graphic production

  • Me: wow this landscape is gorgeous where is this i wish I could go th...
  • Me: *squints*
  • Me: this is a video game isn't it

Been playing around with the pen tool, illustrator and photoshop. Life is a little hectic and I think I needed to spend some time reminding myself that things will work out, which ever way that is.(Side note: the font isn’t mine, it’s called Bromello, I am currently in LOVE with this font). Have a good day <3  


getting ready for another year of graphic design studies more like preparing for a funeral (but black is such a happy color indeed)


hello! just another bean here entering the studyblr community :)

my name is sayuri, i’m japanese-brazilian and i’m studying graphic design and product design at university of são paulo. independent studies include sharpening my poor japanese reading skills and learning new softwares and artsy things that come in handy for design projects (see bad lettering above); this year i plan on tackling coding and french!

some of the blogs that motivated me this past semester are @studyign » @soymilkstudies » @faetherial » @toomanysubjectstudyblr » @arqstudy » @einstetic » @studyfulltime » @studyblr » @bookmrk » @arystudies so thank you thank you thank you ♡

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