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Tobias “Toby” James Harper is eighteen and comes from Oceanside, California. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California where he attends UCLA. He is a sophomore studying English, Teaching, and Fine Art.


Dasically dan smith tbh. hipster fashion style, so skinny jeans and vans/boots with graphic print tees and sweatshirts or flannel and a bomber jacket. he styles his head up because his hair defies gravity and he always has glasses on.


Marlene and Jacob Hawkins weren’t great people, really. They could plaster on a smile, and play their suburban part, but their life behind the door of their home was pretty different to what you might assume. Drug riddled, most of Jacob’s money came from laundering, and while you might think Marlene wasa typical house wife, she was busy fucking the pool boy, and taking heroin all day. When she felt pregnant, they didn’t want the baby, but they found out past the date they could get rid of it, and so Tobias James came into the world.

Born addicted to heroin, he was a fussy baby, but given little attention, and let on his own more often that he ought to have been. He was a three year old who played on the lawn by himself while his Mother lay unconscious, wearing sunglasses on a sunbed on the porch. He clambered into the fridge to get his own drinks and snacks, knowing he’d go without otherwise. He wasn’t sent to kindergarten when he should have been, instead he was kept at home, watching cartoons and playing with toys.

One morning, age 6, he came into the kitchen to pour a bowl of cereal, only to find both of his parents, overdosed, dead on the living room floor. Crying, shaking, he went to the next house, who called the cops, to discover the awful life and awful house he lived in. After a couple of weeks of investigations, Tobias was taken into care, placed into the system for 2 months up in San Francisco, far from whatever family he had in Oceanside.

Enter José and Melanie Harper, famed for their work in the music industry in Los Angeles. A power-hungry couple who would do anything for the spotlight. With so many young emerging artists it was hard for them, but adopting a poor boy from a broken family and a hard life was guaranteed to give them some attention from the media, and so Tobias, whom they nicknamed Toby to help him move on from his past life, was brought into their home.

At first, there were nightmares keeping him awake all night, and anxiety that made it difficult to fit in with the family properly. But time went on, and Toby grew older, and as the memory of what he’d witnessed faded, the nightmares became scarce until he stopped getting them all together and he came out of his shell a bit more. Sure, he wasn’t the popular type, but being a part of the Harper family didn’t exactly make him unpopular either. He was in the middle. Kids said hello to him in the halls, and he gave a shy smile in return, wrapping his arms tighter around his books and ducking his head as he made his way down the hall.

He was intelligent. Though starting school a year behind, he ended up a year ahead, starting his junior year when he was 15 years old. He excelled in all classes, particularly art. He was an honor roll student, a member of the NHS and the NHAS, a member of the Decathalon team, and after being pushed by his parents, tried out for the ice hockey team, which he made it on to, it being the only sport he was particularly good at. That was the problem with being such a passive person and people pleaser. He always did what others wanted him to, was too quiet for his own good, even if it meant doing things he didn’t want to.

Because of his intelligence, he was pushed into majoring in english teaching, specialising in college level education, though also decided to minor in fine art, thanks to his love for art over any other subject. And, like in high school, was encouraged to join a fraternity, which was how he became a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honor fraternity, and encouraged to join clubs, which was how he ended up in the Art Majors Association.

It grew increasingly obvious during his freshman year that Toby didn’t have the interests that the Harper parents believed were of a typical boy his age. Though his main hobby, when not studying, was oil pastel drawings and sketching, he also liked to decorate a lot. His dorm was predominately lit up by either fairy lights or candles, dependant on his mood, and more often than not, he was playing music on his beloved Crosley, his collection of records large and varying. Framed artwork adorned on way, photo frames with pictures of his family and his few close friends on the other. His wardrobe was full with all of the clothes his parents had bought him over the year, and the smell of incense was always in the air. He didn’t smoke, didn’t partake in taking drugs or going to parties and getting wasted like the other freshman seemed to. He liked to just exist. Existing was and is his favourite thing to do.

Going to Camp Lakeview was more his parents idea than his own, but he wasn’t completely against the idea, anyway. He still mostly just had one small group of friends, and so they decided to make him to go so he could meet some new friends, and someone that would mean a little more to him. Still, to this day, he’s unsure of how he identifies sexually. Alongsidethat, he’s never had a partner, never even kissed anyone before. Though he believes he may be pansexual, saying as he’s considered in gender when figuring out whether he finds someone attractive, his parents would like him to find himself, and meet someone along the way.