at STAR labs waiting on a certain pair to show up. Checking his watch once more, Barry let a sigh escape his lips.“They’re a lot later than usual.” His voice was laced with worry, the others nodded in agreement.

“You’d expect Cisco to be here on time, since he was the one that suggested we all go out.” Caitlyn pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear, her foot tapping gently on the floor. They were right, Cisco and suggested the team to go out and have some fun. But he was nowhere to be found, hell he wasn’t even answering his phone. When Barry or Caitlyn tried to call it went to voicemail.“Maybe we should go and check on them? I know Y/N would at least send a text if she knew the two of them were going to be late.” Iris stated, and they all agreed. It was obvious that the team was worried something bad had happened to the two of you.

However, it was the exact opposite. A gasp escaped your throat as your boyfriend threw you on your shared bed, his lips immediately attacking your neck with kisses and bites.“Cisco!” You whimpered out while his hands began to unzip your dress, pulling it from your body. His hands roamed your body and sides before resting on your clothed breast, gently squeezing them through the thin fabric. You could feel his hardness through his jeans against your thigh, making you bite your bottom lip.“God that dress looked so good on you Y/N.” He breathed into your ear, your body shuddering in response.“Cisco…please.” You begged gently, you just wanted him to touch you already.

When the team arrived at the door of the shared apartment, they were ready to meet with the worse.“Cisco normally never leaves the door unlocked.” Barry stated as he opened the door, only to be flooded with more confusion. The lights were all on, as if they were still in the apartment.“That’s really weird..” Wally spoke up as the four of them walked into the apartment, closing the door behind them.“Cisco? Y/N?” Barry called out, walking towards the living room, however a feminine voice caught them all off guard.“Cisco! Oh god…yes!”

“Was that..” Caitlyn started, only to have Barry continue.“Y/N?” The voices only got louder and when they did it clicked almost immediately in everyone’s head.“Oh my godddd!” Wally gasped in embarrassment as he quickly left the apartment, grumbling as he covered his ears. Barry, Caitlyn, and Iris however couldn’t stop laughing. Iris aced her hand over her mouth to keep herself from bursting out with laughter as Barry lead the three of them out of the apartment, where they all gasped and wheezed for air as they let laughter escape them. Wally was disgusted and just wanted to go home.“I’m going home!” He stated, making the three of them laugh more.

The next morning was quite a normal morning, that is until you and Cisco walked into the cortex. Wally was quick to let out a groan of disgust and leave the room, making Iris laugh. You raised your eyebrow at her.“What’s up with Wally?” You asked, Cisco nodding in agreement.“Yeah, he’s acting like we kicked his puppy or something.” Barry couldn’t wipe his smile from his face and you knew something bad was going to happen.“Oh, you know. Wally’s just being Wally. But, uh, how are you guys? Have fun last night?” Your cheeks immediately flushed at the memories of the night before, the memory your boyfriend’s body pressed against yours made you clear your throat.“Dunno what you’re talking about.”

Barry and Iris burst into a fit of giggles, Caitlyn joining in soon after.“What is wrong with you guys? Is there something we don’t know?” Cisco let out a sigh at the three of them.“Well,” Caitlyn started, a chuckle leaving her.“When you guys didn’t show to go out last night, we got worried. Y'know like friends do. And we all decided to come to your apartment to check up on you.” A look of horror flashed across your face as you let out an embarrassed gasp.“Oh noooo!” You let out and quickly turned around and walked out the Cortex and down the hall.“Wally! I’m so sorry!” You called after.

Cisco watched you go with a smile on his face, chuckling.“I dunno what she’s so embarrassed about, I know she had a good time.”

This fucker wants to kill us all!!!

1) MY FAVORITE BRICK PANTS MODEL 🤣😂Who else thinks Misha has a ‘brink pants’ kink and has made Jensen wear them in private lol

2) The fact that he took the time to look for this graphic 😅😭

3) Teasing the bae, ‘fittingly identified as a “model”

4) The fact that he congratulated two people before Jensen, you know to down play it 😜

5) Can’t wait for Jensen’s reply 😆

Rookie | Young!Swanchester AU: After Emma Swan runs away from her foster home, she realizes just how difficult it is to live on her own. Before she can poorly attempt to steal a box of pop tarts, Dean Winchester stops her and helps her get away with it by causing a distraction. Though she gets away, Dean gets arrested and sent to a boys home after his father refuses to get him. Emma is eventually caught by social services and sent to the closest foster home. One day they run in to each other outside of Sonny’s, and they instantly connect. [based on ficlet]

“We’re not really supposed to have visitors, but I think Sonny likes you,” Dean said with a chuckle as they sat on the couch.

Emma grinned. She was nervous when she met Sonny, but he immediately was kind and understanding to her, something she appreciated. When she sat down next to Dean, she noticed the bruise marks around his wrists. She reached out and gently touched them. “What happened? Did your dad do that?”

Dean cleared his throat, pulling at the end of his shirt to cover up the marks. “Uh, no. It was a… werewolf.”

Emma scoffed. “Yeah, right. If you didn’t want to tell me then fine.”

“What, you don’t believe in that stuff?”

“Fairy tales?” she asked, raising her brow. “Not a chance. Life is enough of a nightmare without monster stories.”