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He’s far too different today. What’s flipped his switch?


um so I’ve been craving this song alot recently and on one of my long journeys back home I came up with this design for my redbubble shop but only now realized these could go for phone wallpapers?? 

I hope it fits, here you go = 3 =

Top 10: Graphic Sweatshirts

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With a growing number of brands coming out with elevated loungewear, the classic sweatshirt is now so much more than a lazy day layer. Graphic prints, band names and funny slogans make for a modern outlet of self-expression, and simple, well-made styles allow for everyday wear. We browsed our Trending page to find some of the highest-performing sweatshirts on the web, and added our editors’ favorites to the mix. Find out how you can see the most popular clothing and accessories below, and shop our top 10 sweatshirts from Givenchy, Topman, adidas and more.

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Trending Sweatshirts

Jaded London Sweatshirt With Evil Eye Print

Cuban-fit paisley-print sweatshirt

Forest Art Fleece Crew Sweatshirt

Washed Black Nirvana Vintage Oversized Fit Sweatshirt

Grey Floral Placement Vintage Oversized Fit Sweatshirt

Editors’ Picks

Colorblocked Doodle Print Sweatshirt

Printed Neoprene Sweatshirt

Stripe Printed Cotton Sweatshirt

KENZO ‘Paris’ sweatshirt

Men Sweatshirt

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apollo justice: precious cinnamon roll (1440px x 1968px)


Red/Black Halamshiral Finery

The sash is a dark red, trim silver, the rest black. Enjoy!

Installation: Please use the latest Mod Manager HERE. Link has instructions!

Warnings: This file will affect the appearance of the crafted version of this set. This mod is also not compatible with any other finery mod.


Update 15/02/2015: Files now in .damod format! Please redownload and merge with the v0.47+ ModManager.