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Oni Announces the Next Square One Comics and Pins | Graphic Policy
Oni Press during their ComicsPRO presentation presented a first look at the comics they have to offer this year, including an exclusive advanced preview of their next wave of Square One $1 first is…

Check out our next round of SQUARE ONE $1 first issues and $10 TPBs and our upcoming enamel pins for THE DAMNED by @cullenbunn @brihurtt with Bill Crabtree, KIM REAPER by @sarahssketchbook the Oni Press logo, SPACE BATTLE LUNCHTIME by @gearfish and PRINCESS PRINCESS EVER AFTER by @strangelykatie

Available in comic shops Summer 2017!

«Journal for Research on the Visual Media of Language Expression», Volume VIII Number 4, Edited by Mareld E. Wrolstad, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1974
Oni Press' Solicitations for May 2017
Oni Press' solicitations for May 2017 include Rick and Morty, Invader Zim, Redline and more!

Curious to know what new comic books and graphic novels we’ll be releasing in May 2017? Check out a full list at Comic Book Resources!