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The New Look.

I’ve just finished a wee piece for the CAPE / OBSERVER / COMICA Graphic Short Story Prize 2011.  Its my first ever real comic - first ever real comic thats more that two panels long and doesn’t include the word fuck, anyway - so its a wee bit pap, but I really enjoyed doing it and shall be hopefully doing a lot more similar things in the near future.  Even if it did induce the dreaded drawing claw.  Bad claw.

If your curious enough to see the full thing its up on my website now… along with a few other revamped bits and bobs.  Have a wee lookylooky here, if you like.

202: Brown Jenkin

 Keziah Mason’s tittering familiar from Dreams in the Witch House

grailknight takes the head of the weekend, and gosh dang the graphic designer in me is preaching to the heavens for the concept going down on this critter, not to overlook the excellent linework, stellar performance of artistic skill!

So many talented artists!

Something happened, p.6

Eng. translation below:

He asks if I considered other options, part time jobs or an education in a more conventional field. –Just until you break through, he adds. Peter would not wish to insult me. I wonder if he silently scorns me, but decide that if anything, what he feels is a mild form of pity. A part of Peter feels like folding his coat around me, and take me home to the apartment his parents bought him after graduation. He would set me in his couch and wrap me in plaids. He would bring me hot soup and let me sleep in his bed at night, he would not try anything, he would consider me too fragile.


I tell him that I worked in a jewelry store once, that I connected the tiniest pearls on a string, but then something happened, and I could not handle it anymore. I cannot concentrate on anything for longer periods anymore, I explain.

Jaybird - A Short, Beautiful Yet Dark Work of Art by Jaako and Lauri Ahonen

Jaybird – A Short, Beautiful Yet Dark Work of Art by Jaako and Lauri Ahonen

If you are a human being of the more emotional disposition – or indeed a human being of any emotional capacity whatsoever – I would caution you to take care when reading the short yet gorgeously presented work that is Jaako & Lauri Ahonen’s

Jaybird. It may leave you shaken – and even psychologically bereft — for a period of time afterwards.

Jaybirdis the story of the titular avian character – a…

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